The 11 Best Table Saw of 2021: Detailed Reviews

When it comes to table saws, there are many options available. It’s hard to choose the right one, but we have come up with a list that makes it easier to find the most appropriate one for your needs.

When you spend more time in your workshop or garage working with wood than anything else, you know you need the best table saw for the money. Many people find they’re more connected with the work, so they require the right tools to be reliable and efficient. If you are invested in woodworking projects, carpentry, and other wood trades, you need the best table saw to help you be more effective without hurting the budget.

However, you require something that can create the best work. You don’t want to spend time fighting the tools; you want to work with them to create amazing things.

What do you do then?

You don’t have to use cheaply made tools to achieve your goals. Make sure you research and investigate the different options to find the best benchtop table saw possible. We’ve created a list to help you.

DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite, Compact, 8-1/4-Inch (DWE7485)

Dewalt DWE7485 Compact Table Saw Best table saw for the money

Plenty of safety features included Lightweight (53 pounds) Easy to use Has miter gauge and push stick
Also suitable for beginners
SawStop PCS31230 Professional

SawStop PCS31230 Professional Best professional table saw

Dust collection and blade guard included Adjustable legs Comes with its own riving knife Cast iron material used 3 hp motor
BOSCH 10 In. Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand 4100XC-10

BOSCH 4100XC-10

Portable table saw Gravity rise design 8-inch tread on the wheels Powder coat finish on the cast iron table

SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-1/4" Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

Large 25-inch rip capacity Self-aligning rip fence Appropriate blade guard Rack and pinion included

Shop Fox W1819 Best hybrid table saw

3 HP motor 29-1/2 in. rip capacity

Table Saw Reviews

SawStop PCS31230 – Professional

If you’re interested in woodworkers table saws, you’re going to like the SawStop brand. You can do so much with the tool. It features a 13-amp motor with a 220-volt requirement. Plus, you can saw through any material fast and easily.

The built-in safety system can detect when a human touches the blade by reading electrical signals sent through it. Therefore, the cabinet saw gets locked immediately. You can prevent injuries from the saw blade much more easily with this product.

There’s also a dust collection port system on this cabinet saw. This means that it can catch up to 99 percent of the dust put off from your table saws. With SawStop, you can make a great investment choice and get everything you need in a cabinet saw.


  • Dust collection and blade guard included
  • Adjustable legs
  • Comes with its own riving knife
  • Cast iron material used
  • 3 hp motor


  • Electrical sensors can malfunction
  • Issues with low-quality components
  • Challenge to assemble

SawStop PCS31230 TGP252 3 HP Professional System Review

Dewalt DWE7485 the Best Compact Table Saw

If you’re looking for the ultimate power tool, Dewalt table saws are often the best. We’ve picked Dewalt DWE7485 to start with, but there is sure to be more from this brand on the list. You don’t have to worry that the machine is going to break down while you’re working. Plus, it can meet any of your demands.

Of course, it’s heavy, but it is also lightweight as far as power tools go. There is also a 15-amp motor with a 20-inch rip capacity. This compact saw can reach maximum cutting depths of about 3 1/8 inches and a load speed of 34,800 rpm, even when you’re working with a 90-degree angle. That cutting capacity lowers to 2.25 inches when working on a 45-degree angle. That way, you can get accurate and quick cuts.

There’s also a metal roll cage base to give more durability and strength for the rear feet. That way, you can adjust the height as needed when working on uneven surfaces.


  • Plenty of safety features included
  • Lightweight (53 pounds)
  • Easy to use
  • Has miter gauge and push stick


  • Must be assembled correctly
  • No information about aligning blades
  • Miter gauge is useless

SKILSAW SPT99T-01 Table Saw

Those who are looking for the best table saw 2021 are going to like the Skil brand. It’s affordable and features a 15 amp motor. You can tackle quite a few heavy-duty projects with this one. Plus, the kit is complete with a blade guard, blade wrenches, miter gauge, and steel folding stand. The easy-mount system ensures that it works effectively, and there’s an EZ view measurement system, too.

This portable table is made of cast iron, and there are cast iron extension wings, too, so it’s going to last a long time. As far as portable table saws go, this one features a 25-inch rip capacity. Make more efficient cuts with the EZ measurement system, too. Just line the wood up and focus on what you’re doing. Those who want something easy on the wallet and adjustable should like this.


