What Is The Best DeWalt Table Saw?

It’s undeniable that a table saw is an incredibly useful tool. This device’s amazing applications can make it a worthwhile investment, even though obtaining a table saw is considered a pretty hefty purchase. A DeWalt table saw is especially useful if you’re in the process of or wish to renovate your home and have many tasks that need to be completed. Some of these tasks may include building furniture, starting a new woodworking project for fun, working with massive trim pieces, or laying down decking. However, the activities you can conduct with a DeWalt table saw are endless if you have enough creativity.  

All the amazing qualities that a DeWalt sawing device is equipped with make it completely understandable that many people wish to purchase one. Nonetheless, one major obstacle that stands in the way of potential buyers making this purchase is that they don’t know which one to buy. This is quite possibly the reason why you’re reading this article. You understand that a DeWalt table saw is an excellent asset, and you want to take the leap and buy one, but you’re stuck.

That’s why we have specifically constructed this guide to help you navigate the world of DeWalt table saws because we all know it’s a massive world with many different models that are all good for different things. We are going to take a look at some of the best options, along with what you should consider before making that investment and any other important questions that you have yet to find answers for. Everything you need is detailed in this article, so keep on reading!

·      DeWalt DWE7480: Best portable table saw.

·      DeWalt DWE7491 X: Best portable saw table with additional features.

·      DeWalt DWE7491RS: Best value for money.

·      DeWalt DCS7485T1: Best cord-free option.

·      DeWalt DW745s: Best Budget-friendly option.

What Are The Best Table Saws (DeWalt)?

There are so many different options to choose from when you look at purchasing a jobsite table saw. With the sheer volume of other table sawing devices, finding the right jobsite table saw that fits your needs may be incredibly challenging. This is especially the case if you’re looking through the tons and tons of devices made by different brands.

For this reason, we have stuck to one, well-established, and good quality power tool brand to provide you with an array of options. Here are our picks for the best DeWalt table saws and how these devices accommodate the different needs associated with using a sawing tool for woodworking.

DeWalt Portable Table Saw DWE7480

The DWE7480 table saw DeWalt is an excellent choice if you need to take your table saw with you or don’t have much space to put it somewhere permanently. The device is equipped with onboard storage features. This helps to keep together all of the separate parts. In addition, this device is also designed with a steel base. Thus, the structure is very sturdy. 

These DeWalt portable tables come with a 24-tooth carbide blade that is 10-inches in size. The reviews from professional woodworkers and casual users state that the device is very effective and versatile. Many praise its ability to cut just as well as the model that’s three to four times more expensive than this DWE7480 device. 

The setting up process is effortless and straightforward, which is incredibly convenient and time-saving. It’s also designed with a powerful capacity power, as it’s equipped to produce an RPM rate of 4,800 and 15 amps. 

It features a 24-inch rip capacity. This is a fantastic element that allows you to work with larger materials. Moreover, the device also features a dust collection system. The dust port is located at the bottom of the blade, which helps to deposit the dust.

However, this isn’t a DeWalt table saw with stand features. There isn’t a stand included in the design. Nonetheless, you do have the option to purchase a stand separately. Also, the system doesn’t accommodate a dado blade. This may be a major drawback for those who are planning to use one.


·      It’s lightweight and makes for a good option if you’re looking at portable saw tables. 

·      You can work with bigger materials because of the 24-inch rip capacity. 

·      The device works well on a variety of different projects. 

·      It is reasonably priced.


·      The miter gauge isn’t very accurate.

·      It isn’t compatible with a dado blade. 

DWE7491 X DeWalt Table Saw Portable Product 

This DeWalt model is very similar to the DWE7480. However, one major difference is that these DeWalt saw tables come with a scissor saw stand. These portable table saws could be an excellent choice if you don’t want to purchase a separate stand but still want a lightweight, mobile model. The saw stand is also lightweight and holds the capacity to fold down easily. Not to mention, the stand can easily be set up.

