What’s the Best Hammer? A Complete Buyer’s Guide and Review

Hand tools are an important component of toolboxes, regardless of whether you’re working around the house or as a construction worker. Demolition work requires many different options, too.

You probably learned early on that your house isn’t complete without reliable and top-quality tools, and there’s no tool more important than your hammer. DIYers know that the best hammer can get through many jobs, both domestically and professionally. Therefore, you should invest in a hammer that fits in your hand effortlessly.

As a contractor, the best hammers are paramount to ensure that you have what you need at the job site. However, what’s in a hammer? What makes it the best option ever?

One of the first things you do is to find out what makes hammers ideal and what the right one is for the job. Though you may think of them as a tool to bash a nail into wood or walls, they are much more than that!

Top hammers must be tough, durable, and well-balanced so that they’re easy to control.

In a sense, a heavy-duty hammer can handle any job site. If you want to upgrade your toolkit or are looking for your first hammer, it’s important to figure out what options are available.

Today, you can hit the nail on the head, so to speak, with this review. Whether you’re hoping to put in a lot of nails or just need something to keep on hand in case of an emergency, this review can help.

You learn about the different designs and how the nails sink into the wood effortlessly because of the handles. The more you know, the better you feel.

While other articles don’t go into huge detail, this one is all you ever need! Let’s get started!

10 Best Hammers

Estwing 16 Ounce Straight Rip Claw Hammer – Best Overall

Many people feel that a straight claw gets out the nails better, and the Estwing 16-ounce hammer might just be what you need for better performance.

It features a good leather grip handle with a shock reduction option to ensure that the projects are easier. With that, it reduces the impact vibrations by up to 70 percent.

Just by the design, you can see that it’s a one-piece steel construction, which offers more durability. You can buy this hammer once, and it can last for many years to come. Regardless of the DIY job you have, it’s perfect for them all.

You’re sure to appreciate the ripped claw design. Though it isn’t a curved claw, it does have a slight curvature at the back. Still, the straight claw is ideal for pulling nails and prying up boards.

Hammers like this are very versatile when it comes to nails. With that, you can work longer and get done quickly so that you’re ready for the next job. Plus, this hammer is very easy to handle and has amazing balance.

However, if you want to use a curved claw hammer, the Estwing might not be suitable. Still, it has a durable head that smacks the nail effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Shock-reduction grip
  • Curved claw
  • Made in the US
  • Powerful head to pound and break
  • Made using a single piece of steel
  • Weight: 1 pound

Fiskars 22 Ounce IsoCore Milled Face Framing Hammer – Best for Uniqueness

Anyone who must work with large lumber pieces and needs speed and power for big jobs requires the best hammers to help with the process. That way, you get done quickly and with ease. The Fiskars Milled Face Framing Hammer is perfect for the job and provides many excellent, practical, and useful features to make it stand apart from the crowd.

The best feature about these hammers is the milled face. Though this isn’t a unique design for hammers, it’s still convenient and puts it higher for reliability and functionality. Ultimately, the face prevents the head from slipping off nails with every strike, so you see efficient results.

With that, the handle features IsoCore shock absorption technology, which is crucial for large jobs. The insulating sleeve reduces vibration and eliminates pressure on the hands and wrists. This also ensures better energy transfer. DIYers are sure to use this all the time!

Key Features

  • Milled face prevents hammer from sliding off the face of the nail
  • Easy grip
  • Cool and trendy design
  • Excellent shock absorption and performance
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

Estwing Sure Strike Drilling/Crack Hammer – Best Budget

There are so many different types of hammers, such as mallets, sleds, and claw hammers. A club hammer is also important and useful for different things. However, the drilling hammer is often associated with breaking rocks or chisel work. Within the world of the club hammer or drilling hammer, Estwing has you covered. Its Sure Strike hammer stands head and shoulders above the competition.

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With that, the crack hammer manufacturer has tons of experience and focuses on crafting the best tools out there.

You’re sure to appreciate the steelhead on the Estwing hammer. It’s more durable than other hammers out there, so you get more strength to carry out your jobs.

Whether you’re breaking rocks or intricately chiseling something, this tool is the ideal product. With that, it’s perfectly balanced, so you can strike without putting stress on yourself. The comfortable grip ensures that you can easily maneuver while you work. Ultimately, the durability of this hammer is unmatched and designed to last for many years. Don’t miss out on this amazing tool!

