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Every half-decent handyman and woodworker should know what a good tape measure can do for their projects. A tape measure’s impact on DIY hobbyists worldwide cannot be understated because trying to do measurements with just your eyes isn’t feasible.

By doing so, you are prone to mistakes and miscalculations. Even the smallest of miscalculations can end up ruining the entire project! For instance, a desk with misaligned legs is not useful and forces the woodworker to create a new frame.

The main attraction of a good measuring tape is to prevent disasters like the situation above from occurring. A woodworker can complete any task if they know the exact measurements of what they are about to do next. For example, they can measure some space in a room and see how big their new desk is about to be.

Tape measures are instrumental outside of DIY jobs, too, as they’re practically a better ruler in most scenarios. A person could measure their waist for an upcoming outfit, measure any new bicep gains, and anything else that can utilize a tape measure’s usefulness. 

The following items are the best tape measures selected by the Handyman Guide! Some factors like endurance, length and elasticity are considered when ranking these tape measures. Naturally, some of the top brands are listed for their fantastic products, including their tape measures’ versatility!

When to Use These Tape Measures?

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These tape measures are a necessity among several fields. Construction workers can use it to measure various projects safely at job sites. Any DIYer can use tape measures for multiple projects, while tailors can create the perfect outfit.

Regardless of a person’s career path, there is always a need to own a tape measure. For example, they’re more flexible than standard rulers, allowing them to be significantly more convenient for general measurements. It’s safe to say that these measuring devices are the favorites among stiffer or less durable measurement devices.

Every project should necessitate the need to use a tape measure. Without proper measurements, a project could take longer and require more effort to complete.

This simple fact, alongside its low price, makes a tape measure one of the most common tools in a home. Some tape measures can also last for years, so its low cost makes it an even more appealing option than some tools that can break easily, like a ruler. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tape Measure

Some factors matter more under specific circumstances than others. For instance, durability may not be a big deal if its use is only for short-term usage.

The factors worth considering are:

Durability of the measurement film and its case

Durability is a reasonably obvious topic to discuss. The two main components of a tape measure’s durability are the blade’s strength and the compartment itself. The blade refers to the measuring component (it resembles a ruler).

A blade’s durability can be summed up as how easy it is to bend and how long it can last. Some blades can snap over prolonged usage, while others bend and twist, quickly becoming unusable. When snaps or damage occur due to use, this gives you a less accurate measurement. Even if there is no visible damage, less durable tapes promote inaccuracies.

The build quality of the overall compartment defines what is held within the overall structure. Elements you might not see, like a spring or shock absorption, are included in this discussion. Predictably, more durable tape measures are considered more desirable than nondurable ones, especially for contractors, those in the construction industry, or people who regularly work from a toolbox.

The Length of The Tape Measure

Some people need a measuring tape that can cover a significant distance. Others only need one that covers basic DIY projects like crafting a chair or table. Generally, longer tape measures are better, but it’s your pick, and it heavily depends on the project you need a measuring unit for.

One crucial aspect to note regarding length is how durable it is. Longer lengths are prone to bending and breaking, so if a person is seeking a long-distance measuring tape, they should find one that is durable. Similarly, short tape measures don’t break as easily, making them desirable for hobbyists and other minor tasks.


Some factors for convenience include:

  • How easy it is to use
  • How intuitive it is to use
  • Additional features for quality of life

The first two seem highly similar, but there are some minor differences. A product can be easy to use but not necessarily intuitive. Likewise, a product can be intuitive to use but require more force and effort to operate correctly. 

Additional quality of life features can be defined as bonus content that can make a tape measure more appealing. Shock absorption, the ability to clip on the measuring tape to your belt, and bright colors can make using and finding a tape measure significantly more accessible. There are plenty of unique quirks for some products, so some of the following tape measures may list it as an advantage to its name. Magnets, hooks, and a wrist strap are all some of the possible add-ons you might want in a tape.


The more readable the tape measure is, the better it is. Generally, bigger numbers and easy to look at fractions are ideal. Small numbers are not desirable for people with lackluster eyesight. Likewise, if all of the numbers look scrunched up together, it simply isn’t worth hurting one’s eyes to look at it for measurements. Readability is often tied to convenience, so all of the following tape measures are readable and painless, although some handle it better than others.


Most people don’t want to spend a lot of money on junk. However, not everybody is on a budget. Some options may be $10, while others can be nearly $30. All of the following measuring tapes are fantastic in their own right, but the price does play a critical role for some people. 

Affordable options are typically lower quality than their more expensive counterparts. That doesn’t mean it’s bad per se, just that it is outclassed. Of course, all of the affordable items on this list are better than more expensive items, not on this guide. Some bonuses like extra deals and bundles may make some options more appealing, as well.

Measurement Units

Ordinarily, metric units are superior to imperial ones. Some people may prefer pure American measurements, but it can get complicated when handling fractions of an inch compared to millimeters. Some of it is a personal preference, so it’s best to look at what each tape offers regarding measurement units.

Of course, some of the best tape measures include both the imperial and metric units for a person’s convenience. For some, it might make it seem more cluttered, but it should be more beneficial than having to own separate measuring tapes for different measurements. As some manuals only list one type, having a tape cover for both imperial and metric units is highly useful.