  • Large 25-inch rip capacity
  • Self-aligning rip fence
  • Appropriate blade guard
  • Rack and pinion included


  • Sloppy miter
  • Inaccurate angles
  • Lowering/raising mechanism has a wobble to kick it out of square just a tad

Dewalt DWE7491RS

Most people want 10-inch table saws. Portable options like the Dewalt allow you to use it easily. The manufacturer wants it to be a great design for easy functionality. We feel that this is a job site table saw, which means you can take it with you when needed. The 10-inch table saw keeps your workspace running efficiently. Plus, it stays clean because of the 2-inch dust collection port. This saw features a vacuum connection so you can remove all of the dust accumulating in the air and on the machine. Everyone prefers a rack and pinion fence with their saw. Dewalt has you covered.

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These table saws feature wheels to make it one of the best portable table saws. Therefore, you’re not spending so much time setting it up all the time. Plus, they’re sturdy and stable to get your job done correctly. Of course, the 32-inch rip capacity makes cutting a breeze.


  • 32-inch rip capacity
  • 15 amp motor
  • 2-inch dust collection port
  • Portable table saw


  • Attachments can catch clothing
  • Blade guard a pain to use
  • Rip fence moves a little

SawStop PCS175

With the SawStop PCS175 saw table, you get something that is amazing to work. It’s engineered to be a cabinet saw, so if you want a portable saw, this might not be the right option. It has 1.75 hp and can make accurate cuts. Though it might not be the top pick, it is a high-quality saw.

You’re going to have an effective dust control because of the collector. This saw comes with a mobility base so you can still move about the workshop.


  • Effective blade speed
  • Suitable cut quality
  • Dust bag with a vacuum cleaner
  • Does bevel cuts


  • Fence rails have issues
  • Misalignment issues with blade guards
  • Blade guard assembly challenging to handle

Bosch 4100XC-10

Those who want a 10-inch saw are sure to like the Bosch 4100XC-10. This could be the best table saw and is going to impress you with its reliability and ease of use. This product uses a gravity rise design so that you can push the table saw around and focus on the job at hand. You’re not taking precious time to set it up. The tool features a powder coat to ensure longevity. Plus, it is collapsible, and the rolling stand can fold up when you’re done. This job site table saw has a max power of 3,650 RMP, as well as a 15 amp motor.

The blade guard fence protects your fingers while you work, and the riving knife is an added bonus. However, you may need to align everything when you first get it.


  • Portable table saw
  • Gravity rise design
  • 8-inch tread on the wheels
  • Powder coat finish on the cast iron table


  • Noisy to use
  • Soft start
  • Requires alignment, which can be hard

Craftsman Evolv 10-inch Table Saw

The Craftsman Evolv 10-inch table saw works well for all types of craftsmen and changes the way you work. Of course, the device is quite easy to use and only weighs about 50 pounds. As far as portable table saws go, this one might be the best. You also get the stand, which is made of cast aluminum. That way, you can move it to the right area and use it as needed. Plus, you get a starter kit with this tool. This includes a riving knife, push stick, miter gauge and blade guard fence.

This saw with table also offers plenty of space to work, so you can use it with a variety of projects. You also get a 24-tooth carbide blade that works with most materials. The anti-kickback feature is also excellent. There is also a maximum power of 5,000 rpm. The rolling stand makes this a portable table saw.


  • Features a riving knife
  • Comes with blade guard fence
  • 10-inch saw
  • Works at 90 degrees
  • Cast iron table


  • Feels a little too lightweight
  • Quite loud
  • Not very accurate

Bosch GTS1031 Portable Table Saw

When portable saws are what you need, the Bosch GTS1031 is an excellent choice. It’s probably one of the best table saw options on the market right now. You can quickly transport it anywhere because it is lightweight and features ergonomic carrying handles.

The design ensures that the weight is transferred to the center of gravity, so you can easily pick up and move the 50-pound machine. Of course, it also has a smart blade guard system to keep you safe while you’re working.

Plus, the measuring system and rip fence reduce the amount of waste you have from your projects. The cuts are more accurate and can minimize the material you use. You also get a maximum power of 5,000 rpm with a 15 amp motor.


