DeWalt 20v Chainsaw DCCS620P1 & DCCS620B – Unbiased Review

DeWalt 20v is the most reliable chainsaw available in the market. Quality guarantee.

For an affordable cost, you can experience a lightweight, and versatile table saw that provides you security and strength, enabling you to cut through a variety of woods. The cordless DeWalt 20v offers an excellent performance brushless engine with 12 inches bar length.

Chainsaws are one of the most prevalent operational equipment in the woodcutting sector. This compact device includes a power saw with a kit of points on a chain that turns on a pattern bar. Chainsaws are mainly employed for woodcutting projects and construction plans.

The market for cordless chainsaws is booming, with manufacturers offering high-performance machines on the market capable of meeting the needs of any user. DEWALT offers a new battery technology for the construction, industrial, and garden markets. DeWalt is a reputable company with power tools. They offer high-quality chainsaws.

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit, 5-Ah Battery, 12-Inch (DCCS620P1)

Chain Speed : 25.2 feet/second HIGH EFFICIENCY BRUSHLESS MOTOR
Only 8.8 lbs

Considering that there are many various types of chainsaws produced by different tooling providers, deciding on the kind of chainsaw and brand can be quite tricky. To help you easily purchase the right chainsaw, we have gathered all the necessary information about the DeWalt 20v chainsaw that can assist you around your house or when you are out camping with your friends or family.

At only $289.95, the DeWalt 20v has various components that award the chainsaw a 4.6 customer review rating on Amazon.

If you intend to tackle trees or branches with diameters of 6-10 inches, DeWalt 20v would be a perfect option. This machine is much faster and more convenient to use than any petrol chainsaw. Also, it offers a lot of energy for those small and medium jobs.

In this guide, we help you find out more about the different features of DeWalt 20v chainsaw. Read on.

DCCS620P1 vs DCCS620B – Comparative Table

Product nameDEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw Kit, 5-Ah Battery, 12-Inch (DCCS620P1)DEWALT DCCS620B 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw Kit Bare Tool with Brushless Motor
Bar length12 inches12 inches
Power SourceCordless / battery poweredCordless / battery powered
MotorHigh efficiency brushless motorHigh efficiency brushless motor
Weight8.8 Lbs8.8 Lbs
Batteries Required20V 5.0 Ah battery20V 5.0 Ah battery
Chain speed25.2 feet/second25.2 feet/second
Warranty3 years3 years

DeWalt DCCS620P1 20V

The DeWalt 20v chainsaw is a special device that aims to respond to potential customers. When using this machine, you don’t really need to ask about your cutting abilities.

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DeWalt 20v plays well for beginners who worry about security and performance when it comes to furniture making. Remember, woodworking can cause you severe injuries if you neglect to conduct yourself appropriately.

The DeWalt 20v chainsaw has a flexible design to help decrease user fatigue and provides more freedom. It gives a tool less tension mechanism feature.  

The DeWalt 20v chainsaw is battery-powered and features a bar of only 12 inches. Also, this chainsaw is small and thin. Therefore, it offers many distinctive features, namely the ease of use helps you operate conveniently.

As this is a cordless Dewalt, the 20V 5.0 Ah battery efficiency is advantageous. Most importantly, it brings a great combination of control and strength.

The DeWalt 20v chainsaw is cordless, lightweight and produces great energy, making it an excellent choice for professionals.

This cordless chainsaw kit adds flexibility to your battery pack. The tool is gas-free and reduces emissions, carburetor problems, and repairs related to gas-powered chainsaws.

This battery-powered chainsaw is built to manage tough building projects and outdoor cutting activities. Also, the lightweight design maximizes operator control. Brush-less motor technology provides extreme durability and enhances engine lifetime.

Distinctive Features

The DeWalt 20V features a cordless chainsaw with a 12-inch low-kickback bar and chain powered by a 5 Ah lithium-ion battery, excellent for construction work. You can combine versatility with your DeWalt 20v chainsaw. It comes with a brush-less engine that significantly enhances the tool and motor life. The unit provides a tool-less chain tension adjustment system. Thus, you can find it easier to adjust your chain.

This cordless chainsaw is designed to handle tough construction jobs and outdoor jobs. The lightweight design maximizes user control. Furthermore, you can use the chainsaw to cut beams, openings, demolition work, etc. Brush-less motor technology provides extreme life and durability.

Besides, DeWalt 20v offers up to 70 cuts per charge on a 4×4 and 30 cuts on a 6×6. It has 12 inches of bar and chain. The machine is light and compact, with optimized portability for smaller cuts.

Safety Characteristics

This specific model is one of the finest in the collection. It has a powerful engine, outstanding safety characteristics, practical design, and inexpensive. The brush-less motor provides excellent performance and adequate power production. You can handle any mid-size project without having to worry about the lack of efficiency. On the other hand, if you plan to use it for commercial purposes, it may not be the most suitable option, since it is powered by a battery that has its restrictions.

As for ideal applications, this chainsaw can break through any of the objects you place in front of it, as long as you stick to the rules. While the producer did not mention the number of cuts on a separate charge, you can safely assume that it provides at least 60 4×4 pinewood pieces.

Cutting Capacity and Power Output

The DeWalt 20v has a 12-inch bar, and the chopping ability would be somewhat restricted in terms of performance. Most chainsaw bars tend to fall at the low end of the 10 to 20-inch scope.

