Hitachi C10FCG Review: powerful motor, impressive accuracy, versatility, and adjustability

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Welcome to a comprehensive review of the Hitachi C10FCG Miter Saw. While the brand may not be well known for its arsenal of power tools, the manufacturers hit the nail on the head with this single bevel 10-inch compound saw.

While it is best suited for DIY applications and hobbyists, there is no doubt that professionals can make great use of the unit as well. One of the standout attributes is the combination of value and functionality. While it is powerful enough and intuitive in operation, the price is also quite attractive.

The format to be taken here is a breakdown of the review into several sections to make for a logical flow of information that should be useful enough to help anyone decide on if they want to purchase one of these units or not. Without any further ado, why not jump into the good stuff?

Hitachi C10FCG5

The Motor

Hitachi did a tremendous job with what is undoubtedly a powerful motor. You are getting 5,000 RPM in a 15-amp motor, which is typically considered a high speed. You cannot deny that a saw’s power is always going to be one of the biggest parts of its appeal.

Additionally, you shouldn’t have a problem with just about any job you would use a saw such as this one to do. Maintenance tends to also be a concern, and you are going to be relieved to know that it’s not too complex here. The design is conducive to replaceable brushes, which, as you may know, also translates to longevity.


While there are manufacturers that go all out to visually impress their users, Hitachi does not fall under that category. There is no need to view this as an indictment on the design though, as nothing is inherently wrong with a simple and to-the-point design. The real issue would be a visually unappealing unit that is not up to whatever task you may throw at it. 

You should also note that what is being said here does not mean the saw is an eyesore. Essentially, it’s what you’d expect when you hear the term “miter saw.”


If flexibility is a concern for you, then this unit should likely meet your standard expectations, from a zero-degree starting point, the miter angle goes up to 52 degrees. You need only touch a button for whatever angle adjustment you desire, which is conducive to precise customization on the bevel or cut you may want to achieve. 

Beyond the angle range, Hitachi decided to include lock positions at some of the more common angles you may use, which makes getting to and using them that much easier. You can find these at the zero, 15, 22 1/2, 31 1/2, and 45-degree marks.

Hitachi C10FCG5

Bevel adjustment is also smooth. You only get 45 degrees of tilt to the left, considering that you have a single bevel saw here.


The weight is probably the main reason that the powerful motor is so surprising. What you get with the Hitachi C10FCG is an incredibly lightweight unit, which is typically not associated with a motor as powerful as the one present here.

Even if you are comparing it to most run-of-the-mill miter saws, you are going to find that it is surprisingly on the lighter side. To put things into perspective, the weight is only 24 pounds. Not only does this mean operation is barely an inconvenience, but it also translates to greater transportation potential.


Hitachi C10FCG5

The setup is a bit of a mixed bag. While one person may not necessarily have a problem with it, another could potentially describe it as borderline awful. It’s not necessarily getting the saw to an operational level that’s the problem. The true challenge lies with the guide that is provided.

Still, it shouldn’t take the average person more than an hour to get the saw going. No calibration is required for perfect accuracy, as the design is conducive to this out of the box. So, maybe it redeems itself a bit for the abysmal guide.

Dust Collection

Sawdust is a consequence of the trade, and collection is typically a praised feature when implemented well. While it is included with the C10FCG, its implementation is not necessarily the best. Miter saws are notorious for their less than stellar dust collection.

In the case of this saw, while you can use the bag, you may not necessarily see much value in it, as it is going to be missing most of the dust you are generating. Still, this is not necessarily an indictment as on the saw as any miter saw user likely did not expect much in this regard.

Ease of Operation

Hitachi C10FCG5

Here is yet another area in which this Hitachi unit shines. The nice hands-off experience you get, thanks to a strong vice clamp is very welcome. It mitigates the safety hazard of having to put your hands next to whatever is being cut.

The inclusion of an accurate guiding system on the saw’s tilt also helps in operating the unit as you can easily tell what angle it is at. So, if you are used to guessing or making measurements, you can consider that a thing of the past.

Beyond the knowledge of exactly how many degrees you are cutting, you can also easily tell the extent of your tilt left or right. While the saw helps to mitigate injury by design, you are still encouraged to practice safe operation of the unit.

Wood Versatility

You can effectively use this saw to crosscut just about any kind of wood. This includes hardwoods that typically sit at the center of flooring and furniture projects, dimensional lumber, rails, stiles, and even baseboard. The versatility present in the unit makes a strong case for its utility.

Hitachi C10FCG5

Is It Worth It?

Without reservation, the Hitachi C10FCG gets the green light. Its powerful motor, impressive accuracy, versatility, and adjustability are just some of the reasons why it is such a stellar design. With affordable pricing and fast shipping, there is no reason for those who may be interested in a miter saw to skip this one.

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