The model is designed with rack and pinion telescoping fence rails. This enables you to make rapid fence adjustments. In addition to this, the rip capacity is 28-inches. Thus, you hold the ability to build large furnishings, such as big shelving units. Also, you can easily flip the fence over to allow you to make narrower cuts. 

Reviewers highly praise the versatility and easy-to-use functionality. This versatile function allows you to use it on a variety of different and unique woodworking projects. These DeWalt table saws are exceptionally powerful and can be used for most projects. This is mainly due to its ability to work at a top speed of 15 amps and the 24-tooth carbide blade with 10-inches in size.

Additional features are not in short supply with this model, which makes the device more user-friendly. One exceptional quality is the top 2-inch dust port collection system. This system is designed to attach a vacuum cleaner to make the cleaning up process easier and quicker.

However, one major downfall is the flawed miter gauge. These DeWalt table saws aren’t equipped with the best accuracy due to the blade guard.

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·      Portable and lightweight.

·      The table saw stand is an excellent bonus feature. 

·      The rip capacity is very good at 28-inches.

·      A dado blade is compatible.

·      A ‘slap switch’ is included in the design. You can easily turn the machine off or on by hitting it with your knee or arm. 


·      Some of the reviews claim that the stand is quite difficult to fold up and down. Many preferred making use of a different surface. 

·      The miter gauge is flimsy and inaccurate. 

DWE7491RS DeWalt Saw With Table Features

Now that we have the portable models out of the way, we can get started with the bigger models. Many of the table saw reviews have stated that this is one heavy device stand. The bench table saw weighs a whopping 110 lbs. For this reason, this model wouldn’t have a table saw review stating that it’s lightweight. However, it is incredibly versatile. 

The features offered are quite similar to the other DeWalt table saws. It’s equipped with a 15-amp motor and a 24-tooth carbide blade with 10 inches in size. In addition to this, it comes with a rack and pinion fence system, which is very similar to the previous model of DeWalt table saws.

However, something that makes this one of the best options is the rip, with a capacity of more than 32 inches. This is going to be the perfect DeWalt model for you if you intend to use the job site to cut larger shelving or trim materials. You also hold the ability to make narrow rip cuts. This can be done by flipping the rip fence. This ripping fence is also incredibly accurate when you compare it to other models.

The sawing stand is exceptionally stable and has a table saw stand with a rolling functionality. This means that you can wheel it into position even though it’s heavy. 

However, the device doesn’t offer a miter gauge that’s accurate. The device is quite flimsy and unreliable. Moreover, the miter gauge is also placed on the larger side. Thus, you’re going to need more space to work with if you want the job site to work well and allow easy cuts to be made.

The price is another amazing feature. When you compare all the features you gain to the price of the object, you can easily see that you are gaining top value for money. 


·      The rolling stand makes it useful and easy to move.

·      It’s equipped with a large rip capacity. 

·      The price of the model allows you to receive top value for money. 

·      The ripping fence is incredibly effective.

·      Many free features are offered, so you don’t need to buy separate accessories. 

·      It’s time-saving as you can perform cuts on the jobsite quickly.

·      The rack and pinion are incredibly effective.

·      The throat plate is useful. 


·      The miter gauge is inaccurate and flimsy. 

·      It is very heavy, which makes the portability less when you compare it to the other models. 

DCS7485T1 Cord-Free Jobsite Product 

Tripping over all the cords placed at your job-site can be incredibly frustrating. Not to mention, you may need to unplug and plugin cables because of limited power outlets continuously. DeWalt has provided its customers with a product designed to reduce these elements and make using power tools at your job site more hassle-free and time-saving.

This cord-free device is new and top on the market for its easy-to-use functionality. You are provided with a lot more flexibility when you compare this model to the other DeWalt models on this list. In addition to this, it’s also incredibly lightweight and makes for a top option if you’re looking for portability. It easily cuts various pieces of wood.

It is the smallest model on the list. However, don’t let the size fool you, as this model is equipped with a powerful punch. Despite its small size, it’s equipped with a rip fence capacity of 12 inches to the left and 20 inches to the right. Thus, you are provided with the top ability to work on several different projects.