Unfortunately, some tapes are off by an inch or so. However, all of the following tape measures are mostly accurate, with some options being entirely accurate. Bending the blade can also cause some measurements to seem off, so make sure you correctly measure something rather than blaming a fault on personal misuse. Additionally, purchasing a tape measure with better blade durability also promotes higher accuracy.

The Four Types of Measuring Tapes:

While there are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a new tape, like the total cost and display, you should also have a basic idea of the different kinds. There are four kinds, and understanding the differences of each can give you a better functionality according to your projects.

1. Cased Tapes

This is the most common kind of measuring tool you find for sale. It contains a case that houses the blade or the metal strip that gives you the measurement reading. The case is typically made of rubber or metal and makes it much easier to store the measurement tool in a pocket or toolbox.

2. Diameter Tape

Ranging in length between 12 inches and 500 feet, the diameter tape is very similar in structure to cased tapes. However, these are used primarily for circular objects because the tape lets you get an accurate reading based on circumference and pi. While many other tapes have wider blades that are standard for heavy-duty projects, the diameter tape blades are much more flexible to wrap around circular objects.

3. Open-Reel Tapes

These tapes are primarily used by those in construction work, contracting, or a combination of heavy-duty jobs that have more intense job site environments. Open-reel tapes also have a length between 25 feet and 500 feet. Some also have a metal hook or spike on the bottom when measuring the ground or something malleable.

4. Sewing Tapes

Sewing tapes are the most flexible of all the measuring tapes. If you could not guess, these are ideal for sewing DIY projects and those that need more flexibility when getting an accurate reading. Sewing tapes are ideal for workers or any DIYer in fashion, tailoring, or alterations.

Components and Features to Watch For

To get the best tape measure, you need one that tailors specifically to how you use it–and no tape measure is the same. There are different components and details that make each one unique, and this is the reason you should be identifying what makes each tape special. Here are some of the stand-out elements to watch for:

Stand Out Blade

The blade standout is the length that a tape blade can go without collapsing. For some tapes, it does not require that much extension for the entire blade to fall. A better stand-out means that your tape measure can reach further without collapsing. However, this is critical for a carpenter, contractor, or any intense job site. For the home or simple DIYs, the stand-out of the blade is not as crucial.

Blade Coating

The blade coating is what makes the tape strong and lasting. The better the coating, the more reliable the measuring apparatus is in life expectancy and getting an accurate read. A better blade coating also influences the tape standout, making it much more stable. Some examples of coating include polyester and nylon.

Wide Blade

A wider blade also influences the overall quality of your measuring gadget. Wide blades are not very convenient for smaller, more finicky jobs, but they are great for larger designs that require more specific accuracy. Wide blades also make markings more visible, thus paving the way for better accuracy.

The bottom line of wider blades is that they can help give more detailed and specific readings since the markings are easier to see and closer to the edge.


The tang, or end hook, is the metal hook at the end of your measuring tape. However, this can also be the weakest part of the blade or the entire tape. While it is supposed to hold the tape in place for more accuracy, the tang can be attached weakly and is something that could pose a problem of accuracy. Overall, the tang is one thing you should pay attention to when shopping for a tape. Make sure that it does not retract or move at all while it is in operation. Overall, the tape hook design should not be moveable.

As a solution, magnetic tangs can give you a better reading and do not have the risk of moving around as you measure.

Magnetic Hook

Accuracy is the most critical thing when using your tape. However, there are far too many times when you go a long distance, and the hook comes out of place, leaving you to repeat the exact same process you just completed. A magnetic hook–or tang–is found on versions of tape measures to prevent the body of the blade from coming out of place. It also prevents drops from occurring while you are marking downticks or taking notice of different measurements. Overall, a magnetic hook is made for efficiency and effectiveness. They also make the stand out of the blade much longer.

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Belt Clip

When you are working all day on a job, there comes a time when you can’t move, but you need your tape for measurement. What can you do? Grab the tape measure on your belt and continue working. A belt clip is a very advantageous element of tapes as they keep the gadget with you at all times. Some are magnetic, while others have a special clip that ties around your belt or belt loop.


There are hundreds of tick markings on the tips of a single tape blade. While most provide an accurate scale for measuring, they can be difficult to see. Almost all have a scale of 1/4 inch, others extend their scale to 1/8 inches, and some even make the scale go as far as 1/16 inches. If you have a project or profession that requires more care in precision and accuracy, then the more tedious marks on the scales would be best. They take the guesswork out of measurement.

Additionally, other tapes have marks on both sides of the tape. If you prefer one unit to another, then this may be unnecessary, but having precise markings in both units of measurement on the top and the underside makes measuring simpler and less stressful.

Locking Mechanism

For more provided accuracy, you may earn a better reading with a locking mechanism. These are often standard in tape measure models, but they are not always guaranteed. A blade lock or a thumb lock can secure the blade from extending its length. This is a great mechanism if you need to stop and mark some notes down.

A blade lock should be easy and functional. If you can do some tape measure testing before making any purchases, test out the thumb lock and whether you can use it with one finger. If it is too difficult, then look for other models with a looser thumb lock that controls the tape length with precision and ease. The bottom line is that this element should be easy to use and control.

