DeWalt Drills Review

The DeWalt drills are synonymous with performance, ergonomics, power, strength, reliability, and durability. Get one for your future building projects.

The drill is part of the handyman’s power tools. As an essential partner for contractors and installation teams worldwide, DeWalt strives every day to provide innovative solutions to optimize its users’ work.

While Fein and Makita recently introduced a new line of professional brushless tools, DeWalt has decided to strike hard by developing new devices that are more powerful, safer, and more compact. To ensure increased performance in all situations, DeWalt has equipped its new cordless drills with a robust and reliable brushless motor capable of delivering strong torque! DeWalt tools are now provided with this advanced technology, allowing enhanced autonomy.

The brushless engines are more efficient, autonomous, and do not require maintenance. This type of technology is gradually replacing brushed motors. In 2013, DeWalt was the first manufacturer to offer an entire line of 18v cordless drill drivers equipped with brushless motors without any price increase.

DeWalt has also redesigned its drills’ layout to offer its users models that combine power and compactness. Moreover, DeWalt cordless drills provide an optimal and secure grip while facilitating access to tight spaces.

Let’s find out more about the best DeWalt drills in this review.

The DeWalt DCD790D2-QW Drill Driver

This DeWalt drill driver is equipped with a brushless motor. It provides more energy than standard engines and boosts battery life by 40%. Also, the 18v 2.0 Ah Li-ion batteries supplied with the machine last a long time: the DeWalt DCD790D2-QW drill can handle a day’s intensive work without recharging, even with its LED light! The LED lamp is located at the base of the machine and presents good light. It turns on at startup and turns off after 20 seconds.

So, if you are looking for a robust drill with adequate load capacity for intense work (a renovation project, for example), we recommend this 18v DeWalt DCD790D2-QW cordless drill. Even if it’s not 4 Ah, the tool is still a heavy-duty drill. It would be a shame to use it only for occasional DIY. It’s a real professional machine!

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The DeWalt DCD790M2-QW Drill Driver

Those who are used to mid-range drills may immediately feel the difference: the DeWalt DCD790M2-QW drill driver works with 18v 4.0 Ah Li-ion batteries and a brushless motor, which gives it better torque but, above all, less noise.

Moreover, it is surprising that this DeWalt 18v 4 Ah drill driver weighs very little despite its large-capacity battery. The lighting feature is convenient for dark places. Its battery lasts a very long time, like four hours of hard work, and the charge is only half-used up.

With regular use, the battery may last three days without recharging! Also, the battery charges in less than an hour so that you can rely on the second battery provided while the first charges.

The DeWalt DCD790M2-QW drill driver is coated with rubber protectors everywhere to protect it from shocks. Even powerful, this DeWalt 18v 4Ah tool is not a hammer drill, so refrain from using it in vibrated concrete.

The only drawback is that, in some cases, the chuck tends to loosen during heavy use. Remember to tighten the chuck regularly, especially when working at heights.

The DeWalt DCD796D2-QW Driver Drill

This tool is excellent for drilling in wood, steel, concrete, and brick. The DeWalt DCD796D2-QW drill driver works with a brushless motor and offers a better torque of 70 Nm, which allows you to move quickly through the work without difficulty. The two batteries supplied are XR Li-ion 18v 2.0 Ah, but the tool accepts 18v 4 and 5 Ah batteries well. Its charger can also accommodate 14.4v or 10.8v batteries in addition to 18v.

With this DeWalt DCD796D2-QW cordless drill, you can quickly feel the balance between grip, endurance, and ergonomics. The tightening of the bits and screwdrivers is done naturally. There may still be a rattling sound when releasing the trigger, but this is not disturbing.

The DeWalt DCD776S2T Driver Drill

This tool offers professional quality. The DeWalt 18v 1.5 Ah drill is surprisingly good for its price and drills well in wood and steel, even in concrete, with its percussion mode, which is rare for a small machine in its range.

The two batteries supplied are not exceptional, but they are heavy enough for continuous use, especially since one battery only takes 30 minutes to recharge, which is handy to alternate the two while the other is charging. However, there isn’t an indicator light to show the charge level of the batteries.

The DeWalt DCD776S2T cordless drill’s grip and ergonomics are excellent, better than what you would expect from a cheap screwdriver drill with percussion.

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DeWalt Cordless Drill: Pros and Cons

Cordless drills are popular construction tools. Indeed, they offer the ideal power to make the multiple holes required on a site. The cordless drill allows you to work both indoors and outdoors, in complete autonomy. It is an essential tool for assembling furniture or hanging shelves.


  • Handy and autonomous.
  • Freedom of movement.
  • Compact and light.
  • Less expensive than a corded drill.