Since this model is cord-free, the power source is different when you compare it to the other models. It’s equipped with a battery that has two voltages. These are 20v and 60v. The battery functions at top shape as you’re free to go about working on your jobsite, while the battery changes the voltage in no time. This change is highly dependent on what you’re working on at your jobsite. 

However, it’s unknown as to how much time the battery is going to last for, as the technology is new. Moreover, the device isn’t compatible with a dado blade. 


·      It’s very powerful despite being cord-free. 

·      The cord-free functionality makes it portable. 

·      It’s said to work very well on different jobsites and projects. 

·      The rip fence allowance is incredibly good when you compare it to the size of the model. 

·      The price is quite reasonable when you compare it to other models and brands. 


·      The battery technology is new. Thus, you don’t know how much time the battery can last for. 

·      It isn’t compatible with a dado blade. 

·      You need to remember to charge the battery at a time on the jobsite when you’re not using it. 

DW745 DeWalt Table Saw

The DeWalt DW745 is one of the best table saw options. The price of the DW745 is quite low when you compare it to the other options on the market. 

You can use this model on any site as it has versatility built into the structure. However, you may not be able to work on larger site projects as the device is quite small when you compare it to the other models. The rip fence capacity doesn’t allow for larger materials to be used. 

However, if you’re a beginner and taking the time to learn about the mechanisms and how to use it in a site project, then this would be an excellent option for you. The throat plate and other features make the DW745 a superb addition to any workshop site.

The DeWalt DW745 table saw is compatible with a variety of different blade options. The device comes with a carbide blade. This blade is very powerful, as it’s 10 inches in size. Not to mention, the price is exceptionally low when you compare it to the features you are receiving. 


·      Very sturdy and exceptionally made when you compare it to other models at a similar price.

·      The throat plate is incredibly effective. 

·      The ripping fence capacity is good for those who are just beginning with woodworking. 

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·      There isn’t any stand included.

·      The fence capacity doesn’t accommodate larger materials. 

·      The miter gauge is flimsy. 

Why Should You Trust The DeWalt Brand? 

There are so many brands out there that also manufacture a saw with table devices. Why should you pick DeWalt out of all of these other brands? Well, the DeWalt brand is able to trace its roots back to 1923. The well-established brand was founded by Ramond E. DeWalt. This man was also the person who is responsible for the invention of the radial saw arm.

Over the years, DeWalt has continued to provide customers with incredibly high-quality tables saws, along with other devices. The company is now owned by Black & Decker and maintains the selling of hundreds of different high-quality power tools and accessories. Not to mention, DeWalt is also one of the best well-known and thought-after power tool brands in the US. 

When purchasing a DeWalt product, you can be assured that you’re getting expertise. The specialized research and knowledge incorporated into every single one of the power tools and accessories designed by DeWalt provide you with new and innovative products. The endless number of excellent table saws reviews and other product reviews have helped establish DeWalt as a reliable and trustworthy company you should buy from.

The value for money on all of DeWalt’s products makes it an investment not to miss out on. The majority of products designed and manufactured by DeWalt come with a three-year warranty in both the US and Canada. Thus, you’re guaranteed that your purchase is a trustworthy one, and you’re given peace of mind, especially in the case of buying an item with a higher price tag.

If you have any problems with your purchase, which is unlikely considering the impeccable quality that DeWalt produces, the brand is more than happy to repair it for you. The only condition that comes with obtaining this warranty is that you have kept the proof of purchase and registered it within the four-week window of purchasing it.

One of the primary reasons for DeWalt being so well-liked by customers is the exceptional customer service the brand provides. The company is known to respond rapidly to any problems that you may be facing. This is an extremely reassuring feature.

What Are The Different Types of Table Saws? 

This piece of machinery is designed to be used as a woodworking tool. It’s equipped with a circular saw blade that’s mounted on an arbor. These tools run on an electric motor, and the purpose of the power tool is to generally cut wood. These saws can be used in many different projects. The sawing table has got you covered for any tasks that involve you cutting wood.