There are tapes out there with auto-lock if you do not want to manually handle this control. The auto-lock sticks in place once you reach a certain distance. Though these can be tricky at first, they are really handy when you get the hang of them.

One-Hand Capability

Depending on your projects, the one-hand capability may be something you strive for. For this, you need a not-too-large, easy-to-use tape. These light gadgets fit in your hand and can lock, hook, and bend without needing a second hand. A contractor, carpenter, or any professional dealing with tedious and quick measurements may shop for this component. The bottom line for single-hand usage is that you can maneuver your projects with ease.

Abrasion Test

If you are looking for a heavy-duty tape measure, you should look for ones that have undergone testing. Most brands conduct reviews and research to see how tapes work in action. These pro tool reviews can include drop testing as well as the effectiveness of the tape when rubbing, scraping, or touching other material. An abrasion test shows if any potential issues in quality could arise while using the gadget.

Most tapes undergo some sort of testing, like drop testing, before heading to retail. However, while you shop, look to see if testing was a thing the company took into consideration. It promotes more competition and better quality. It also shows which tapes are best for professionals.

Best Tape Measure: Full Tool Reviews:

Komelon SL2825 Self Lock 25-Foot Power tape measure

25 foot tape measure – finger stop
Aside from its low price, the Komelon SL2825 is a convenient tool for any project.
9.3Expert Score
Accurate Measurement

The Komelon SL2825 is a charming little green tape measure. Its main draw is its amazing affordability, as it’s one of the cheapest yet most reliable tapes on the market.

Heavy Duty
  • Highly affordable
  • Good durability
  • Some people love self-locking mechanisms
  • Bright green color makes it easy to spot
  • Doesn’t snap back when you pull it
  • belt clip!
  • 25 foot tape!
  • finger stop.
  • Some people hate self-locking mechanisms
  • Only US measurements

Almost everyone who uses this 25-foot foot tape measure falls in love with it. The norm for the price is that the better the quality, the higher the price. However, if you need a lower price, the Komelon SL2825 is the best tape measure for a budget.

Komelon SL2825 Self Lock 25-Foot Power Tape

Out of all the features that stand out, the finger lock is possibly the most impressive. Such a simple feature also allows any worker to test it out. Aside from its low price, the Komelon SL2825 is a convenient tool for any project.

For a cheap item, one might expect it to be weak and break easily with any impact. Fortunately, that is not the case. Instead, the Komelon SL2825 has an impact-resistant case, which makes it deceptively durable. If the apparatus succumbs to a few drops from your hand, you can be confident that it is not going to break.

Even the blade durability is impressive, as the Nylon coating is reliable and sturdy! Komelon’s product also utilizes a self-locking mechanism, which might be a blessing for some people and a curse for others. 

The bottom line for this best tape measure is that it has a low price for such high quality, which includes a case and body with excellent grip.

The Komelon SL2825 25Ft/7.5m TAPE MEASURE is a helpful measuring tool that can be used in a variety of applications. The ergonomic body design makes it easy to hold the instrument and ensures accuracy when taking measurements. Thanks to the blade lock, there is no need for having two hands on this tape measure at all times as you take readings. If your application calls for extended length measurement, all you have to do is lock the blade away from contact with other objects and extend it fully.

In addition to being able to perform longer measurements, those responsible for this measuring device also claim that it offers superior durability and fast and accurate readings thanks to its aluminum alloy construction and fine line-markings that are resistant to abrasion.

One of the biggest complaints about this tape measure is that it does not have a side lock mechanism, making it difficult for workers to apply even pressure when using the tool. Other consumers complain about its durability due to the thinness of its metal and resin body. Some users also note difficulty with measurements and state that tolerances in manufacturing could be improved. Lastly, some buyers claim that their Komelon SL2825 25Ft/7.5m TAPE MEASURE did not work properly right out of the box or stopped working completely after minimal use has occurred.

Functional for all projects, the Komelon SL2825 is perfect for anything with home improvement DIY jobs, like fixing a kitchen drawer or doing a review of your home’s plumbing layouts.

Leica 838725
Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth
Leica 838725 Laser Distance Measure
  • Accuracy
  • Fast measuring process
  • Readout in different units
  • Limited range
  • The digital display may not suit some users
A great tool for most surveying jobs as it provides high accuracy with a fast digital readout. However, the 24 m maximum range might be limiting for certain surveying tasks where one would require measurements over longer distances. In those cases, it is better to look at other products from Leica or other manufacturers such as Bosch and Sokkia which may provide greater ranging capabilities and data collection features (automated).

This device is one of the most accurate and precise measuring tools available on the market. However, it also has its downfalls and may not be suited for every task.

A Leica 838725 Laser Distance Measure provides a very accurate and precise distance. The length can be read off in different units such as centimeters or inches at any location. They are ideal for multiple purposes including construction, measurement of objects/buildings, etc., Installation Services measurements, exporting data to CAD applications, etc… Because of their high accuracy, they are often used by surveyors who need to carry out extensive field measurements.

The main difference between this device and other measuring devices is that instead of providing an analog reading, this tool displays the results digitally which makes using the device easier for some people. Leica uses a Class 2 Laser which has an accuracy of 0.5 mm/m. This is accurate enough to meet the requirements for most tasks where one would require such a tool.