Key Features

  • Sturdy and powerful forged steel head
  • Durable handle for long-lasting capabilities
  • Perfectly balanced for big blows and comfortable swinging
  • Useful for many tasks, such as chisel work and breaking
  • Weight: 3 pounds

Dewalt 16 Ounce Rip Claw Hammer – Best for Framing

A claw hammer is probably the most common option available, and there are plenty to pick from. However, you can’t get away from the Dewalt brand because its 16-ounce hammer is one of the best. Rip-claw hammers are designed to drive the nail in, but pulling nails is also a job it can handle. Typically, this is necessary for framing jobs, and few outsmart the Dewalt hammer.

The black and yellow design is pleasing to the eye, and it makes it attractive and easy to find. Plus, the hammerhead is crafted with steel, so it’s a durable striking tool that drives the nail home with accuracy and precision.

You’re sure to like how it fits in your hand because it has great weight distribution and a good grip. Therefore, the strikes aren’t unbalanced. Plus, the nail-start system allows you to put a nail in position with just one hand so you can focus on your job.

These hammers have everything you could possibly want!

Key Features

  • Ergonomically designed handle grip to make it easy to use
  • Fantastic weight distribution for the best performance
  • Made in the USA
  • Excellent nail start system allows for nail placement with one hand
  • Weight: 1 pound

Stanley FatMax Xtreme AntiVibe Rip Claw Hammer – Best Style

Hammers come and go, but the FatMax Xtreme from Stanley is definitely here to stay. If you never owned a hammer, you soon realize that you’ve been missing out. For those who have owned tons of tools like this, you know Stanley is what you’ve been craving.

Unlike past hammers, this one works with you instead of against you. That way, you can use it every day because it’s comfortable on your hands and wrists while still offering consistent and excellent results. You can be in the construction yard, your workshop, or anywhere else.

The claw aspect of the Stanley does the job well, and you can use it for getting nails out or prying up boards. Plus, the one-piece steel construction makes it so durable. It goes down into the handle, which is then covered with rubber.

However, the one-piece steel of the Stanley makes it a bit heavier, but it’s balanced and has a good grip along the handle. You get less force while you work. This means you’re not slamming the hammer down hard and still get the best results. The large face is more accurate, too, and there’s anti-vibration technology to absorb shocks for you. Ultimately, the Stanley is a great hammer to put in your toolbox.

Key Features

  • Precision balanced for more control
  • Forged one-piece steel for durability
  • Anti-vibration technology for less shock impact
  • Patented torsion control technology to be easy on the elbows and wrists
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds

Irwin Tools 16 Ounce Fiberglass Handle Claw Hammer – Best for Simple Needs

A high-quality tool usually comes at a high price, but not with Irwin Tools. The fiberglass handle is easy to hold and comfortable, but it also comes with the ProTouch grip. Therefore, you get better performance for all of your DIY projects.

With that, the forged steel head ensures durability, so you don’t have to risk breaking the claw or the face.

As for the fiberglass handles, they offer more strength-to-weight than some of the other materials, even if you don’t feel it. Fiberglass works to absorb vibrations and increase the control you feel. Plus, the hybrid design is easy on the palms and almost fits like a glove on a hand. With that, it prevents slippage, so there’s one less thing to fret over.

The claw works well on this hammer because it’s curved but not too much. That means you’re pulling nails effortlessly or can pry, chip, and pick with ease. Plus, you may find that these hammers make you reduce the number of tools in the bag. This means you have more space and less weight.

Ultimately, the weight and design of these hammers are perfect for nails and other tasks you may have to complete.

Key Features

  • Forged steel hammer head for more durability
  • Fiberglass handle construction to reduce fatigue and absorb vibrations
  • ProTouch grip for comfort and long use
  • Hybrid fiberglass handles to prevent slippage and offer more comfort
  • Great hammer design
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds

Stalwart 16 Ounce Claw Hammer – Best Natural Hardwood

Who doesn’t want an excellent tool at a good price? If that sounds like you, then the Stalwart claw hammer is the best choice for casual hammerheads who crave excellent results. It’s crafted from heat-treated and drop-forged steel, so the head can handle any home improvement task and is very durable.

You can use it around the house because the anti-vibration handle fits in your hands and reduces shocks from the strike. The curved claw also offers more leverage when you’re prying nails from boards, giving you the best performance possible.