Common examples would be making small items, such as chopping boards, bird boxes, and picture frames. However, it’s not just small projects. You also have the ability to build massive pieces of furniture with this type of saw device as well. All of these features equate to the saw being quite a versatile tool, and you should be able to receive a lot of use from the power tool over time if you enjoy DIY. 

However, you don’t just get a one-size-fits-all table saw. These power tools come in a variety of different forms. Here is a look at all the different types of table saws you can get and what these might be used for: 

Cabinet Table Saws

A cabinet saw is built to be a massive, heavy, and powerful device. It’s made from incredibly sturdy materials, such as cast iron. The inclusion of these components makes the cabinet device very durable and reliable. These cabinet saws are known to be more accurate than the other models.

However, these cabinet table saws are more expensive. Also, a cabinet device takes up a lot of space and costs a lot of money. Nonetheless, this could be an excellent investment if you’re serious about woodworking, you have the money and space, and you believe that you are going to use the power tool a lot.

Portable Table Saws

A portable table saw is exactly what the name suggests. It’s a device that can be moved around effortlessly. This is unlike a standard saw. You are provided with the ability to take the portable device wherever you need it to go, which is incredibly convenient. 

These portable sawing tables are usually made from lightweight and durable materials to ensure that these power tools remain light enough to function as a mobile table machine. Not to mention, this power tool is also equipped to stay quiet while you’re using the device.

However, the portable sawing device isn’t designed with a sawing stand or legs. Nonetheless, the lack of these features provides the tool with the ability to fit into small spaces. Still, you may find that the portable sawing machine cannot cut significant pieces of metal or wood.

Contractor Saws

A contractor saw isn’t designed with a fixed base. However, these power tools do come with legs. The features incorporated into a contractor sawing machine make it heavier and larger when compared to a portable sawing device.

These contractor saws are an excellent choice if you wish to use the device for various projects but lack the space or financial means to purchase a larger model, such as a cabinet model.

Hybrid Table Saws

The hybrid table saw looks incredibly similar to a cabinet table saw. However, don’t let this appearance fool you, as the hybrid table saw is slightly different from a cabinet saw.

A hybrid saw is specifically designed with the purpose of providing a table saw to those who can’t afford to purchase a cabinet saw. 

A hybrid table saw is offered at a lower price while still providing users with some incredible features that are also incorporated in the design of cabinet table saws.

The hybrid saws are also equipped with smaller motors than cabinet table saws. This means that the hybrid table saws are less powerful. Nonetheless, these saws are still impressively versatile. 

Why Do You Need A Table Saw? 

A table saw is the perfect tool to use if you wish to work with larger sheets of board or lumber products. This is because you aren’t significantly restricted to the size of the material you would like to work on. Whereas, with other power tools, such as a jigsaw, circular saw, or miter saw, you’re restricted to smaller-sized pieces of wood. 

In addition to allowing you to work on larger-sized wooden materials, this device also helps you make precise and accurate cuts on wood. Table saws are capable of producing three different types of woodcuts. These are dado cuts, ripping cuts, and crosscuts. What do these different cuts entail?

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·      Crosscuts are cuts that are made against the regular or narrow grain of the wood board so that the cut is perpendicular to the grain.

·      Ripping cuts are cuts that are made along the length of the board and divide or sever a piece of wood so that the cut is parallel to the grain. 

·      Dado cuts are cuts that are made into the surface of a piece of wood. A dado cut results in the cut being differentiated from the groove or parallel to the grain.

A Complete Buyer’s Guide: What Should You Consider When Purchasing A Table Saw? 

There are a variety of different elements you need to consider before purchasing a table saw. Here are the main features: 


This piece of machinery is equipped with different blades. These varied blades offer the device the ability to perform various tasks. The most important part of the blade is the size and placement of the teeth.