However, they are not without their disadvantages and certain situations might be better suited to other tools with different capabilities or precision levels. For instance, this is not meant for measuring range distances as it can only measure lengths up to 100 m. It also does not feature any form of automated data collection process that could be used by surveyors who require taking multiple measurements along their path. Furthermore, due to its digital features, it may not be suited for every person as some users might prefer traditional analog devices over digital ones because of comfort or ease of use.

40% Thicker Nylon Wrap Blade Tapes Measure; 25ft Measuring Tapes Retractable Metric and Inches

Top Rated
The best overall item on this list is none other than the 40% Thicker Nylon Wrap by DAYOU. With the option to measure in both imperial and metric units, this measuring tape is highly useful no matter where you are! The nylon wrap makes it rust-proof and heavily water-resistant.
6.2Expert Score
Great for heavy-duty

The 40% thicker moniker is an interesting one. A person can measure nearly 150 inches with this massive tape measure.

Rust &amp
Water Proof
  • Very easy to see the numbers
  • Can measure several meters worth
  • Rust-proof
  • Water-resistant
  • Great for heavy-duty work
  • Features a locking mechanism
  • Great endurance
  • Includes both metric and imperial units
  • 25 foot
  • finger stop.
  • Has a bit of an odor
  • Plenty of power, so it can hurt somebody
40% Thicker Nylon Wrap Blade Tapes Measure - best tape measure

The best overall item on this list is none other than the 40% Thicker Nylon Wrap by DAYOU. With the option to measure in both imperial and metric units, this tape measure is highly useful no matter where you are! Lots of users love the nylon wrap, which makes it rust-proof and heavily water-resistant.

This extra versatility allows it to shine in situations that other tapes could not hope to thrive in. It also excels in heavy-duty work, as you can lock in measurements, and it won’t budge!


The 40% thicker moniker is an interesting one. A person can measure nearly 150 inches with this massive measuring tape. Another underrated feature is how easily a person can see the numbers. As some people get older, their eyesight might not be as good as it once was. Thankfully, the 40% Thicker Nylon Wrap by DAYOU is very easy to look at for all DIY projects. 

  • A tape measure with good reach and a quality build.
  • At 25-feet, this easily covers all common needs and surpasses some.
  • The green color is nice too
  • The blade itself seems to be made of high-quality materials, time will tell if it holds up for the long haul.
  • It feels like the stick-on “flag” will not come loose or fall off any time soon.
  • The “hook” that you grab on to while extending the blade has a tendency to uncoil and become detached from the tape itself while you’re using it, causing it to get stuck and jammed up inside the body of the tape.
  • This is a breaking point for many other tapes on the market, but perhaps I’m too rough with it.
  • The lock to allow you to hold the blade at an angle (without using your hand) does not work well and tends to slip easily while in use.
  •  It sometimes becomes disengaged unintentionally if you’re doing something that requires you to bend down or stoop down; this then causes the tape measure to become completely locked up, rendering it useless until docked back into its cradle.
It’s okay.  I wouldn’t say that “you get what you pay for”, as I’ve seen competitors’ products which are just as expensive or more expensive, but with less quality.  This is a good value for the price, but do not expect miracles; it’s “good enough” but nothing to write home about (so to speak). – Bottom line: I would recommend this product if you’re on a tight budget or don’t want to spend too much money.  I’m happy with the purchase overall.

RYOBI offers a 25-foot tape measure that offers an interesting combination of features. The tape has a double-sided blade measuring 2 inches by 1 inch. This is a unique feature as most tapes have the blade measuring one side at 1 inch but this one comes with a double-sized blade on each end to make it easier for nailing or other large-scale measurement applications.

Another useful feature is its ability to accurately read measurements in both metric and standard units as there are dual scales printed on the blades. On the downside, its metal hook does not feel sturdy enough and many users claimed that after a few uses, it broke apart from the main body as it could not hold itself firmly against the metal edge of other material being measured.

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Its small size and compact design allow for easy storage. It measures 11 inches in length and comes with a carrying strap attached to the main body of the tape measure. Overall, this Ryobi tape measure provides sufficient value for its price tag. It is a pocket-friendly alternative for traditional tapes yet it does not feel or behave like one.

DEWALT DWHT36225S Tape Measure pros and cons - Best Tape Measure in 2023: Durability, Length, Convenience, and Accuracy – The Ultimate Reviews Buyer’s Guide - HandyMan.Guide - Tape Measure
  • It feels sturdy
  • seems to be very accurate
  • easy to read
  • The locking feature works out well
  • metal clip on end comes in handy at times
  • getting readings off this tape is fast & easy
  • None that I could find other than I wish the button you push to lock the tape in place was closer to the end of the tape.

I apologize in advance for repeating what others have said about this product so I will keep my review short. It has good features, is good quality, and is great value for money.

Reasons I like the DEWALT DWHT36225S:

  • An oil-tempered steel blade with black marking makes it easy to read measurements.
  • An ergonomically designed rubber grip is comfortable even when used for extended periods of time.
  • Built-in belt clip allows you easily transport this measuring tool from one job site to another, using your belt as a carrying strap.
  • Push-button lock holds blade tight for minimum/maximum measurement reference points.
  • A sturdy metal frame increases durability and ensures years of reliable use.

