Best Cabinet Table Saw – A Guide to the Best Cabinet Table Saw

Are you striving for reliability, longevity, and precision within your workshop? DIY projects can take their toll on various tools of the trade, so you need a power tool capable of a robust performance while maintaining an excellent level of durability. Should you be serious about woodworking, then you know a cabinet table saw can offer all of that while being practical. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, there’s always a need for top-end tools capable of heavy-duty service.

One thing worth noting is that a cabinet table saw tends to be on the more expensive side for power tools. As a result, you need to know which cabinet table saws are worth the investment. Each saw has its advantages and disadvantages worth noting, so this guide should let you know which niche it can fulfill for you. Woodworking, whether as a hobby or for work, is an excruciating task without the right equipment. When utilizing the right gear, it’s not only rewarding for entertainment but also a profitable venture.

Some other cabinet saws worth getting are:

Why Choose a Cabinet Table Saw?

The number one attribute most professionals prefer about cabinet table saws is their power. In terms of sheer power, it’s challenging for most other power tools to compete in comparison. Compared to other table saws, a cabinet table saw tends to have a large rip capacity, allowing you to meddle with larger projects compared to its alternatives. If heavy-duty use is your primary concern, there aren’t many tools that can stand up to a cabinet saw.

Cabinet saws are virtually commercial table saws with a different coat of paint. With various features, it becomes crucial to dive into what exactly makes these saws a worthwhile purchase. These saws resemble a cabinet (hence its name) and are made out of more substantial materials to help support their pure strength. If you’re limited on time or just need something to cut through hard materials, you cannot go wrong with a cabinet table saw as your choice for a power tool.

Features commonly associated with the best cabinet table saws:

  • A dust collection port (to try and mitigate their usual weakness)
  • Extensions to expand rip capacity (more workspace)
  • A cast-iron base (durable and easy to maintain)
  • A 10-inch blade (the most vital element for a saw)
  • Blade guard (protect you from the blade)
  • Glide fence (standard for rip cuts)
  • Riving knife (reduces or eliminates kickback)
  • High level of horsepower (such as 5-HP)

Disadvantages to a Cabinet Table Saw

There are some vital elements to a cabinet table saw worth sharing regarding its usability. As with all instances of life, there are times you may not need what a cabinet table saw could bring to you, or even act as a hindrance to your assignment. Consider the following:

  • Bulky and heavy
  • Prone to dust-related problems
  • Tend to be far more expensive than standard table saws

The last bullet point is crucial, as there are instances you need something more maneuverable than a cabinet saw and more potent than a standard table saw. Some woodworkers prefer portability, and unfortunately, cabinet saws’ massive bulk mitigates that possibility. If the disadvantages aren’t relevant to you, and the previous benefits appeal to you, then it’s time to check out the following tools.

At a Glance:

SawStop: Best for Safety

Powermatic: Best for Affordable Safety

Grizzly: Best for Heavy-Duty Work

Jet: Best Performance for the Standard Price

Delta: Best for Power

Shop Fox: Best for Novices

Bucktool: Best Under $1000

SawStop 10-Inch Cabinet Table Saw

The first item on this list is practically ubiquitous with the term “best cabinet table saw”: the SawStop Cabinet Saw. The saw features included are:

  • 52-inch T-glide fence
  • Patented SawStop safety system
  • A 10-inch blade and associated blade guard
  • 3-HP
  • 2-year warranty
  • Cast-iron table 20-inches x 27-inches
  • Riving knife

The most noteworthy trait of this cabinet saw is the patented safety system. The blade comes with an electric signal on it, which can detect human flesh if it comes across the blade. When this occurs, the saw is signaled to stop, and the power to the motor turns off immediately. Then the blade is moved to the bottom of the table to reduce the risk of it hurting the user. All of these safety features take place in approximately five milliseconds. Afterward, it only takes up to 90 seconds to set everything back to the way it was.

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When it comes to safety, no cabinet saw can match SawStop’s system. Aside from remarkable safety features, the dust collection blade guard can collect up to 99% of the dust around you. As a result, it removes one of the most significant flaws a cabinet table saw tends to have while making cleaning up after working a breeze! Speaking of flaws, it can also mitigate the mobility issue a tad through its ergonomic wheel design.