Some blades can work effectively as all-rounders. However, other blades are designed for a specific purpose. An example would be using a specially designed blade to cut into laminate without resulting in the coating getting ripped.

Some of the blades available are built to be more robust than others. This is one of the elements that you’re going to have to look out for, as it plays a role in what you can use your new device for. 

Drive Type and Motor Power

Motor power is an element that determines how much work your table saw can perform. A direct-drive is found in portable saws. In contrast, belt-drives are located in the stationary model. One feature about belt-drives is that these are more powerful than any table saw models that have direct-drives.

The motor power is a component that shouldn’t be overlooked. This is because the motor power determines the type of material your table saw can work with. Tougher wood types and treated woods usually require a significantly larger amount of energy to cut through the material accurately and precisely.


As previously mentioned, a cabinet table saw is an incredibly heavy piece of equipment. It isn’t likely that you are going to consider moving a cabinet table saw constantly. Once this piece of equipment is in, that’s the place it’s going to stay for a while. Purchasing a cabinet table saw should work fine if you have a dedicated space (possibly in your garage or workshop) where you would like to keep the power tool.

However, one condition of you purchasing and using a table saw is that you may be required to move the product around to accommodate your workspace and woodworking tasks. In this case, a cabinet table saw wouldn’t possibly be the best option for you, and you may need something that offers portability.

You can find the portability of the table saw power tool by looking at the weight of the table saw you have in mind and see if this weight aligns with your needs of what you want to gain from your table saw.

A new portability feature that’s being added to table saws is a cordless feature. This is still significantly new to the market. Thus, not many models are equipped with it. However, a cordless feature holds the ability to work extremely well if you need to move your table saw around quite frequently.


Like when using any power tool, safety is critical when using a table saw. The majority of table saws offered by DeWalt are equipped with similar safety features. These safety elements include a push stick, which helps you keep your hands at a safe distance away from the blade, and a riving knife, which helps to stop the kickback caused by the table saw when it’s in operation.

You should also consider a dust collection system. Breathing in sawdust is incredibly harmful, especially if you’re working with treated wood. In addition to this, cleaning up the sawdust can be very frustrating and time-consuming. A good few table saws come with a built-in dust collection feature. This is something you should consider, especially if you are planning to use your table often.

Miter Gauge 

A miter gauge is an additional feature that’s sometimes incorporated into the design of a table saw. This miter gauge is designed to help you achieve more accurate angled cuts. It acts quite like a clamp to keep your materials in place. 

You may come across some table saws that already include a miter gauge into the design, while others may not. Nonetheless, you can purchase a miter gauge separately if your table saw doesn’t have one.


RPM means revolutions per minute, and it involves the movement of the blade. This relationship between the blade type and RPM can be quite complicated. However, the range that we are looking at in this article ranges between 3,500 and 5,800.

Table Saw Fence 

This fence system is an essential feature for any table saw. It is the part of the power tool that keeps your materials straight as you’re cutting it. A table fence saw is used to make precise cuts while helping you remain safe as you cut the wood or other materials.

Rip Capacity 

Rip capacity is essentially the amount of space between the edge of the fence and the edge of the blade. This rip capacity helps to determine how large the materials you wish to work on can be.

Cutting a larger wooden piece is going to require that you have a larger rip capacity. In contrast, a smaller portion of wood doesn’t need a larger rip capacity for the device to effectively cut the wood.

This rip capacity feature is highly dependent on what you want to use this particular machine for. You’re going to need a larger rip capacity if you plan on cutting a larger piece of wood. In contrast, you won’t necessarily need a larger rip capacity if you don’t intend to cut bigger pieces of wood.

Depth of Cut 

The depth of cut feature helps you determine how deep the blade can easily cut at different angles. However, the ordinary depth of cut for most tables saws is generally between 45 and 90 degrees.

Arbor Size 

An arbor is an important feature for any table saw. This arbor acts as the shaft that the blade is mounted to. Being aware of the arbor’s size helps you make an informed decision and buy the correct blades that match with the model of the table saw.

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