The Best Tape Measure For You in 2020

Every half-decent woodworker should know what a good tape measure can do for their projects. Their impact on DIY hobbyists worldwide cannot be understated, for trying to do measurements with just your eyes isn’t feasible. By doing so, you are prone to mistakes and miscalculations. Even the smallest of miscalculations can end up ruining the entire project! For instance, a desk with misaligned legs is not useful, forcing the woodworker to create a new frame.

The main attraction of a good tape measure is to prevent disasters like the situation above from occurring. A woodworker can complete any task if they know the exact measurements of what they are about to do next. For example, they can measure some space in a room and see how big their new desk is about to be. Tape measures are highly useful outside of DIY projects, as it’s practically a better ruler in most scenarios. A person could measure their waist for an upcoming outfit, measure any new bicep gains, and anything else that can utilize a tape measure’s usefulness. 

The following items are the best tape measures selected by the Handyman Guide! Some factors like endurance, length, and elasticity are considered when ranking these tape measures. Naturally, some of the top brands are listed for their fantastic products, including their tape measures’ versatility!

At a Glance:

When to Use These Tape Measures

These tape measures are a necessity among several fields. Construction workers can use it to measure various projects safely. DIY hobbyists can use tape measures for various projects, while tailors can create the perfect outfit. Regardless of a person’s career path, there is always a need to own a tape measure. For example, they’re more flexible than standard rulers, allowing them to be significantly more convenient for general measurements. 

Every project should necessitate the need to use a tape measure. Without proper measurements, a project could take longer and require more effort to complete. This simple fact, alongside its low price, makes a tape measure one of the most common tools in a home. Some tape measures can also last for years, so its low cost makes it an even more appealing option compared to some tools that can break easily, like a ruler. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Measuring Tape

Some factors matter more under specific circumstances than others. For instance, durability may not be a big deal if it’s use is only for short-term usage. The factors worth considering are:

  • Durability
  • Length
  • Convenience
  • Readability
  • Affordability
  • Measurement Units
  • Accuracy


Durability is a fairly obvious topic to discuss. The two main components of a tape measure’s durability are the blade’s strength and the compartment itself. The blade refers to the measuring component (it resembles a ruler). A blade’s durability can be summed up as how easy it is to bend and how long it can last. Some blades can snap over prolonged usage, while others bend and twist, quickly becoming unusable.

The durability of the overall compartment defines what is held within the overall structure. Elements you might not see like a spring or shock absorption are included in this discussion. Predictably, more durable tape measures are considered more desirable than nondurable ones.


Some people need a tape measure that can cover a significant distance. Others only need one that covers basic DIY projects like crafting a chair or table. Generally, longer tape measures are better, but it heavily depends on a person’s needs for purchasing a tape measure. 

One crucial aspect to note regarding length is how durable it is. Longer lengths are prone to bending and breaking, so if a person is seeking a long-distance tape measure, they should find one that is durable. Similarly, short tape measures don’t break as easily, making them desirable for hobbyists and other minor tasks.

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Some factors for convenience include:

  • How easy it is to use
  • How intuitive it is to use
  • Additional features for quality of life

The first two seem highly similar, but there are some minor differences. A product can be easy to use but not necessarily intuitive. Likewise, a product can be intuitive to use but require more force and effort to use it properly. 

Additional quality of life features can be defined as bonus content that can make a tape measure more appealing. Shock absorption, the ability to clip on the tape measure to your belt, and bright colors can make using and finding a tape measure significantly more accessible. There are plenty of unique quirks for some products, so some of the following tape measures may list it as an advantage to its name.


The more readable the tape measure is, the better it is. Generally, bigger numbers and easy to look at fractions are ideal. Small numbers are not desirable for people with lackluster eyesight. Likewise, if all of the numbers look scrunched up together, it simply isn’t worth hurting one’s eyes to look at it for measurements. Readability is often tied to convenience, so all of the following tape measures are readable and painless, although some handle it better than others.


Most people don’t want to spend a lot of money on junk. However, not everybody is on a budget. Some options may be $10, while others can be nearly $30. All of the following tape measures are fantastic in their own right, but money does play a critical role for some people. 