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If you’re just concerned with these small to medium-sized branches, the DeWalt 20v is the perfect option. As described earlier, power production is also strong and robust to allow quick cuts through those mid-sized branches or trees widespread in gardens.

Generally, DeWalt’s battery technology is reliable and widely regarded as one of the most excellent 12-inch cordless chainsaws available.

Ease of Use

DeWalt 20v offers excellent features like the ease of use. This machine is very flexible, weighing just 8.8lbs and provides maximum portability. It’s well stable and fits nicely in your fingers, and the smoothness is excellent for reducing stress.

You can also consider the prominent DeWalt adjustable handles on the DCCS620P1. They are nicely created, fitting quite well into your hands.

DeWalt 20v tends to alleviate discomfort. These grips are much better than the conventional plastic poles you see on many of the cheaper ineffective chainsaws.

With both the lightweight and beautiful handles, this chainsaw offers tremendous security and comfort every time you work.

Most importantly, DeWalt has 77 repair centers across the country to help maintain your chainsaw in excellent shape. With no gases or fumes, the battery-powered should be much smoother with fewer neighbor noise complaints.

In terms of battery, it only takes a single charge to last for a long time. You could get multiple hours of labor on a full charge based on what you do. However, most batteries can reload quickly.

DeWalt Best Quality

The DeWalt brand is distinguished for the quality, strength, and performance of its hand tools and power tools.

DeWalt is a trademark known throughout the world. It specializes in drills, rotary and demolition hammers, sanders, planers, routers, saws, grinders, batteries, construction site laser levels, compressors, and various accessories. Its best-known range is the Perform and Protect line with an anti-vibration system, optimal control, dust storage, etc. DeWalt does its utmost to satisfy the users’ comfort and meet their needs and requirements in the best possible way.

Therefore, when you purchase a chainsaw from DeWalt, you are supported by a strong reputation and a world-renowned corporation. To put it more concretely, you get a 3-year guarantee with the DeWalt 20V.

If the purchased product has a manufacturing defect during the warranty period, the company promises to replace the faulty parts at its expense or to replace the product free of charge. However, there are cases of exclusion from the warranty, such as damage caused by improper use of the product (falls, accidents, or operations that do not comply with the instructions for use).

The Design

Like we have said, the layout is outstanding. We might assume that the designers paid enough attention to the specifications and constructed a remarkably smooth machine.

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The hand support is one of the strongest in the market. The rubber surface is durable and flexible enough to offer a considerable amount of ease. It also helps reduce the number of vibrations. This design is one of the best elements with barely noticeable movements, particularly when you use protective gloves.

Security Properties

The safety mechanisms are both practical and useful. The 12-inch bar contains a simple-kickback tip, which is usually regular today. Be sure you wear safety clothing and always read the instruction book before switching it on for the first time. It might sound repetitive, particularly if you’re already familiar with these systems. However, reading the manual can give you a more in-depth insight into the nature and technical concepts of a specific device.


  • 12 inch bar and chain
  •  5 Ah lithium-ion battery powered
  • Brushless motor, high-quality engine, and premium model
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system
  • Affordable and good enough for most DIY enthusiasts
  • Less maintenance
  •  Battery harmony with other Dewalt products (20V)


  • The power of the chainsaw is not enough for professional work.

Customer User Reviews

Most Homeowners like the DeWalt 20V. However, if you are a professional worker, you should look for other powerful engines. Although some 40V models can be used for practical purposes, 20V versions are far from perfect.

How to Use Your Chainsaw Properly?

You can use your chainsaw safely, with the right equipment and with caution.

  • Read the chain saw’s instruction manual carefully before use.
  • Wear a visor helmet or goggles, ear protection, non-slip work gloves, safety shoes, and tight-fitting clothing, if possible, with anti-cut reinforcements.
  • Keep children, pets, and anyone not equipped for the job at least 15 feet away.
  • Don’t smoke next to a petrol chainsaw, whether during work, filling, or maintenance.
  • To ensure your stability and safety, do not climb an unstable ladder or stepladder. Secure your position, camped on your two feet apart.
  • Never start the chainsaw with the chain engaged in a cut.
  • Fatigue happens quickly: you must avoid cutting wood higher than your shoulders. Take breaks to stay alert.
  • Please don’t leave the chainsaw running on the ground: switch off the engine or unplug it.
  •  Avoid cutting when the weather and light are not suitable (rain, thunderstorm, night, hot weather).

Final Thoughts

Sometimes you randomly pick a tool and feel good in your hand. This DeWalt 20V chainsaw is one of these machines. It provides flexibility and lower pressures. Also, the layout incorporates several anti-kickback protective mechanisms. This is a good investment for newbies looking to accomplish more leisurely activities and tasks.

Is the chain already sharp or do I need to sand it after buying?

The chain comes fully sharpened.

9.5 Total Score

Sometimes you randomly pick a tool and feel good in your hand. This DeWalt 20V chainsaw is one of these machines. It provides flexibility and lower pressures. Also, the layout incorporates several anti-kickback protective mechanisms. This is a good investment for newbies looking to accomplish more leisurely activities and tasks.

Stable and secure
Less maintenance
  • 12 inch bar and chain
  • 5 Ah lithium-ion battery powered
  • Brushless motor, high-quality engine, and premium model
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system
  • Affordable and good enough for most DIY enthusiasts
  • Less maintenance
  • Battery harmony with other Dewalt products (20V)
  • The power of the chainsaw is not enough for professional work.
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