Best Hybrid Table Saw – Unbiased Review

Do you need a hybrid saw table for woodworking, but you’re unsure as to which one you should get? This guide should make it easy.

As you expand in your proficiency in woodworking, you may start to desire to upgrade your tools and your capacity for DIY projects. Perhaps you’re interested in messing with metals and need a more powerful saw than what you currently have in your collection. You are going to need something extraordinarily robust and highly durable for a job like that. Fortunately, there’s an excellent addition to any workshop known as the hybrid table saw with many outstanding features.

A hybrid table saw is very similar to an ordinary table saw, but with a motor inside. Think of it like the child of a cabinet maker saw, and a contractor saw. As a result, the hybrid table saw has powerful performance, but limited mobility (it’s hardly portable given its large size). For any serious hobbyist seeking to improve their skills, a hybrid table saw is a must-have if you want something akin to a cabinet saw, but a cheaper and lightweight version.

Now the question remaining is: What is the best hybrid table saw? With a multitude of features to put into consideration, what may work as the best hybrid table saw for one person may not do it for you. Considering that, it’s crucial to have a full list of top-tier saws capable of rivaling their powerful cousin: the cabinet saws. All saws on this guide have reviews, price, and effectiveness taken into consideration to ensure that you find the right one for your workshop!

Factors to Consider

Before dwelling on about potential hybrid table saws worth adding to your collection, it’s vital to discuss specific elements that stand out among them. Some parts, such as a quick-release riving knife, can act as a good safeguard for protecting a novice woodworker. Some features worth noting are:

  • Quick-release riving knife (safety device for adjusting the blade’s movement)
  • Anti-kickback pawls (reduces kickback from movement)
  • Blade guard (self-explanatory)
  • Dust collection (you want to know where dust is going, especially if it’s not clogging up the machine)
  • Reliable materials such as cast iron
  • Some amount of horsepower, 2-HP+)
  • Variable blades, capable of 4-inch cuts or otherwise exchangeable
  • A large rip capacity (distance for the most extended length of wood you can cut)

Naturally, there are other fancy gadgets and gizmos to include in an excellent hybrid table saw. No matter what, you want your table saw to breeze through materials such as wood. Not only that, but it needs to be consistent and reliable. After all, there’s no use in utilizing a table saw that only works half the time. Aside from that, a hybrid saw should be easy-to-use.

At a Glance:

  • Dewalt Saw Table: Best Reviews
  • Jet Saw Table: Best Lifespan
  • Shop Fox: Best Safety Features
  • Grizzly Saw Table: Best Horsepower
  • Baileigh Saw Table: Easiest-to-Use
  • Delta Saw Table: Easy Assembly

All of these hybrid saw tables can compete with cabinet saws quite well. Their price is generally lower than a cabinet saw as well, so hybrid table saws are well-worth the investment. In some cases, you won’t even need a cabinet table saw with how much power some of the hybrid table saws have inside the blade.

Dewalt Hybrid Table Saw

Although the original Dewalt DW746 is a discontinued model, there’s an alternative version in the Dewalt DWE7491RS that’s among the best for its class. With nearly 1,300 ratings and 86% of that being five stars, it’s easy to claim that the Dewalt DWE7491RS is the best hybrid table saw. Do you wish to have a hybrid table saw capable of cutting through wood as effortless as if it was butter? Do you prefer a hybrid table saw that is more portable than its competition? Although it would be easy to list its accomplishments in the form of a question, the simple answer is yes, the Dewalt DWE7491RS can do that and a lot more!

You can make adjustments quickly, whether you wish to adjust the fence or the blade itself; exchanging parts is easy! Safety features such as a blade guard are included, as well as a manual on how to set everything up. Its price can vary depending on the seller, but you can typically get it in the $500 to $800 range.

As its performance is top-notch, you should be able to rest easy in knowing that its durability is no slouch either! It can last you several years with proper use and regular maintenance. Compared to some options that cost over thousands, Dewalt’s machine blows the competition out of the water in terms of both price and performance!