  • Plenty of power and speed
  • Rip fence included
  • Sharp saw blade
  • Measuring system built-in
  • Smart blade guard system
  • Anti-kickback feature
  • Rack and pinion fence


  • Very loud
  • No soft start
  • Very dangerous bevel lock
  • Rip fence leaves something to be desired

Dewalt DWE7490X

This 10-inch saw is a great tool for anyone to have. Whether you’re doing DIY projects or carpentry, you can finish all of your tasks with this saw. Dewalt is well-known for making portable saws that have plenty of power and the best technology. Of course, this one also has a 2-inch dust collection port. There is also a motor that offers 15 amp of power and significant depth capabilities.

With this table saw, you can work better, have fewer distractions, and keep the space clean. That 2-inch dust collection system has a vacuum that gets rid of most of the dust. Of course, this table saw has a push stick with the kit, as well as a riving knife, blade guard, and a rip fence. This heavy-duty table saw is going to help you complete your work with ease.


  • Powerful motor (15 amp)
  • 4,800 rpm of power
  • Lightweight
  • Rip fence included
  • Sharp saw blade


  • No wheels
  • Not uniformly flat
  • Blade adjustment never reaches a full 90 degrees
  • Miter gauge moves too much in the track

Makita 2705 10-inch Table Saw

If you’re like many, you really enjoy saws. Table saws are usually 10-inch in diameter and are powered by a 15-amp motor. The Makita brand of tabletop saws makes it very easy for anyone to use. The heavy-duty table saw uses a miter gauge, rip fence, and even has an anti-kickback feature. The blade is primarily designed to cut through wood with ease. This 10-inch table saw has a rip capacity that ensures you get a clean cut each time.

Of course, the power of the machine is quite impressive. Plus, the speed goes up to 4,800 rpm, but the 15 amp motor is one of the best on the market. You get maximum cuts of 3 91/6 inches at 90- degrees.


  • Features rip fence system and miter gauge
  • Fits longer blades (dado set)
  • Rip capacity is high (cuts 25-inch boards)
  • Powerful motor
  • Anti-kickback pawls
  • 4-inch dust port


  • Fence issues possible
  • Blade not parallel with miter gauge
  • Measuring tape slightly off

SawStop CNS175 TGP36

The SawStop CNS175 is an excellent stationary table saw because of its build and design. The saw fits the larger dado blades and also has an impressive max cut depth with which to work. Due to the left blade tilt, you can work faster, as the tilt prevents the boards from getting stuck on the fence. Of course, the safety system is one excellent thing to consider. The features present here are plentiful, and you also get a 14 amp motor.

If you come into contact with the saw blade, you are protected. These saws can detect any electrical current inside the person who comes into contact with the blade. This prevents injuries.

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  • 10-inch blade
  • Left blade tilt
  • 4-inch dust collection port
  • Impressive safety system


  • Wheels for mobility sold separately
  • Issues with rip capacity accuracy
  • Other reviews list complaints with dust collection system

Buyer’s Guide

Whenever you are searching for the best table saws, you need to focus on a few factors. We talk about them in-depth so that you know what to consider and why.

How to Select the Best Table Saw

There are five options available, and they all have different sizes, power options, and more.

Compact Table Saws

Compact table saws are portable and lightweight. Generally, they have sturdy tables. Saws like this can be carried around with you and put on a bench or stand. Many of the table saws we looked at today are portable and come complete with a stand.

If you move around to various sites all the time or are a beginner hobbyist, this could be the best table saw for your needs. One of the many features we like is that they have a universal motor. Therefore, you can switch it out for another when the time comes. However, you aren’t likely to find a decent dust collector system here, so your work area may get very dusty.

Job Site Table Saws

As the name indicates, a job-site table saw is used wherever you need it. They often come with wheels and a collapsible scissor stand. These could be the best table saws because they’re easy to move, don’t take up much space, and are affordable. If you’re a construction person or shop owner, you may want to consider this one.

Contractor Table Saws

Usually, contractor table saws are lower in price and are stationary. Compared to their bigger cousins, they often feature fewer trunnions, gearing, and arbor assembly. Therefore, they’re more susceptible to vibrations and are less stable. Still, you can find them to be a great addition.

Cabinet Table Saws

Generally, cabinet saws are designed for longevity. They’re suitable for demanding and frequent use by professionals. They’ve got a powerful motor, stability, and are highly accurate.

However, they often require a 240-volt outlet because they are high-performance.

Hybrid Table Saws

Hybrid table saws are designed to provide the features from a cabinet table saw, but they cost less. What separates them from a contractor’s table saw is that the hybrid version features better gearing and arbor bearings. Trunnions are often attached to the base to make alignment easier.