With its blade backed up by 3-HP, it can cut through wood quite effortlessly. Considering the above features as well, this is easily one of the most recommended cabinet table saws for newcomers to use. The 52-inch glide fence makes it easy for knowing where your workspace is while providing ample protection as far as fences go. It does everything a cabinet saw should do quite well! It may not be the most powerful, but the safety system is unparalleled in the world of power tools.

SawStop Pros & Cons


  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • State-of-the-art safety features
  • 2-year warranty
  • Easier to move around compared to other cabinet saws
  • 99% dust collection system within the blade guard
  • Almost 90% of the reviews are five-stars
  • Limited kickback


  • Pricey, even by cabinet saw standards
  • Packaging tends to be a tad rushed

Powermatic PM1000 Cabinet Table Saw

If you prefer a more affordable option that can still boast impressive safety features, then the Powermatic PM1000 is the cabinet saw for you. Features included:

  • Collection hose as a dust collection system
  • 7-inch wheels to provide maneuverability
  • Tool-less guard assembly
  • Hands-free power switch

When considering Powermatic vs. SawStop discussions, it’s critical to analyze what helps them stand apart. The SawStop runs at 220v while the Powermatic runs at 115v, which might be crucial to you if you’re concerned about voltage. The more interesting topic is safety, and while the SawStop is undeniably better in that regard, the Powermatic PM1000 is nearly $1000 cheaper while still boasting impressive safety features. Considering you can get accurate cuts near a hundredth of an inch, it’s not too shabby! The miter gauge that comes with this machine is also adjustable 60-degrees for either side so that you can get more precise cuts!

Aside from comparisons, Powermatic table saws tend to be pragmatic and easy-to-use, and this saw is no different! With the aforementioned safety features, you should be able to use this cabinet table saw, even as a newcomer to the world of woodworking! The blade is 10-inches, which works perfectly with the collection hose to minimize dust in your workspace. As dust tends to be a problem for most cabinet table saws, this is worth mentioning as dust particles in your air are a safety concern, according to the CDC.

Other than that, this remarkable cabinet table saw is widely used by hobbyists and professionals alike. Considering its relative affordability, it works exceptionally well for industrial table saw standards. Similarly, it has limited mobility. Aside from that, you can relocate some parts with some minor customizing, such as adding in a 50-inch fence if you’re into upgrading it.

Powermatic Pros & Cons


  • A little less expensive than average
  • Hands-free power switch
  • The miter gauge is adjustable 60-degrees to either side
  • Quiet
  • Limited kickback
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions


  • Customer support for serious problems is lacking
  • No riving knife

Grizzly Heavy-Duty Cabinet Table Saw

When it comes to heavy-duty work, you need a cabinet table saw capable of lasting you several hours. With a mighty 13 amps, the Grizzly Cabinet Saw, otherwise known as the Grizzly G0651, is an impressive saw full of features such as:

  • 13-amp motor
  • 3-HP
  • An extension table for a maximum size of 27-inches x 75 3/4-inches
  • Cast-iron table
  • 52-inches rip capacity
  • Riving knife plus quick-release blade guard

As a powerhouse cabinet table saw, its main advantage of its competitors is the 13-amp motor it runs on. The more amps a machine has, the easier it is for it to cool down. As a result, you can run it longer than its contemporaries with minimal fear of potential overheating. When you consider its massive rip capacity, you can work on massive DIY projects in conjunction with its respectable power. A motor cannot be underestimated in terms of the value it brings to your workshop, so having a monster of a motor is an excellent trait worth emphasizing over and over again.

As standard for professional table saws, you can exchange its blade with a Dado blade if you prefer the associated benefits Dado can bring to you. The Poly-V belt drive makes it convenient for you to work smoothly and efficiently, primarily when utilized with a blade of your choice. If you’re concerned about safety, the Grizzly isn’t as noteworthy as the previous two entries on this guide. However, this is still a large stop button switch to provide some minor relief.

The dust collecting isn’t as good as either of the previous two entries, but neither entry is capable of lasting as long as the Grizzly G0651 when in use. Ignoring its impressive motor, there’s also a thermal overload protection switch that limits the possibility of overheating even further! Heavy-duty work can be exhausting for any other cabinet saw, but the Grizzly G0651 is a top-tier cabinet saw. As a result, it’s the best cabinet saw for the money if you do a ton of work in a single session.