Affordable options are typically lower quality than their more expensive counterparts. That doesn’t mean it’s bad per se, just that it is outclassed. Of course, all of the affordable items on this list are better than more expensive items, not on this guide. Some bonuses like extra deals and bundles may make some options more appealing, as well.

Measurement Units

Ordinarily, metric units are superior to imperial ones. Some people may prefer pure American measurements, but it can get complicated when handling fractions of an inch compared to millimeters. Some of it is a personal preference, so it’s best to look at what each tape measure offers regarding measurement units.

Of course, some of the best tape measures include both imperial and metric units for a person’s convenience. For some, it might make it seem more cluttered, but it should be more beneficial than having to own separate tape measures for different measurements. As some manuals only list one type, having a tape measure cover both imperial and metric units is highly useful.


Unfortunately, some tape measures are off by an inch or so. However, all of the following tape measures are mostly accurate, with some options being entirely accurate. Bending the blade can also cause some measurements to seem off, so make sure you correctly measure something rather than blaming a fault on personal misuse. 

40% Thicker Nylon Wrap by DAYOU

The best overall item on this list is none other than the 40% Thicker Nylon Wrap by DAYOU. With the option to measure in both imperial and metric units, this tape measure is highly useful no matter where you are! The nylon wrap makes it rust-proof and heavily water-resistant. This extra versatility allows it to shine in situations that other tape measures could not hope to thrive in. It also excels in heavy-duty work, as you can lock in measurements, and it won’t budge!

The 40% thicker moniker is an interesting one. A person can measure nearly 150 inches with this massive tape measure. Another underrated feature is how easy a person can see the numbers. As some people get older, their eyesight might not be as good as it once was. Thankfully, the 40% Thicker Nylon Wrap by DAYOU is very easy to look at for all DIY projects. 

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  • Very easy to see the numbers
  • Can measure several meters worth
  • Rust-proof
  • Water-resistant
  • Great for heavy-duty work
  • Features a locking mechanism
  • Great endurance
  • Includes both metric and imperial units


  • Has a bit of an odor
  • Plenty of power, so it can hurt somebody

LEXIVON [2-Pack]

What is better than one tape measure? Two tape measures! The LEXIVON [2-Pack] is a solid two-in-one option for DIY Hobbyists looking for an affordable tape measure collection. Made out of metal, this 2-Pack is a durable and reliable tape measure for any woodworker! It’s easy to use, and while the numbers aren’t as easy to read as DAYOU’s tape measure, it should still suffice for most projects. 

The double-sided tape gives its user extra flexibility when working around measurements. Considering how simple it is to lock this tape measure, this additional flexibility comes in handy for large-scale projects. As it comes in a 2-Pack, its owner can lock both LEXIVON tape measures for a smooth experience. Aside from that, its affordability makes it a popular choice among DIY hobbyists.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in a 2-Pack
  • Easy to Use
  • Great endurance
  • Great for heavy-duty work
  • Double-sided tape


  • Trying to unlock the tape can be a tad cumbersome
  • Tape can bend if used forcefully

10m Kutir Tape Measure

Kutir has always been a bit of an underdog in the DIY tool scene, but their tape measure proves that they shouldn’t be underestimated. The 10m Kutir Tape Measure is everything a person can want in their tape measure. It isn’t the fanciest one on the market, but it’s remarkably great at everything it does! With the ability to stretch to nearly 33 feet, this tape measure is a godsend for workers looking to measure long distances.

Aside from its impressive length, the 10m Kutir Tape Measure is also shock absorbent. This feature gives its users a little extra safety compared to some of its contemporaries. Its magnetic hook also makes using it seem effortless, as any worker can successfully measure an object without it acting flimsy or awkward to use. The pocket clip also makes it always available on hand, increasing its overall reliability.


  • Very long measuring capabilities
  • Shock absorbent
  • Convenient pocket clip
  • Includes both imperial and metric units
  • Usually included in special savings and deals


  • The user is required to push with some extra force to lock in the tape measure fully
  • The hook is not flat; instead, it’s at a curve

Komelon SL2825

The Komelon SL2825 is a charming little green tape measure. Its main draw is its amazing affordability, as it’s one of the cheapest yet reliable tape measures on the market. Such a simple feature also allows any worker to test it out, as its insanely low price makes it quite popular on Amazon. Aside from its low price, the Komelon SL2825 is a convenient tool for any project.