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You can easily rip filler boards out with this hybrid table saw, as well as fine-tuning floors and reconstructing lumber frames. Any serious woodworker should consider the Dewalt DWE71491RS, as there are very few hybrid table saws capable of coming close to its overall usage. Dewalt is the leading manufacturer in industrial power tools for several wonderous reasons, and it looks like devices such as the Dewalt DWE71491RS are going to continue that trend for several years to come.


  • Overwhelmingly strong reviews on Amazon
  • Large dust port for sufficient dust collection
  • 4,800 RPM blade
  • Improved fence system complements its rip capacity of 32 1/2-inch
  • Sturdy base, no wobbling
  • Effortlessly cuts materials
  • 15 amp motor runs smoothly
  • A portable hybrid table saw
  • Best hybrid table saw under $1000
  • 10-inch saw


  • Sometimes you have to get it from a 3rd party seller
  • The manual is a bit hard to follow for newcomers

Jet 3-HP Hybrid Table Saw

Sometimes, it’s well worth it to spend thousands on a hybrid table saw. If you look at a hybrid table saw review on Amazon, you should notice how strong the Jet 3-HP Hybrid Table Saw is. As an Amazon’s Choice product, you should notice that it seems like everything is going well for it. It’s robust, durable, quiet, and highly precise in all of its operations. With a 50-inch rip fence and a quick-release riving knife, you won’t have to worry about accidents if you follow proper protocol. It even comes with features such as an in-built storage drawer to make your work a tad easier.

If you’re a veteran looking to upgrade to a new table saw, you cannot go wrong with this machine. Very few machines near its price, let alone half of it, can compete with it in terms of performance. Think of your wildest dream, cutting through wood so effortlessly, almost as if you’re a God of woodworking. Even if your skill isn’t that high, this table saw can undoubtedly make you think like that.

The manual itself is pretty thorough, but be prepared to spend hours on it (especially if you’re new at assembly). It’s a large machine with plenty of mechanisms worth checking out, just make sure to get every part in properly. Compared to other table saws, it can seem like a monster to build. However, it’s without a doubt worth every hour of investment. Completing projects using this hybrid saw can seem like a breeze!


  • 3-HP
  • Riving knife is designed to reduce the risks of injury or other accidents
  • 5-year warranty
  • Can last several decades
  • Superior dust collection
  • Effortlessly cuts materials
  • Sturdy base, no wobbling
  • 14.5 amp runs smoothly
  • Large size allows bigger projects to be done


  • Pretty expensive
  • Not at all portable
  • It takes several hours to assemble

Shop Fox W1819

Do you want some power like the Jet hybrid table saw has, but just a little bit cheaper? Although the Shop Fox W1819 is still an expensive option, it comes with free shipping and is still a few hundred dollars cheaper than the Jet hybrid table saw. With a horsepower level of three, it is an outstandingly robust hybrid saw capable of mowing down any material you throw at it (with responsibility). With a 10-inch table saw and a quick-release riving knife, this hybrid table saw is sure to make a good impression on you.

In addition to the quick-release riving knife, there’s also a splitter assembly and a blade guard designed to protect you. Not only that, but a thermal overload protection system is implemented to help protect you from any potential overheating malfunctions. This machine is the best hybrid table for safety. State-of-the-art features should not be ignored, especially when your health is on the line.

It also comes with a near 29-inch rip capacity and anti-kickback pawls. More safety, more space, and more work you’re going to complete! The blade itself is not too shabby, as it comes with a blade guard that’s clear (so you can see the work being done). It isn’t easy to find other saws capable of pure power while maintaining sheer safety, but the Shop Fox W1819 does that in spades!


  • 3-HP
  • Riving knife is designed to reduce the risks of injury or other accident
  • 4-inch dust port
  • Effortlessly cuts materials
  • Sturdy base, no wobbling
  • Large size allows bigger projects to be done


  • Pretty expensive
  • Not at all portable

Grizzly Hybrid Table Saw

The Grizzly G0605X1 is another expensive powerhouse. As the most expensive item on this list, what stands out? For starters, its mighty 5-HP outclasses all other competition in terms of sheer power. 5-HP is incredibly overwhelming, so you can cut metals, wood, aluminum, and whatever else you please without worry. With such colossal power, would you be concerned about how well the motor can cool off? With an 18-amp engine, there’s little to worry about. Sadly, the RPM is a bit disappointing, capping off at 3600 RPM.