  • Limited battery life.
  • Less powerful than a corded drill.

Comparative Table

In this section, we compare some models in order to guide you in your next purchase.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer DrillHammerhead 7.5-Amp 1/2 Inch Variable Speed Hammer Drill CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Hammer Drill Kit (CMCD711C2)
Customer rating4.74.44.6
Components(1) DCD996 – 20V MAX* XR Lithium Ion Brushless 3-Speed Hammerdrill, Belt hook, 360° side handleHammer Drill, 3pcs Drill Bit for Steel, 3pcs Drill Bit for Concrete, 1pc Depth Gauge, 1pc Auxiliary Handle(1) CMCD711 Hammer Drill, (2) V20 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Battery, (1) V20 20V MAX* Lithium Ion Charger
Power SourceBattery PoweredCorded ElectricDC
Item Dimensions4.00 x 10.00 x 8.00 inches——-10.88 x 2.75 x 10.00 inches

 Choosing the Best Drill: A Buying Guide

The battery-powered drill is just as indispensable as the corded drill and is preferred for work sites where there is no electricity and for screwing operations. Choosing the best drill or driver to meet your job site demands can be difficult and frustrating. The power tool companies love to deceive us with many brand new characteristics and benefits, higher speed and energy ratings, more significant capacities, and new cordless batteries. However, there are three essential factors to consider when choosing the right power tool for your needs.

The Power

Volt, Amps, if you are new to battery-powered devices, the following should help you see things more clearly. You can indeed choose a power tool according to its strength. If you must use it often for operations that require power, you need to be careful about the battery’s voltage. Indeed, an 18v battery is more powerful than a 10.8v battery.

The drill-driver allows drilling and screwing in soft materials, wood, and different metals. There are other models for occasional, regular, or intensive use. The more powerful the drill, the easier it can be to drill and screw. The power of a drill-driver is verified by the tightening torque measured in Nm (Newton Meters). The higher the torque, the more powerful your drill/driver should be. 

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The Weight and Ergonomics

The tool should be light and compact for comfortable use. We advise you to choose a drill driver with a weight of fewer than 4 lbs. The lighter your device, the easier it should be to drill and screw in height, at arm’s length. Some models are ultra-light, weighing just two lbs.

For passive use, the tools have new options for more safety and comfort:

Soft grip ergonomics: this anti-slip coating gives you a better grip, improving the control and offering the comfort of use.

Safety clutch: this option, available on medium and high-end drill/screwdrivers, provides better safety when the device jams.

The Battery

Most cordless drill drivers are equipped with Lithium-Ion batteries.  Therefore, you should check the voltage and amperage so that the device is suitable for your home and DIY jobs.

The Lithium-Ion battery: Lithium-Ion (Or Li-ion) technology makes it possible to have lighter drill batteries. They recharge faster (between 30 minutes and 90 minutes).

The voltage of the batteries: the voltage on the drill screwdrivers is between 10.8v and 20v. The higher the voltage, the more powerful your drill/driver can be. We suggest, for a drill-driver, a minimum voltage of 14.4v.

Battery intensity: The intensity of a drill driver is measured in Amps (Ah). The higher this intensity, the longer your battery should last. Today, you can find drill driver models with a power of between 1 Ah and 5 Ah.

The budget issue is relevant. However, like any product, choosing a branded product for equal performance and excellent features guarantee better quality and longevity. Think about the urgent needs but also consider future uses for the drill.

How to Maintain the Motor of a Drill?

Classic or more efficient, the drill is an excellent ally in the daily life of DIY enthusiasts. As time goes by, dust, debris, or material residues can accumulate, hindering its proper functioning. Cleaning and regular maintenance are essential. Discover all the tips and techniques to adopt to extend the life of the drill.

The maintenance of a drill always includes taking care of the engine. For models equipped with a brushless motor, the operation consists of dusting the device’s ventilation openings. This step improves tool operation while preventing possible overheating.

Drill: How to Store it Properly?

Like all power tools, you should store the drill in the best possible condition. For example :

  • Avoid placing it in a humid place that promotes rapid degradation. Best in a metal or plastic box.
  • In the event of major repairs, contact the manufacturer, as they usually offer after-sales service. However, remember to request a quote before any intervention.

Bottom Line

A drill is a versatile and indispensable tool for all types of work. You should consider the model, features, accessories, the type of work, and materials. Low-range drills are ideal for small jobs and high-range tools for large jobs.

Amateur or professional DIY enthusiasts, DeWalt cordless drills are handy and can assist you in your construction projects. The tools allow you to perform everyday tasks with ease and work in optimal conditions.

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