For a cheap item, one might expect it to be weak and break easily with any impact. Fortunately, that is not the case. Instead, the Komelon SL2825 has an impact-resistant case, which makes it deceptively durable. Even the blade itself has impressive durability, as the Nylon coating is reliable and sturdy! Komelon’s product also utilizes a self-locking mechanism, which might be a blessing for some people and a curse for others. 


  • Highly affordable
  • Good durability
  • Some people love self-locking mechanisms
  • Bright green color makes it easy to spot
  • Doesn’t snap back when you pull it


  • Some people hate self-locking mechanisms
  • Only US measurements

Stanley Tools 33-725

Stanley Tools is a staple among top-notch manufacturers for several tools and other handyman equipment. Predictably, the Stanley Tools 33-725 is an outstanding tape measure indicative of the prestige the Stanley Tools name brings to some people’s eyes. As a purely American product, it represents the core American values of hard work and honesty. It might extend as long as some other products, but the durability on the blade’s coating is top-notch! Not only that, but the Mylar polyester gives the blade even more durability, making it one of the most durable tape measures out there!

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As usual with other Stanley Tools products, the Stanley Tools 33-275 has a lifetime warranty attached to it if you purchase it here. Considering its durability, the lifetime warranty seems a tad overkill. Nonetheless, it’s greatly appreciated! Predictably, it excels in heavy-duty work more than any other tape measure. Aside from its mighty endurance is the fact that it’s highly accurate. High accuracy is a boon when some other tape measures can be slightly off. Even the slightest of inaccuracies could kill a task!


  • One of the most durable tools around
  • Precise accuracy
  • Locking mechanism is reliable
  • Frequently on sale
  • Surprisingly quiet to use
  • Large numbers make it easy to see


  • Doesn’t stretch as long as some others on this list
  • Lock is a bit stiff to use

Milwaukee Electric Tool

For anybody looking for an electrical tape measure, the Milwaukee Electric Tool is a delightful option! With a five-point reinforced frame, the Milwaukee Electric Tool is a reliable tool for any occasion! This extra reinforcement gives it additional durability, making it appealing to folks who tend to drop their tools or use it too forcefully. Ultimately, the Milwaukee Electric Tool is a simple tape measure for anybody to use.

One notable thing regarding the Milwaukee Electric Tool is the Nylon blade protective coating. This coating makes it difficult for the Milwaukee Electric Tool to bend awkwardly or be misused. The belt clip also helps support its durability, as it allows the user to clip the tape measure to their belt without risk safely. Its measurement capabilities might not be the most impressive, but its compact magnetic tape makes it one of the easiest tools to use. 


  • Highly accessible to novices
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient pocket clip
  • Accurate
  • Good durability
  • Easy to read


  • Electrical mishaps can happen, reducing the durability of the tape measure
  • The magnetic feature isn’t particularly strong

CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure

CRAFTSMAN is another titan among worker tools, so it’s no surprise to see one of their finest tape measures on this guide. The CRAFTSMAN tape measure is affordable and a front runner for one of the market’s best tape measures. There are several options worth considering, as it ranges from 16-foot to 35-foot tape measures. Each option is wonderful, but then a potential consumer needs to consider how much they wish to spend for a longer tape measure.

One of the best qualities of the CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure is that it’s one of Amazon’s highest-rated products. With over 2,000 positive reviews, the CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure sits on a comfortable 4.7/5, with 84% of its ratings being that of five-stars. As it uses the metric system, this tape measure is reliable for any project. Finally, its unique color makes it stand out, so its user doesn’t have to worry about losing it as often as other tape measures. 


  • Highly affordable
  • Several options to get
  • Uses the metric system
  • The color stands out
  • Easy to read measurements


  • Its quality is indicative of its price
  • Holding it by one’s self may be difficult at times

Final Statements

If there is a single tape measure Handyman Guide recommends to all of its users, it’s the 40% Thicker Nylon Wrap by DAYOU. This tape measure features every necessity one can think of:

  • It can cover a significant distance
  • Fantastic durability
  • Easy to use
  • Includes both metric and imperial units

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