DeWalt Flexvolt Battery Review & Key Features

DeWalt Flexvolt is an innovative battery device that instantly adjusts voltage according to the device you use.

In this review, we have learned that DeWalt Flexvolt batteries and the products that are compatible with them offer the user many advantages such as ease of use, reliability, and performance.

Over the last few years, wireless tooling has been characterized by numerous developments. The machines offer better performance and are more autonomous. Complex applications are now possible thanks to new battery technologies and the integration of brushless (carbon-free) motors. In this respect, DeWalt announces a revolution in the wireless gadget industry by announcing a hybrid XR Flexvolt 18 V / 54 V 6.0 amp hour (Ah) / 2.0 Ah DCB546 battery.

For more than 90 years, DeWalt has built a global reputation for designing, manufacturing, and marketing world-class, heavy-duty machines for the construction industry: quality, power, strength, and reliability are developed into all of them.

The DeWalt brand’s reputation for quality derives from its commitment to providing the best products that meet the highest durability and end-user protection levels. As a result, it has quickly become a reference for all building professionals. Today, DeWalt offers its customers a complete line of high-performance power tools and accessories: corded and cordless power tools, power engine accessories, tool storage devices, lasers and measuring instruments, compressors, and many others.

Read on in the DeWalt Flexvolt review to find out more.

What Is DeWalt Flexvolt?

The new DeWalt Flexvolt line of power tools is an exclusive innovation that provides 54V power to a full range of devices without wire constraint.

This battery is the only one on the market capable of adapting to both 54V and 18V, making it fully backward compatible with existing 18V XR series tools.

There is no need for reels, extension cables that drag along, or a generator on the job site: the battery’s autonomy and power allow you to do without it.

The DeWalt Flexvolt offer is divided into three essential elements:

  •  A 54V / 18V hybrid battery
  •  A complete range of 54V tools
  •  A full line of optimized DeWalt XR extreme runtime accessories

Tools and Materials – DeWalt’s new Flexvolt System

DeWalt unveiled the Flexvolt system in June 2016, featuring the world’s first battery that automatically adjusts voltage to suit the tool.

The Flexvolt battery powers a new line of 60V MAX and 120V MAX tools with brushless motors. This technology’s advantage allows the Flexvolt battery to adapt to the different voltages of DeWalt tools (20V MAX, 60V MAX, and 120V MAX). The battery automatically changes the voltage depending on the device used. With this advanced battery, job-site professionals can now replace their corded tools with cordless machines.

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This new platform contains the power required for heavy-duty tasks, facilitates the transition from wired to cordless tools, and ensures that users of 20V MAX products can enjoy longer battery life without making their system obsolete.

How Does The DeWalt Flexvolt Battery Work?

The DeWalt Flexvolt battery can operate in two voltage classes: 18v and 54v. When the battery powers XR 54v, it has a capacity of 2.0Ah, and the cells are connected in parallel, while the capacity of the battery at XR 18V power is 6.0Ah. With the ability to change the voltage of Flexvolt, the battery is a universal solution for high efficiency in both XR Flexvolt 54v cordless tools, as well as XR 18V series devices.

High Power Cordless Tool Range

Along with the latest Flexvolt system launch, here are DeWalt’s new high-powered wireless tools.

Circular Saw 7 1/4″ 60V MAX

The 7 1/4″ 60V MAX circular saw (DCS575) takes full advantage of DeWalt’s Flexvolt battery. The saw’s 7 1/4″ blade and brushless motor technology give it extreme power, run time, and durability. With a blade capacity of 2 9/16″ in depth cuts, the tool can make up to 339 cuts in 2×4 SPF lumber parts on a single charge using a single Flexvolt battery. It is ideal for performing a wide range of professional tasks with standard building materials such as oriented strand board (OSB), plywood, and hardwoods.

The DCS575 circular saw is equipped with an electronic brake that stops the blade when the trigger is released, and a lower fence improves bevel and shim cutting performance. The DCS575 features a bright LED light that contributes to cutting line visibility, a 57° capacity bevel scale with 45° and 22.5° stops, and a durable, high-quality aluminum base for smooth cuts.


  • Simple to manage and carry.
  • The power surge in this circular chain saw is excellent.
  • It comes with strong power.
  • It assists with your incredible power cuts.
  • The cost is cheaper.


  • Heavy in nature.
  • The depth scale is difficult to read.

Flexvolt 60V MAX Brushless Reciprocating Saw

This tool is designed to perform a wide range of heavy-duty tasks such as cutting pipe, lumber, threaded rods, OSB, and PVC pipe with ease. This reciprocating saw is equipped with a brushless motor and generates three times more power than the 18 V DCS385 model. With a stroke length of 1 1/8″ and speed of 0-3000 SPM/min, the saw provides fast and efficient cuts. A swivel base contributes to a wide range of applications, and the saw’s bright LED light provides illumination for dark workspaces on the job site.