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Made out of cast iron, this behemoth of a 52-inch rip capacity is bound to gain a lot of mileage if you need to work on large projects. Unfortunately, the miter gauge is nothing too extraordinary, and its dust collection is standard as well. Therefore, if you work on large projects, you should have additional means for disposing of a large amount of sawdust you’re inevitably going to have when working with this monster of a machine.

Another noteworthy aspect of this saw table is that it also has a blade guard and a riving knife for your safety. It’s not as over-the-top safe as the Shop Fox, but you’re safe with this hybrid saw table nonetheless! Grizzly also has alternate tables that go up to 7 1/2 HP if you’re interested in that. Professionals love this machine for its reliability, so chances are, somebody like you may enjoy its many benefits as well.


  • 5-HP
  • Sturdy base, no wobbling
  • Large size allows bigger projects to be done
  • Riving knife is designed to reduce the risks of injury or other accident
  • 18-amp motor
  • 4-inch dust port
  • Very adjustable with different blade types, such as the Dado blade


  • Most Expensive
  • Only goes up to 3600 RPM
  • Not at all portable

Baileigh Table Saw

If you wanted a hybrid table saw that swings more to the cabinet style, the Baileigh Table Saw is the saw for you! With more than 2-HP offered, it’s a relatively strong cabinet-esque table saw with features similar to both a cabinet and a hybrid table saw. It does a superb job at fence and table alignment, while the blade does a fine job cutting wood. The miter gauge is sufficient and nothing special, yet the rip capacity is impressive, allowing you to do large projects otherwise unavailable on smaller table saws.

A machine like this one can also help newcomers a lot, as its simplistic design allows virtually anybody to pick it up and get some work done with it. The blade is similar enough to other saw table blades, and its features are more or less the same as well. In some ways, the Baileigh Table Saw can be considered the best in terms of sheer simplicity. With a 10-inch blade, convenient cabinet design, standard miter gauge, the Baileigh Table Saw is a safe investment without any unnecessary gimmicks weighing it down.

Think of the low voltage a contractor saw has coupled with the accuracy and power of a cabinet saw; that’s essentially what the Baileigh Table Saw is! With 110V, you can also save some money on electricity bills utilizing this machine! With features like that and its relatively lightweight (almost 300 lbs as opposed to 500 lbs on some other saw tables), it’s convenient to use for any newcomer to woodworking!


  • Fantastic for those that prefer a cabinet table saw
  • Sturdy base, no wobbling
  • Large size allows bigger projects to be done
  • Very simple to use
  • Limited vibration while using it
  • Lighter weight compared to other saw tables
  • The packaging is better handled compared to other saw table boxes


  • Pretty Expensive
  • Not at all portable
  • Insufficient dust collection

Delta Hybrid Table Saw

While among the weakest options on this list, this hybrid saw is still worth mentioning for a guide of best hybrid table saws. This machine can handle left miter cuts quite safely due to its stable blade and reliable base. As a standard for devices like it, its power is excellent! Usually, with tremendous power, you have to deal with loud motors or obnoxious shrieking.

However, the motor on this machine is surprisingly quiet, allowing you not to disturb friends and family when you’re at work. Its T-slot miter gauge allows you to work on some heavy-duty tasks, allowing you to do the previously mentioned miter cut as well as any straight cut. The cast iron table gives it some good durability while being easy to maintain, and the wings itself is made out of cast iron as well.

The hybrid table saw itself weighs 358 pounds and can run at 220 volts. Other specifications include a 30-inch rip capacity and a delightfully sturdy rip fence. The guard lock ensures that you can still measure what you need to measure for precise cuts. When combined with a blade guard, you should have several safety features in place to ensure no accidents or injuries occur when operating this machine. A quick-release saw can also make sure that accidents are kept to a minimum.

No matter if you’re a hobbyist or a professional woodworker, this hybrid table saw can get the job done! It’s traditional and a tad antiquated, but it’s easy-to-use. Sometimes, you just need something simple in your life full of complications. The last thing worth noting is that this hybrid table saw is among the most affordable for its class.