Features to Consider

Tabletop Build

When you’re comparing the best table saw options on the market, it’s important to look for a cast-iron top with the same for the trunnions. That way, you get more stability because the table is heavier. Alternatively, you can pick a table saw with an aluminum table to get something lighter and portable.

Safety Features

Table saws can cause more than 30,000 injuries each year, so be careful about the safety options that come with it:

Riving Knife

This safety device can protect you from kickbacks. It doesn’t allow the wood kerf to close behind the blade, pinching it while you cut. Plus, the workpiece isn’t going to pivot into the rear teeth of the saw.

Blade Guard

This safety feature keeps the wood from getting onto the rotating blade. Woodworkers tend to remove the guard at times when it interferes with your vision, or you can’t use the push block. Novice woodworkers shouldn’t take out the blade until they are comfortable.

Rip Capacity

Professionals usually look for a 24-inch rip capacity. They let you cut larger sheets of plywood or MDF. However, you can also work with a 20-inch rip capacity for basic jobs, such as working with fence boards or trimming deck boards.

Soft Start

The soft start feature can moderate the intensity of the motor upon startup. This gives you better performance and doesn’t strain the machine as much. Therefore, you’re less likely to trip the circuit breaker.

Variable Speed Control

With this feature, you can keep the blade at a constant speed, even when the load is variable. That can be useful when working on knotted woods. You aren’t going to burn the material or suffer kickback.

Rip Fence

Most table saw reviews talk about the quality of the fence system. The fence is going to control the cut accuracy. Therefore, you want a fence that provides reliable and parallel alignment for the blade. Consider an aluminum fence instead of a plastic one. The aluminum fence is much more resilient and is quite lightweight.


How Do You Use a Table Saw?

A table saw is an excellent and efficient tool that can help woodworkers and DIY hobbyists. They allow people to cut wood and craft it more effectively, but you should know how to use one properly to achieve the best results. The first thing to do is to use the blade guard with the log splitter to make the work easier and create a safe environment.

This does require a little extra work during assembly, but you are going to be glad you did. The blade guard protects your hands and keeps it away from the table saw. The splitter also prevents kickback from your machine and ensures that the wood flows smoothly along the table saw. Consider a push shoe/stick if you’re going to work with thin boards to ensure that the hands stay away from the blade.
Now, you’re going to set the blade height for the material with which you’re working. Ensure that the wood is right at the bottom where the teeth of the saw are. This gives you better results. Set up the fence now. That should be done so that the blade and fence have no space between them.

The board shouldn’t move about while you’re cutting. This could be highly dangerous. Instead, push the wood through and keep it tight against the fence as you feed it through the blade. That minimizes kickback and makes things easier for you.
Consider the material with which you’re working. Is it a short or long board? Long boards often require some extra support that the table saw cannot provide. That way, the board is going to break or bend. Consider a support that’s the same height as the table saw. Those who plan to do this type of work often may want to build a separate table at the same height as their table saw. Alternatively, you can create a stand of equal height, so the board goes through.

Once you’ve set up the table saw correctly, it’s time to start cutting.

How to Stay Safe While Using a Table Saw?

If you plan to use the table saw, you want to be safe while doing so. Remember, a table saw blade is very sharp, so you should be respectful and careful to get the best results and keep the environment safe. To do that, you should focus on your arms, eyes, and ears. Consider a pair of earplugs or some noise-reducing headphones to keep out the loud noises.

Your eyes need to be protected from splinters and the dust that arises. Use safety goggles and keep the eyes covered whenever you are using the table saw. Irritation from debris could cause itchiness, pain, and may lead to even more dangerous problems.

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It’s also essential to wear the right clothes. Consider long-sleeved shirts that aren’t too loose or restricting. That way, the arms are protected from flying bits of wood, and you don’t risk getting the shirt caught in the table saw.

Once you have protected your body, it’s time to focus on the table saw itself. Unplug the machine and examine it to ensure that the blade and everything else is in the right position. Consider the miter gauge and slot now. Ensure that it is parallel to your blade. That way, the measurements you take are exact and precise. Once you have measured the miter gauge and blade, check the fence, too.

It needs to be very straight and parallel to that blade to give you the best results. Once you’ve taken care of that, check the blade itself. Is it adjusted correctly and at a 90-degree angle. If not, there could be issues while you work.