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Grizzly Pros & Cons


  • Runs on a 13-amp motor
  • Massive rip capacity
  • Satisfactory anti-kickback features
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Sufficient dust collecting


  • Customer support for serious problems is lacking
  • Packaging tends to be a tad rushed

Jet Deluxe 3-HP Cabinet Table Saw

Another content as one of the best, the Jet Cabinet Saw has a strong cabinet table saw review from plenty of people, so what is included with this machine? The following are its saw features:

  • Quick-release riving knife
  • Built-in storage drawer
  • Arbor lock
  • 50-inch glide fence
  • 3-HP
  • Cast-iron base

While 3-HP is fairly standard for a professional cabinet table saw, some notable differences give it a more distinctive flavor. The belt drive complements its dust collection capabilities, as it moves sawdust to its intended location. If you’re considering the best cabinet table saws for your budget, the Jet Deluxe 3-HP is an excellent investment. Nothing about this cabinet saw is top-tier, but the overall aspects about it are undoubtedly above average. As a result, if you have nothing you particularly need in a cabinet saw, then you cannot go wrong with this.

One thing worth noting is its impressive endurance, allowing you to be able to use it for several decades if you properly clean and maintain it. As it is made out of cast-iron, it is quite elementary to clean. Regarding cleaning, its dust collection capabilities are not too shabby, as its four-inch dust port works well with the belt-drive system. If you utilize the built-in storage, you can perform cleanups and maintenance quite effortlessly.

As a commercial table saw, its reviews are quite stunning on Amazon. Its overall scores are higher than the Powermatic’s cabinet table saw, while closely matching the SawStop’s high ratings. Its miter gauge is surprisingly useful in precise cuts (meaning you don’t need to buy a separate miter gauge as urgently). To be considered among the best cabinet table saws, a long shelf life and high accuracy are terrific traits worthy of commendation and praise! There’s nothing wrong with a jack of all trades, master of none when its averages are better than some of its competitor’s bests.

Jet Pros & Cons


  • Quiet
  • Sufficient dust collecting
  • Built-in storage for miter gauges and other gadgets
  • Satisfactory anti-kickback features
  • Highly accurate and easy-to-adjust
  • High-quality blade guard
  • Durable
  • Fantastic cabinet saw reviews


  • The surface isn’t perfectly flat so that additional leveling may be required
  • Assembly isn’t as straightforward compared to its competition for novices

Delta 5-HP Cabinet Table Saw

In terms of sheer power, few cabinet table saws can match up with the sheer force of the Delta 5-HP Cabinet Table Saw. This robust machine includes:

  • 5-HP
  • 4,300 RPM
  • A bevel dial for more accuracy
  • Large cast-iron base
  • On/Off switch which can be activated from any side
  • Exceptional vibration control

With great power lies great responsibility. Likewise, the Delta Saw has several options related to keeping it stable for newcomers. After all, you wouldn’t want to use something too powerful, as that could be a severe safety concern. Instead, its motor provides you the option of using either 3-HP or 5-HP for your workload (depending on which version you buy). If that wasn’t enough, its trunnion system is single-cast, which provides you ample vibration control to assist you in more accurate cuts.

When everything is working together like clockwork, you get a professional table saw capable of slicing through any wood you chuck at it. It’s truly a professional cabinet saw worth considering for any serious woodworker in need of sheer force. Should you be concerned about safety, then rest easy knowing that the On/Off switch can be turned off at any angle and from any side. Otherwise, its safety features are a tad lacking, so expect to buy additional equipment to make the best use out of this table saw.

Cabinet table saws are a must-have for workshops, so it should come to no surprise that an Amazon’s Choice product stands out above the rest. The cabinet table saw reviews are fair and easy to navigate through in case you have a specific concern you wish to research into. Aside from that, its motor supports its capabilities quite dandily. It also comes with a 52-inch Biesemeyer fence system to help your cutting experience go smoothly.