  • Sturdy base, no wobbling
  • Excellent for making sawdust
  • Low price
  • Limited vibration while using it
  • Quiet, smooth motor
  • Fairly easy for novice hobbyists to assemble
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  • Can be challenging to get some objects into alignment
  • It’s an older model, so it’s a tad outdated
  • Mediocre as far as hybrid table saw reviews go

You can check it out here if you’re interested in finding more info.

Honorable Mentions

The Ridgid Hybrid Table Saw is capable of some heavy-duty work while being portable. A 15-amp motor lets it run smoothly, while it comes with a 10-inch saw blade. It cannot compete with other hybrid saw tables on this list, but it’s a fine standalone item worth mentioning. Its hybrid table saw reviews are noticeably mediocre as well, but other guides tend to place it somewhere on a list, and this is no exception. Instead of it being a cast iron table, it’s an aluminum alloy, so it’s even easier to clean compared to its cast iron cousins.

The Laguna Tools Fusion Saw is a pretty average hybrid table saw all-around. Sometimes you see the Laguna Tools Fusion Saw listed as one of the best, but that’s hyperbole if nothing else. Items such as the Dewalt DWE7491RS outclass it for being half the price. Still, the Laguna Tools Fusion is a decent hybrid saw table with some safety features worth considering, such as a riving knife, cast iron table, a blade capable of going up to 4500 RPM, and a blade guard to protect you.

Milwaukee Electric Table Saw is an excellent cordless hybrid table saw, albeit with limited power. Thankfully, it’s pretty cheap, and you can find a good deal around the $600~700 range. 300 RPM is severely lacking, but it’s still a serviceable table saw with a 5-year warranty and other standard features. Being portable is another advantage worth considering, although it works well with smaller projects over a large-scaled one.

Minor Things to Remember

The best hybrid table saw for you can always be adjusted to fit your desires. If you don’t like the blade or miter gauge, you can always replace it (as opposed to buying a whole new table saw). Think smarter, not harder! One saw table might seem broken, but it could be something as minor as a missing part. Before buying or replacing your current table saw, consider the features it offers to you and if it’s absolutely necessary to do so.

Although it may seem obvious, you should always do regular maintenance and cleaning from time to time. Just doing one checkup every week or two can extend your table saw’s lifetime. For example, a blade can usually be exchanged for another type, such as a Dado blade. Other features can be less prominent if dust and other minor debris are clogging up the machine. Use specifically-designed chemicals to clean your workstation when you’re done using it.

Also, consider the features other woodworking tools may bring to you. If noise-reduction is a big issue, get some audio protection like specially-designed earmuffs as opposed to buying a saw table solely for its noise reduction. You could also swap a blade with another one to reduce wear and tear. Other aspects such as Amazon Prime can also earn you significant savings, as well as checking for bundles and discounts around the holiday season. You can create a lot of objects using the best hybrid table saw on the market, so it’s time to get ready for what’s in store for your future!

Getting Started on Your Next Project

Hybrid table saws have several features worth considering for your next big assignment. As many of them have a sleek cast iron table, you can easily clean up after you’re done (thus, making maintenance a breeze). Naturally, how are you going to get one dirty? There are a plethora of objects you can create, but some common ones include but are not limited to:

  • Birdhouses are easily made with hybrid table saws.
  • Racks, a cabinet, or other storage objects can be made with the best kind of a table saw.
  • You can also try to create bookcases, furniture, or other wooden objects using the mighty blade of a table saw.

Of curse, you can combine the best hybrid table saw on this list with other saws for more complex projects. All useful workshops should have a hybrid table saw somewhere in the workspace, so consider the above values and how it can be applied to your lifestyle.

Consider power, budget, and other miscellaneous features for why you need the best hybrid table saws around. Most table saws these days go above 2-HP with a 10-inch blade, so sometimes they may share many positive benefits amongst each other. Nevertheless, if you need a hybrid table saw right away, check out the Dewalt DWE7491RS as it’s the cheapest on the list and a powerhouse in its own right (also has the best hybrid table saws’ reviews). You cannot go wrong with any one of the best hybrid table saws around!


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