LEXIVON [2-Pack] 25Ft/7.5m

Best Seller – double sided
Made out of metal, this 2-Pack is a durable and reliable measuring tape for any woodworker! It’s easy to use, and while the numbers aren’t as easy to read as DAYOU’s tape measure, it should still suffice for most projects.
9.5Expert Score
Vastly Versatile

What is better than one tape measure? Two measuring tapes! The LEXIVON [2-Pack] is a solid two-in-one option for DIY Hobbyists looking for an affordable measuring tape collection.

  • Affordable
  • Comes in a 2-Pack
  • Easy to Use
  • Great endurance
  • Great for heavy-duty work
  • Double-sided tape
  • belt clip!
  • 25 foot
  • Trying to unlock the tape can be a tad cumbersome
  • Tape can bend if used forcefully
LEXIVON [2-Pack] 25Ft/7.5m Tape Measure - best tape measure

What is better than one measuring tape? Two tape measures! The LEXIVON [2-Pack] is a solid two-in-one option for DIY Hobbyists looking for an affordable measuring tape collection. Made out of metal, this 2-Pack is a durable and reliable measuring tape for any woodworker!

It’s easy to use, and while the numbers aren’t as easy to read as DAYOU’s tape measure, it should still suffice for most projects. 

The double-sided tape gives its user extra flexibility when working around measurements. Considering how simple it is to lock this measuring tape, this additional flexibility comes in handy for large-scale projects. As it comes in a 2-Pack, its owner can lock both LEXIVON tape measures for a smooth experience. It earns extra points for having a speed brake that prevents blade retractions at the wrong times.

The LEXIVON LX-204 is a 25ft/7.5m tape measure from the home improvement manufacturer, LEXIVON. its specifications include a blade that measures a maximum width of 3 ¾ inches and a thickness of 0.08 inches.; this compact size makes it easy to carry around in your pocket or toolbox. It’s made from heavy-duty ABS plastic with steel belt clip and rust-resistant screws so you can expect this tape measure to last for several years.

PROS: Here are some notable pros of the product:

  • -One button operation that instantly locks in measurements
  • -Inch marks on one side separated by 1/8 inch increments, cm marks on other side
  • -Blade automatically retracts when it detects any contact with the metal belt clip

CONS: Here are some notable cons of the product:

  • Blade is not made out of steel, but rather polycarbonate plastic.
  • Polycarbonate tape measures can be susceptible to damage due to their high impact resistance properties which also makes them less accurate than stainless steel ones.  

VERDICT: Despite its few drawbacks, you won’t regret purchasing this 25ft/7.5m tape measure because it has a dimension lock button for easy measurements and a blade that automatically pulls inside when pressure is applied. This LEXIVON LX-204 also has a reinforced aluminum casing and a rust-resistant design so it will last for several years unlike other tape measurers in this price range.

Overall, this measurer’s affordability makes it a popular choice among DIY hobbyists.

33 Foot (10M) Measuring Tape By Kutir – EASY TO READ BOTH SIDE DUAL RULER

Best Length
The 10m Kutir is everything a person can want in their tape measure. It isn’t the fanciest one on the market, but it’s remarkably great at everything it does, making it a top pick!
9.3Expert Score

Kutir has always been a bit of an underdog in the DIY tool scene, but their tape measure proves that they shouldn’t be underestimated

  • Very long measuring capabilities
  • Shock absorbent
  • Convenient pocket clip
  • Includes both imperial and metric units
  • Usually included in special savings and deals
  • magnetic tape measure
  • 33 foot
  • The user is required to push with some extra force to lock in the tape measure fully
  • The hook is not flat
  • instead, it’s at a curve
33 Foot (10M) Measuring Tape By Kutir - EASY TO READ BOTH SIDE DUAL RULER

With the ability to stretch to nearly 33 feet, this tape measure is a godsend for workers looking to measure long distances–no need to search for two tape blades.

Aside from its impressive length, the 10m Kutir Tape Measure is also shock absorbent. This feature gives its users a little extra safety compared to some of its contemporaries. The rubber over-mold material eliminates all risk of sudden retraction with a bit of a shock to it.


Its magnetic hook also makes using it seem effortless, as any worker can successfully measure an object without it acting flimsy or awkward to use. The pocket clip also makes it always available on hand, increasing its overall reliability. Simply clip it onto a belt hook and you are good to go.

The price is a bit on the higher end, but in the end, it makes up for this for the lengths it goes and for being one of the best tape measures in its category

STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure, 25-Foot (33-725)

Best Stability
Stanley Tools 33-725 is an outstanding tape indicative of the prestige the Stanley Tools name brings to some people’s eyes. Perfect for beginners and pros, the Stanley Fatmax has a case and body that is easy to use and very reliable.
STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure, 25-Foot (33-725)

Stanley Tools is a staple among top-notch manufacturers for several tools and other handyman equipment. Predictably, the Stanley fatmax 33-725 is an outstanding 25-foot tape measure indicative of the prestige the Stanley Tools name brings to some people’s eyes.

As a purely American product, it represents the core American values of hard work and honesty. It might extend as long as some other products, but the durability of the blade’s coating is top-notch! Not only that, but the Mylar polyester gives the blade even more durability, making it one of the most durable measuring tapes out there!