Delta Pros & Cons


  • A wonderful 5-HP
  • Variable speed up to 4,300 RPM
  • The packaging is done very well
  • Somewhat quiet
  • Bevel cuts are highly precise thanks to limited vibrations and a bevel dial
  • Easy to turn off
  • 5-year warranty


  • Subpar extension table
  • Mediocre dust collection

Shop Fox W1820 Cabinet Table Saw

As the final item on a list full of fantastic cabinet saws, the Shop Fox W1820 is no slouch! Newcomers should appreciate cabinet saws such as this machine, for it includes:

  • Quick-release riving knife with extension table
  • Easy-glide T-fence system
  • Adjustable T-slot miter gauge
  • Thermal protection against overloads
  • Port for proper dust collection
  • Cast-iron table
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The main issue a newcomer to woodworking and assembly may have with this one is the assembly manual is lackluster and slightly outdated. Once you find a solution (either through customer support or through online tutorials), you should have the best cabinet table saw for a newcomer to use. Once assembled, a novice woodworker can quickly work with this machine. The miter gauge is easy to read, the motor runs properly, and the blade is strong enough to cut through wood without a hassle.

The best cabinet table saws should keep new hobbyists in mind, so this design should be appealing to amateur woodworkers. You can rip through plywood effortlessly with the extra space you get from its 50-inch+ rip capacity, especially when using a strong default blade. Usually, you replace the blade with a Dado blade or something else, but this blade is surprisingly capable of handling itself just fine. For a newcomer who isn’t too sure about replacements and all that, this cabinet saw is highly convenient.

The anti-kickback pawls are relatively standard, yet should still be serviceable to people in need of a stable table. Hobbyists love it, especially as a retirement gift! Something like the Shop Fox saw is among the best cabinet table saws for such an occasion! Just remember, if you get this one, you should have an easy-to-use saw capable of all of your project needs.

Shop Fox Pros & Cons


  • Good customer support
  • 50-inch+ rip capacity
  • The default tools make it reliable for new hobbyists to use without much trouble
  • Sufficient dust collection
  • A little less expensive than average


  • Assembly isn’t as straightforward compared to its competition for novices
  • Lackluster fence

Honorable Mention

If you’re looking for the best cabinet table saw under $1000, that’s going to be rather challenging. Old brands like Maksiwa are no longer around on Amazon, and some options like Shop Fox have doubled in price. There is a newcomer known as the Bucktool TS315, and while there is no cabinet table saw reviews for it yet, their other power tools, such as their scroll saw, and bench grinder have been well-received by the general populace.

The cabinet table saw itself runs on a 7-amp motor utilizing 440V with its blade’s dimensions being 315mm x 30mm x 2.5mm. Its cutting depth is 490mm at 45-degrees and 830mm at 90-degrees. As it is cheap, you do need to buy your additional safety gear to utilize it safely. Nonetheless, for a cabinet table saw under $1000, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Bucktool Pros & Cons


  • From a trusted manufacturer
  • Runs at seven amps, which means you can work longer
  • Durable
  • Easy to store thanks to its folding frame
  • Under $1000


  • Limited reviews
  • Limited safety features
  • High voltage


The best cabinet table saws may vary from person to person. Yet if you’re still unsure as to which one to get, the best overall cabinet saws are made by SawStop. It’s easy to assemble, comes with a powerful motor, and it’s most tremendous boon is its patented safety system. Cabinet saws can be dangerous to meddle with, so having the ability to protect your flesh within milliseconds is an outstanding attribute that cannot be ignored!

Some other cabinet saws worth getting are:

What helps all of these saws is that:

  • Ranges from slightly to significantly more comfortable to move around compared to their contemporaries
  • Handles dust collection significantly better than the competition

As those two factors tend to be the weakest aspects of cabinet saws, being able to patch up flaws allows these machines to be the best in their class. Each cabinet saw is capable of lasting several years to decades, allowing you to make a significant investment nigh guaranteed to be worthwhile. Whether it’s an impressive motor or a significant power advantage over other saws, a cabinet table saw is an excellent power tool for any workshop.

What’s Next?

After you find the one you’re looking for, it’s time to plan out your next big project. Is it going to be remodeling pre-existing furniture? Do you plan on creating a bookshelf? Whether you’re doing small-time projects or are planning to craft a significant business out of this hobby, any one of these cabinet table saws should be worth every penny! Keep in mind that even the most robust tools require regular maintenance and cleaning, even if it has ample dust collection. For these tools to last you a generation or two, you need to take proper care of every part. If it’s not in the manual, you can always look at videos for cleaning your respective power tools. Whatever may lie in your future is best complemented by a cabinet saw, so it’s up to you to decide what is next.


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