Also, it’s a good idea to check the woodworking materials you plan to use. Don’t just pick up some random piece and expect a perfect fit. Use wood that’s straight and flat. If it is bowed, cupped, or curved, it’s going to be harder to work with. If you do find yourself working with such materials, consider a different cutting tool, such as the reciprocating saw.

Now that you’ve done all that, you should make sure that the blade is spinning toward you. That way, you can feed wood into the machine by pushing it forward into the saw and away from your body.

Saws work by creating resistance by controlling and using the fence. Ensure that it’s adjusted properly, so the wood stays wedged inside. You should also change the table saw height before turning on the machine. Consider making it a 1/2 tooth higher than your material to get the best results.

How Do You Change the Blade on Your Table Saw?

Changing the blade of your table saw can seem very daunting, but it is simple. Just make sure you’re following appropriate safety precautions and have the tools needed. Start by shutting off the table saw and unplug it. Get a screwdriver set and spanners that came with the table saw before you start.

Once you have the tools, focus on the plate right in the middle of your table saw. It surrounds your bade and has two screws holding it in place (though there could be four). Use the screwdriver to remove the screws, setting them aside. Take off the plate, too. Check for the blade’s full height by going at the back of the table saw and winding it up.

Take out the spanners, getting ready to put them on that nut. Make sure you’re using the ones that came with the table saw because they’re tested to stop over-tightening. Put them on the nut, holding one with the right and the other with the left hand. Pull the left-hand spanner toward the body and remove both from the nut again. Unscrew it the rest of the way with the fingers.

Set everything aside and take out the blade, putting in the new one. Be patient, as this can be a little tricky.

Ensure that the teeth are facing toward you so that it is done correctly, and the wood can be cut with the new blade. Once that is on right, add the stabilizing parts (spanners) and nut. Tighten it by doing what you did earlier, but push the left-hand spanner away to tighten it.

When you’ve got that nut tightened, put the plate on, and set the screws to the original spots. Screw them back in and wind down the blade once more. Clear your work area of any tools and test the machine. Plug it in and turn it on.

Which Table Saw Do You Need?

The best table saw for you is going to depend on what you need it for.
However, there are three primary options for portable saws. These include the job-site, compact, and benchtop options. The machines vary with capabilities, but they all move around and maneuver better than the stationary ones. If you need a small saw for DIY projects, the bench-top table saw is probably best.

They’re lightweight because they’re made with aluminum and plastic. Still, they’re capable of doing the job when it comes to softwood, like pine or plywood. Generally, they’re affordable and suitable for light-duty jobs. If you plan to be a contractor and want a table saw, the best option is the job site one. These saws are much bigger, but they can still be transported.

Usually, they’re more accurate than the others. Plus, these saws have more features and can handle heavier wood materials.


There are so many great saws on the market, but we feel that the Dewalt DW745 Jobsite Table Saw might be the best table saw there is. The design allows for flexibility so that you can set up shop anywhere. Plus, it has innovative technology in this 10-inch table saw. These saws have so many qualities to make it able to handle any job.

These saws are only 45 pounds, so they’re easy to transport. Plus, the saw has many features that make it efficient and speedy, which is hard to find in a saw that’s portable.

Since it runs with a powerful motor, you can attain high speeds and significant rip capacity. Plus, the storage port keeps your space clean by sucking away all the dust. These saws are going to be working for many years to come and can move around.

The Bosch 4100-10 is also a great option when considering the best table saws. With the gravity rise design and the powder coating, you know you’re getting something suitable for the job at hand.

The SawStop saw is also a premium choice and is an excellent stationary table saw in which to invest. Because of the dust port, you can keep the workspace clean. Plus, the blade is made of carbide, so it’s the strongest on the market.

With so many safety innovations, these saws are safer, though you still have to pay attention. Of course, these saws sense your touch. If you accidentally touch the blade, it shuts down immediately. Be safe with the SawStop saw.

Now comes the time to consider saws that are a good investment and inexpensive. The SKIL brand is powerful and keeps up with all of your demands. You can tackle big wood pieces with this saw, and the mounting system is so easy to set up. With the self-aligning fence, you’re always ready to work.

The best table saws are those that fit into your budget and do what you require of them. Learning more about the options available is the first step. While tabletops are quite popular, there are many others, such as hybrids and so many others.


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