As usual with other Stanley products, the Stanley Fatmax 33-275 has a lifetime warranty attached to it if you purchase it here. Considering its durability, the lifetime warranty seems a tad overkill. Nonetheless, it’s greatly appreciated!


Predictably, it excels in heavy-duty work more than any other measuring tape. Aside from its mighty endurance is the fact that it’s highly accurate. High accuracy is a boon when some other tape measures can be slightly off. Even the slightest of inaccuracies could kill a task!

Milwaukee Stud Measuring Tape 25 ft

For anybody looking for an electrical tape measure, the Milwaukee Electric Tool is a delightful option! With a five-point reinforced frame, the Milwaukee Electric Tool 25-foot tape measure is a reliable tool for any occasion!
9.3Expert Score
Most Versatile

This extra reinforcement gives it additional durability, making it appealing to folks who tend to drop their tools or use them too forcefully.

Very Sturdy
Super Handy
  • Highly accessible to novices
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient pocket clip
  • Accurate
  • Good durability
  • Easy to read
  • magnetic tape measure
  • 25 ft
  • Electrical mishaps can happen, reducing the durability of the tool
  • The magnetic feature isn’t particularly strong
Milwaukee Stud Tape Measure 25'

For anybody looking for an electrical tape measure, the Milwaukee 25 feet Electric Tool is a delightful option! With a five-point reinforced frame, the Milwaukee Electric Tool is a reliable tool for any occasion!

This extra reinforcement in this Milwaukee gives it additional durability, making it appealing to folks who tend to drop their tools or use them too forcefully. Ultimately, the Milwaukee Electric Tool is a simple tape measure for anybody to use.

One notable thing regarding the Milwaukee Electric Tool is the Nylon blade protective coating. This coating makes it difficult for the Milwaukee Electric Tool to bend awkwardly or be misused. The belt clip hook also helps support its durability, as it allows the user to clip the tape measure to their belt without risk of drops. Its measurement capabilities might not be the most impressive, but its compact magnetic tape makes the Milwaukee tape measure one of the easiest tools to use. Bonus points for the built-in wrist strap capability.

This Milwaukee tool is most likely its best tape measure. That means you should add it to your toolbelt if you like durability, ease, and precision.


The CRAFTSMAN measuring tape is affordable and a front runner for the best tape measure on the market. There are several options worth considering, as it ranges from a 16-foot to a 35-foot tape measure.
CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, 25-Foot (CMHT37325S)
8.8Expert Score
Best In Budget

CRAFTSMAN is another titan among worker tools, so it’s no surprise to see one of their finest measuring tapes on this guide.

Large Numbers
  • Highly affordable
  • Several options to get
  • Uses the metric system
  • The color stands out
  • Easy to read measurements
  • 25 ft
  • Its quality is indicative of its price
  • Holding it by one’s self may be difficult at times

CRAFTSMAN is another titan among worker tools, so it’s no surprise to see one of their finest tape measures on this guide. The CRAFTSMAN measuring tape is affordable and a front runner for one of the market’s best tape measures.

There are several options worth considering, as it ranges from 16-foot to 35-foot tape measures. Each option is wonderful, but then a potential consumer needs to consider how much they wish to spend for a longer measuring tape.

As it uses the metric system, this tape measure is reliable for any project. Finally, its unique color makes it stand out, so its user doesn’t have to worry about losing it as often as other measuring tapes. 

Stanley Powerlock Tape Rule, 16-feet x 1-inch

Easy to read, easy to use. The Stanley Powerlock is a basic tape but it has all you need. Stretching up to 16-feet, the Powerlock passes the drop test and works perfectly at every angle.

Easy to read, easy to use. The Stanley Powerlock is a basic tape but it has all you need. Stretching up to 16-feet, the Powerlock passes the drop test and works perfectly at every angle.

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Easy to read, easy to use.

The Stanley Powerlock is a basic tape but it has all you need. Stretching up to 16-feet, the Powerlock passes the drop test and works perfectly at every angle.

  • Mylar polyester film for protection
  • 8-inch blade standout
  • 1-inch wide blade
  • Easy reading
  • Secure blade
  • Thumb lock
  • Blade Armor coating
  • Good reputation
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Does not feature any clip or hook to have on your person at all times

As far as quality goes, it is safe to say that you get this with any Stanley tool. You may find the Powerlock to be the best tape measure not for its fancy added elements but for the quality of the basic functions.

The Powerlock has a 1-inch blade which makes the markings easier to read. That way, you do not have to search for the right number as you work more, and the fatigue starts to set in.

There is no rubber over-mold, but the chrome case protects the blade and ensures a longer lifespan. The polyester covering also promotes longer life and more usage for the Powerlock.

The bottom line of the Stanley Powerlock is that it can stretch a lengthy 16-feet while still upholding a readable blade. All in all, if you were to get a Stanley, the Powerlock is a perfect pick.

Ridgid 20218
Ridgid 20218 671 25-foot

When it comes to measuring tools, there are a lot of good options out there. However, if one is looking for a simple tape measure, the Ridgid model 670 or 671 may be exactly what they want. These two models are very similar but have different amounts of measurements that they can hold. The 20118 model has .5″ increments up to 16′, whereas the 20237 has 1″ increments up to 26′.