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You’re sure to appreciate the wood handle. It looks amazing, but it still gives you a good grip. Whether you slide the wood handle into your tool belt or keep it in the box, these hammers have everything you could possibly want.

Though it isn’t ideal for heavy-duty use, it’s great for those who require a hammer at certain times. With that, if you have all wood handles for your tools, this is the best option for you.

Ultimately, this hammer is great for quick fixes and furniture assembly. You get fantastic results, so if you don’t regularly use a hammer or work with your hands, it’s a perfect choice. Keep it handy!

Key Features

  • Chiseled and curved claw for more leverage
  • Weighted design for everyday use
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Fits comfortably in the hand
  • Durable heat-treated/drop-forged steel construction
  • Wood handles
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds

Dewalt 20 Ounce One-piece Rip Claw Hammer – Best for Durability

Dewalt rip claw hammers are ideal for many heavy-duty jobs and simple tasks. The 20-ounce option is suitable for those who want a bit more power. Despite the head weight being so heavy, it offers a gravity-balanced grip for more control, even if you’ve never used a hammer before.

The one-piece construction is great for durability. This tool can be used for whatever you want for many years to come. Plus, the comfort-grip handle reduces pressure on the wrist when using it for longer periods so that you stay efficient.

20-ounce hammers are often the best tools out there because they have balance and good shape. Plus, this rip claw hammer features a shorter claw to make it easy to get nails out.

Since it is one piece of steel, you can pry out and strike nails with ease. This tool is great for tons of tasks. However, it could be susceptible to chemical damages, so be careful in those areas. For the price, you can’t go wrong with this hammer!

Key Features

  • Gravity-balanced handles for more control
  • One-piece steel construction for durability
  • Oval-shape head for fewer injuries
  • Large rubber grip handle reduces wrist and hand pressure
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds

Estwing 14 Ounce Milled Face Al-Pro Hammer – Best Splurge

Do you often have a problem with missing the nail face as you swing? You might have nothing left to fear with the Estwing brand. This is a premium pick and is constructed with hard-forged aluminum alloy for more resilience, durability, and longevity. Other materials could deteriorate with various construction projects, but not this one.

When you’re striking nails, the forged steel head is strong enough to tackle various styles with ease and keeps the project moving at a decent pace for better performance all around.

The magnetic nail starter of the Estwing offers convenience and can increase productivity while working. Plus, the shorter claw length is great for boosting leverage over challenging wood boards and nails. Though it might not fit everyone’s taste at first, you should use it before you make a decision.

With that, the 14-ounce head size is one of the lightest you can find for hammers. It’s easier to swing and gives you more freedom while maintaining control.

Those who want a long-lasting hammer are sure to appreciate this one. The hammer handle screams durability and strength. With that, you see that it’s made in the USA right on the handle. There are also grip buttons to make it easier to hold the hammer.

However, you should be aware that it comes at a high price. Still, those who want the best for work or home repairs are sure to find that this hammer can’t be beaten for style and capabilities.

Key Features

  • Reduced claw length for more leverage
  • Forged steel striker head for durability and reliability
  • Magnetic nail starter in the head to speed up jobs
  • Constructed with aircraft aluminum alloy
  • Weight: 1.69 pounds

Stiletto TB3MC 15 Ounce Ti-Bone 3 Titanium Hammer – Best for Titanium

Titanium hammers aren’t as popular with the working class because of their expense. It’s true that the Stiletto hammer costs a lot, but if you have the money and want the best tool in the world, this is the right hammer for you.

The reason for the expense is that it isn’t made with regular steel. Instead, this hammer is made using titanium, which is twice as strong as aluminum. Aside from its brute strength, there are other benefits, too.

Where a steel hammer might not have good swing energy, this one offers a 97 percent swing energy that goes right into the nail heads. This means it’s easier to get the nails in, reducing the fatigue in your arms, hands, and wrists.

With that, this hammer has a great handle. It’s longer than some of the others, and the bottom features a rubber part that’s ergonomically correct. Ultimately, you get tons of control from the handle alone.

Though the prices are high here, you are guaranteed to have something that doesn’t disappoint when you need it most.