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  • The quality is much better from the previous edition
  • Excellent woodcutting speeds
  • Still compact for its size


  • No orbital operation, sophisticated vibration control
  • Low cutting tools speed for its category

Flexvolt 60V MAX VSR Stud and Joist Drill Kit with E-Clutch System

For heavy-duty plumbing and electrical work, DeWalt’s 1/2″ variable speed inverter 60V MAX stud and beam drill (DCD460) is ideal for double, triple, quad, and quintuple thickness lumber and engineered wood (such as Microllam beams). The E-Clutch system and a mechanical clutch contribute to user control and tool protection. The variable speed & inversion stud & beam drill is an integral part of DeWalt’s perform & protect product line, designed to provide complete control without compromising performance. 

Flexvolt 60V MAX Table Saw

The DeWalt 8-1 / 4-inch 60V MAX table saw brushless motor provides autonomy, durability, and power, and can perform 95% of rip-cutting applications for various materials. The table saw can cut up to 302 linear feet in 3/4″ OSB workpieces on a single charge, using a single Flexvolt battery. Featuring a maximum rip cut capacity of 24 “to the right of the blade and a 12” to the left, the saw can easily handle 4×8′ pieces of material. 

The telescopic rack-and-pinion fence allows quick, efficient, and precise adjustments while maintaining blade parallelism from front to back of the fence. The saw is also equipped with stabilizing feet and a cage, ensuring the tool’s durability and protection. At just 45lbs, the table saw, along with the blade guard and other built-in accessories, is easy to transport using its side handle.

Flexvolt 60V MAX Grinder Kit

The DeWalt’s 4 1/2″ to 6″ 60V MAX grinder is designed for heavy-duty cutting and grinding of structural steel, metal pipe, ribbed bar, steel plate. The tool is equipped with a brushless motor, which maximizes runtime in heavy-duty applications – up to 126 cuts of 1/2″ ribbed bar on a single charge using one Flexvolt battery and Flexvolt wheels. 

The key features of the DeWalt 4 1/2″ to 6″ 60V MAX grinder include a kickback brake that automatically stops the wheel in trouble. The power is equivalent to 13 A or 1700 W (compared to model D28144). The brake stops the wheel in less than two seconds as soon as the trigger is released.

Thanks to the grinder’s One-Touch compatibility, the user can choose to use single or double protection by merely adjusting a lever.

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  • Relatively smoother operation but delivers as much energy and strength as a corded grinder.
  • It manages most metal varieties comfortably.
  • Very compact for its weight.


  • The tool is power-heavy

Flexvolt 120V MAX 12

The DeWalt’s 12″ 120V MAX sliding compound miter saw (DHS790) offers the capacity, precision, portability, ease of use, and durability that professionals demand. The power and versatility to saw lumber, stair treads, and hardwood are available with either corded (the DCA120 power pack) for unlimited power or cordless (two batteries Flexvolt) for portability and convenience. 

The 12″ 120V Max sliding compound miter saw can perform up to 289 cross cuts in 3 1/4″ baseboards without an outlet or extension cord. The aluminum base provides the rigidity and strength required for the sliding function to ensure accuracy and performance every time.

Comparative Table DeWalt DCS575 vs. DCS578

This table provides a brief comparison between two of the best tools from DeWalt.

90º Max Cut Depth2 1/4 inches2 9/16 inches
45º Max Cut Depth1 5/8 inches2 inches
No-Load Speed5800 RPM5800 RPM
Bare Weight8.1 lbs8.2 lbs
Brushless MotorYesYes
LED LightYesYes
Customer rating on Amazon4.74.8
Item Dimensions 8.15 x 10 x 15.3 inchesN/A
Rafter HookYesYes

Dewalt’s Perform and Protect Technology

This aspect is a set of measures to increase the worker’s productivity while guaranteeing a very high safety level for the operator. Therefore, improvements and ranges of accessories have been developed and applied to, among other things, significantly reduce dust in the air with more powerful and better-positioned suction systems and more efficient filters. The machines’ vibration has also been reduced by up to 50% compared to the old models. This means less risk of discomfort and injury for the user.

What Are the Advantages of the New DeWalt Flexvolt Battery?

DeWalt is a must on construction sites and a sure value. The brand offers reliable, efficient products and excellent value for money. The ranges and solutions are constantly evolving while remaining compatible with the brand’s older equipment. DeWalt Flexvolt battery-powered tools have a proven track record for demanding construction work.

Voltage 54v: You can measure battery tools and network utilities.

Flexible use: The battery is suitable for all Flexvolt 54v XR and XR 18V tools.

Wireless work: Comfortable, efficient work without a network cable.

Final Verdict

You must have understood it, DeWalt is a brand that manufactures robust and reliable tools. These values are highly appreciated. It’s the most trustworthy technology any homeowner or expert can obtain for his house and building needs, and the machines we highlighted here act as clear evidence.


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