This may not be important to some people, but others will probably want more range. Another difference between these two models is that the 670 only takes inch measurements while the 671 goes down to millimeters as well. Both models are around the same price, but the 670 is generally about $1 cheaper.

The pros of these models are that they both have a very sturdy build. They are made out of steel, which means that they will basically never break unless something truly extraordinary happens to them. These also have some great ergonomics, which make it easy to hold them for long periods of time without tiring up your arms or hands too much.

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This is especially true if you are using them as part of a job where you are constantly holding them up and down again. The tape measure itself has a nice coating to protect it from abrasions and can be calibrated with relative ease – not that most users will ever need to do so though since they already do come calibrated out of the factory.

The cons involve these models not having a hook or any other way to hold onto what you are measuring. This means that you will need to hold it up and down constantly as to not lose your measurements. While this can be done, it makes the process much more strenuous than it has to be, especially if one is using them to measure something very tall such as a tree or building.

This could also prove difficult in certain situations where you would rather someone else be holding the end of the tape measure (such as when measuring for curtains) since there isn’t always an extra person around who wants nothing better than to hold a tape measure for you all day long!

Many of the complaints are about the locking mechanism coming loose after a few months, which would be frustrating if you couldn't just unscrew it and tighten it back up again.
OX TOOLS Pro Stainless Steel 25-Foot Tape Measure
  • There are many pros to this tape measure, some of the main ones being that it has a lot of lengths and can be used outside or in more rugged conditions, as well as inside.
  • It also comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The material is flexible and won’t kink under pressure
  • It’s not quite as durable as some people would have liked – one person reported having their first one for only about six months before it stopped working correctly. Another said that the blade says it’s 25 feet but measures less than 10 feet.
  • It is not 100% rustproof.
  • Many of the complaints are about the locking mechanism coming loose after a few months, which would be frustrating if you couldn’t just unscrew it and tighten it back up again.

The OX Tools Pro Stainless Steel 25-Foot Tape Measure is a very long stainless steel tape measure, which is sold as part of a set.

Lufkin - Best Tape Measure in 2023: Durability, Length, Convenience, and Accuracy – The Ultimate Reviews Buyer’s Guide - HandyMan.Guide - Tape Measure
Lufkin L1025B
  • The triple-rivet joint is one of the tape measure’s biggest selling points since it keeps it laser straight at all times.
  • The fully padded case with a belt clip is perfect for carrying this tape around for its entire 25-foot length (or shorter) without fear of damaging it. It also allows easy access to the tape when needed.
  • A 25-foot total length means this product has enough reach to provide service in nearly any situation.
  • Thanks to its metal case and blade, this Lufkin model provides superior resistance against bending, scratches, dents, and other similar problems that arise from daily use.
  • Some users may find the case too bulky for carrying inside their tool belt since the added padding makes it thicker than similar models.
  • The belt clip can make this tape harder to store in small spaces where pockets are tight.
  • Not designed with an auto-lock feature that would help hold its blade in place after use.

Lufkin Industries is a Texas-based company that specializes in tools. They were founded in 1902 and have since become one of the most trusted names in the tool industry, known for their high-quality products and thoughtful design. The L1025B tape measure is designed with an all-metal case and blade, making it one of the more durable models on the market today.

The Lufkin L1025B Tape Measure has a number of attractive features to recommend it over other similar tapes on the market today.

These include:

  • An innovative triple rivet joint that helps make this laser straight
  • A fully padded case with belt clip for portability
  • A 3/4 inch blade capable of measuring to 25 feet, which is also rust resistant
  • A battery check option that helps users gauge how much life the batteries have left.

Overall, however, reviewers agree that this product is well worth its price tag and provides plenty of high-quality features that set it apart from less durable designs. Those interested should also be aware that many retailers offer special deals when purchasing two or more units at once. According to our research, the average cost for this tape measure with such a bonus is around $16.


  1. What are the different types of tape measures available?

    Answer: There are three types of tape measures: cloth, metal, and plastic.
    The cloth tape measure is the most common type and it’s usually made from a blend of cotton and polyester. It has a limited lifespan and can stretch over time. The metal tape measure is tougher and doesn’t stretch, but it’s also more difficult to use because it’s spring-loaded. The plastic tape measure is the newest type and it has the benefits of both the cloth and metal tape measures. It’s tough enough to withstand everyday wear and tear, yet flexible enough to be used easily. It also doesn’t stretch over time as the cloth tape measure does.

  2. What are some key considerations for choosing the best measuring tape?

    Answer: Accuracy and durability are the two most important considerations when choosing a measuring tape. You want a tape measure that is accurate to within 1/16 of an inch, and you also want one that is built to last.
    Cheap, flimsy tapes can be inaccurate and they often wear out quickly. So it’s worth investing in a quality tape measure that will give you accurate measurements time after time. Look for a tape measure that has a solid frame and is made from durable materials like steel or brass.

  3. What is the price range of a tape measure?

    Answer: Tape measures range in price from a few dollars to over $100. The most expensive tape measures are typically those with the most features, such as those that can measure metric and imperial units, or that have a digital display. Simple tape measures without any extra features can be found for as little as a few dollars.

  4.  Why is a tape measure curved?

    Answer: A tape measure is curved because it is designed to fit the natural curve of the human body. This allows for more accurate measurement when taking someone’s waist or hip size, for example.