Key Features

  • Made of titanium
  • Patented side nail puller
  • Ergonomic and durable grip
  • Magnetic nail set
  • Delivers roughly 97 percent swing energy
  • Weight: 2 pounds

How We Chose the Hammer Selection

It’s incredibly easy to pick the coolest hammers out there, but with the various hammer types, you need to understand what factors to consider when choosing the right hammer for your home or construction project.


You should always strive to use the best hammer brands when choosing a tool. Throughout the years, you know which brands you’ve seen more of. With that, some brands have tons of products, such as power tools.

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If you’ve ever used a hammer, you probably have a favorite or hear others talking about theirs. Now is the time to consider that manufacturer for yourself!


You’ve probably heard that it’s better to buy high-quality tools. Otherwise, you risk breaking or damaging them when you use them once or twice. This is frustrating and expensive to do.

However, you also realize that quality hammers don’t have to break the bank. You might not need the most expensive hammers for regular household tasks.

With that in mind, this review focuses on a wide range of hammer options from affordable to lavish and expensive. Whether you use a hammer every day or bring it out once in a while to put together furniture, the right hammer can be found here.

What to Look for in Hammers

Whether you want a simple hammer or something that can do it all, here are the most important features to look for in a hammer.


Hammers come in a range of materials for many demands. Drop-forged steel hammers are quite common, but titanium hammers are also popular. With that, nylon vinyl versions are becoming increasingly accessible.

You should also consider the handle material of the hammer, which could be steel for a one-piece hammer, aluminum, or wood. They all range in price, and it comes down to your preferences and requirements.

Handle Material

A comfortable handle is crucial when working on a large project. That way, the hammer doesn’t put a strain on the wrist or hand. The design of the handle is also crucial. Most hammer handles have something to prevent slippage so that you stay in control of the tool.

Hammer Face

The hammer face, which is sometimes called the strike face helps you strike nails into surfaces and boards. A larger hammer face gives you a bigger area to strike with, so you have a better chance of hitting the object. A smaller face, such as on a tack hammer, is designed for smaller nails, though there’s less power.

Typically, some hammers have milled face options. That way, you have more purchase when striking, so the face doesn’t slip from the nail and hit your thumb. They aren’t available on every hammer, but you can find them if you spend a little extra. Save your fingers!

Rip Claw

The rip claw is there to pry up nails and floorboards. You require a straight claw to give you more leverage without breaking the claw. With that, too little leverage makes it harder to pry anything, so the hammer only hits things.

Ball-peen hammers don’t have a straight claw or curved one. Instead, this hammer has a ball at one end. Such a hammer is used by machinists and metalworking.


Anti-vibration is a standard feature for most hammers. It’s there to absorb shock and impact so that it’s more comfortable to handle your projects. Designs in the past didn’t have that, which meant you risked pain, fatigue, and injury when you had to use the hammer for long periods.

Nail Starters

How often have you worked on a project and lost the nails you were supposed to hammer in? It happens frequently, but some hammers have a nail starter system, which is a magnetic feature. That keeps the nails in place, so you can reach them easily while moving along the frame.

All hammers don’t have a nail starter feature, but if you can find one that does, it’s often more convenient for hammering in tons of nails.


Hammers come in all sizes, and the one you need depends on the job you’re doing. This review had ranged from 14 to 22 ounces. Typically, the heaviest is better if you want an all-purpose hammer that can do anything. However, you may want something lighter for your DIY projects. Just choose the one that works best for you.


Whether you’re on your way to the hardware store to get some wood for repairs around the house or work in construction, you need the best hammer for the job. With so many types, it’s often hard for the DIYer to find what hammers work for them.

DIYers everywhere know that hammers are the most important tool. Whether you’re hanging up a photo in a frame or putting products together, a hammer is crucial.

However, there are so many options, as you’ve seen from this review. Ultimately, the Estwing brand won, so any of the products found from that manufacturer are sure to be great.

You could go with the 14-ounce option if you want something lighter. Those who need to drill or crack could use the drilling hammer, which is similar to a rubber mallet but with more precision. With that, the top choice is the 16-ounce straight claw hammer. Since there’s a claw on one side and the head on the other, you’re sure to get through any job with ease.

Plus, the picks are durable and strong, so you can pull up nails. It’s suitable for tradesmen, carpenters, roofers, framers, and so many others.

Ultimately, the Estwing Straight Rip Claw Hammer is the best choice. It doesn’t come with a nail holder, but you can easily purchase this accessory separately if you want.

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