  5. Why are there 16 inches on a tape measure?

    Answer: The inch has been around since the Roman Empire. They used it because it was the width of a human thumb. When England switched to the metric system, they decided to keep the inch because it’s so entrenched in the culture.
    There are actually 12 inches in a foot, and 3 feet in a yard. That’s why you’ll sometimes see people say things like “4 yards and a cloud of dust”. It means 4 yards of fabric or 36 inches.

  6. What are safety measures to consider while buying tape measures?

    Answer: Tape measures are extremely versatile tools, but they can also be dangerous if not handled correctly. When shopping for a tape measure, look for one with a locking mechanism to keep the blade in place while not in use. The blade should also have a non-slip coating to prevent it from slipping during measurements.
    Always hold the tape measure securely with both hands when taking measurements. Keep fingers clear of the blade, and never let the blade snap back suddenly after releasing tension on the tape. When finished using the tape measure, lock the blade in place and put it away in a safe place.

  7. Do you need an automatic locking tape?

    Answer: No, you don’t need an automatic locking tape. Although it’s a great feature to have, an automatic locking tape can be easily defeated by a determined thief.
    A manual locking tape will provide the same level of security, and is less likely to malfunction. In addition, a manual locking tape can be used as a weapon in the event of a home invasion.

  8. Do you need really long tape measures?

    There is no need for a really long tape measure. In fact, a really long tape measure can be quite inconvenient and difficult to use. The reason that we use a standard tape measure that is 36 inches (or 91.44 cm) long is that it is the perfect length for most purposes. It is long enough to get around most objects, but it is also short enough to fit in most tool boxes or pockets. A longer tape measure would be cumbersome to use and would not be as versatile as a standard tape measure.

  9. Are laser distance measurers worth it?

    Answer: Yes, laser distance measurers are definitely worth the investment.
    They provide an accurate and consistent measurement each time, so you don’t have to worry about guessing or estimating the distances between objects. Plus, they’re very easy to use so you don’t have to spend time learning how to use them – just point and shoot! And finally, they’re relatively affordable so they won’t break the bank.

  10. How do you read a tape measure?

    Answer: To read a tape measure, first line up the zero on the tape measure with the edge of whatever you’re measuring. Then, look at the number above the line you’re measuring and count that number of inches to the right. That’s your measurement.
    For example, if you’re measuring 6 inches and the number above the 6-inch mark is 2, then you would count over two inches from the 0 on the tape measure to find your measurement.

  11. How do you use a tape measure?

    Answer: To use a tape measure, you first need to find the correct size for your waist. Measure around your natural waistline, or the smallest part of your waist. Make sure that the tape measure is parallel with the floor and snug against your skin. Don’t pull the tape measure tight – you should be able to fit a couple of fingers underneath it.
    Once you have found your waist size, you can use that measurement to find other sizes. For example, if you want to know your bust size, simply subtract 8″ from your waist size and that will give you the approximate bust size. Remember to always round up or down to the nearest inch – don’t try to calculate things like half inches or quarter inches!

  12. Why does the metal piece on a tape measure move?

    There’s a tiny magnet in the metal piece on a tape measure that moves when you bring the metal piece close to a magnetic surface, like a refrigerator. This magnet activates an electric current in the metal tape measure, which causes the numbers on the tape measure to light up.

  13. What does the diamond on a measuring tape mean?

    Answer: A diamond on a measuring tape usually means that the measurement is accurate to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. So for example, if you measure something and see that there’s a diamond next to the number 2 on your measuring tape, it means that the measurement is accurate to within 1/16th of an inch.

  14. How do you read a tape measure in CM and MM?

    Answer: To read a tape measure in mm, simply line up the 0 on the tape measure with the object you are measuring and read the measurement directly below it. So if you are measuring 5 cm, line up the 0 with the 5 on the tape measure and then read what is directly below it which would be 5 mm.

  15. What material should the tape measure be?

    Answer: Tape measures can be made from a number of materials, but the most common is metal. The metal tape measure has the advantage of being more durable and less likely to stretch than a plastic tape measure. However, it also tends to be more expensive. A plastic tape measure is less likely to break, but it may stretch over time and not provide an accurate measurement.

  16. Are laser tape measures accurate?

    Answer: Yes, laser tape measures are accurate. They use a built-in laser to measure the distance between the two points you’ve selected, and then calculate the result based on the speed of light. This means that they’re extremely accurate, and are often used by contractors and builders to measure large distances with precision.

  17. Are cheap tape measures accurate?

    There is no definitive answer to this question since accuracy depends on a number of factors, including the quality of the tape measure and the skill of the person using it. That being said, most cheap tape measures are relatively accurate, within a few millimeters.
    In general, it’s a good idea to use a tape measure that has been calibrated and tested for accuracy. You can also improve the accuracy of a cheap tape measure by ensuring that it is tightly wound and held parallel to the surface on which it is being used.

Final Statements

If there is a single tape measure Handyman Guide recommends to all of its users, it’s the 40% Thicker Nylon Wrap by DAYOU. This one features every necessity one can think of:

  • It can cover a significant distance
  • Fantastic durability
  • Easy to use
  • Includes both metric and imperial units

It indeed is the best tape measure with a functional and readable blade to a guaranteed long lifespan.

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