Best Ladder in 2021: weight capacity, height, material construction, efficiency, and safety for specific tasks

There are some difficulties in accomplishing some household tasks without some sort of elevation. You have to hang art, change light bulbs, and keep gutters clean at the end of the day. If you have an aluminum ladder, it means you won’t need to lend one from a neighbor. In a worst-case scenario, you would use a piece of furniture to get a leg up (not a wise idea). Without the correct ladder height, you might struggle to complete these household jobs.

The first straight ladders you see might not be the best option. You could end up with one that doesn’t support your weight or is too short. It might not be up to tackle the task at hand. Use the guidelines in this article to choose the right ladder for your needs. The information puts the ladder’s duty rating in an easy-to-read format.

Types of Ladders

There are four main ladder styles, and each suits a different household project. The best ladder brand is known as Little Giant Ladder.


The best step ladder is a minor type of ladder that is self-supporting. The step stool must stand on a nonslip level surface. Typically, ladder height is four feet tall from the bottom to the top cap (the upper platform).

A non-conductive fiberglass foldable stepladder assists in tasks that only require a slight boost. The jobs usually are one-person indoor activities like hanging Christmas decorations, cleaning hard-to-reach areas, or putting up a new shelf. Most models allow users to climb every step, even until the top.


A-frame ladders are self-supporting, non-adjustable ladders that reach four to 20 feet tall when on a nonslip level surface. The height of an A-frame fiberglass ladder makes it ideal for home use and easy storage.

These ladders come in handy for first-floor window replacements, ceiling fixture installations, and gutter cleaning on single-story homes. The hinged design allows the ladder to store and collapse easily. It comes in two model variants which include front and twin wide steps.

Front Step A-Frames

It has a single climbable rail that gets narrower the higher it goes. While the rear rail is present, it is usually not climbable. The top step and top cap of the front rail cannot hold a person.

Twin-Step A-Frames

These have steps both on the rear rails and front. Fiberglass ladders like these can hold one or two people simultaneously.

Extension Ladders

The best extension ladder needs to be propped up against a structure such as a wall. The form should reinforce it at around 75.5 degrees. That is the optimal level needed for maximum stability.

These extension ladders can measure up to 14 feet when collapsed. One or more sections can help the extension ladder increase to a length of 72 feet. It can quickly rise to complete tasks such as cleaning a second-story gutter, painting siding, or hanging Christmas lights.

Extension ladders have D-shaped or square rungs, narrower than those on the A-frame and step ladders. Users are encouraged to wear shoes with good traction when climbing.

Telescoping Ladder

The best telescoping ladder is highly versatile when comparing it to an extension or traditional ladder. A user can increase the length of the ladder with their foot. It can be locked into the desired position in the same way. When fully extended, telescoping ladders can range from eight to 12 feet high. It is generally used as a fire escape ladder.

Generally made from aluminum or fiberglass, these attic ladders can weigh up to 42 lbs. When folding, the lightweight and small footprint add up to an attic ladder that fits in a small closet or the trunk of an automobile. Use the one to four safety rule when leaning the ladder against the wall. The base must be moved one foot from the wall for every four feet of height.


The best multi-position ladder has many configurations that lock its hinges when in use. These multi-position ladders can transform into well-supported designs.

That can include scaffolds, extension ladders, A-frames, and more. Multi-position ladders can reach up to 30 feet, depending on the configuration. 

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As the name suggests, these ladders can tackle jobs that require various ladder types. It can also help on a single job site that would need it for multiple uses. When you paint a staircase, a ladder may require a stable platform to lean against at the base of the staircases. Then on the steps, it could be molded into an A-frame position.

Be sure to test out lock/unlock positions when repositioning hinges. Do this from the stable ground, as you should not attempt adjustments while standing on the ladder.

What to Consider When Choosing A Sturdy Ladder

First, you need to decide which ladder is appropriate to you. Take into consideration the weight capacity, height, material construction, and extra features. All these factors can provide the best ladder with suitability, efficiency, and safety for specific tasks.


Aluminum, fiberglass, and wood are the most common ladder construction materials used. It is good to remember the following material characteristics when shopping for the best ladder:

  • Aluminum is the least to corrode and the lightest option. The metals are an effective conductor of electricity; therefore, it is not recommended to work near electrical lines. 
  • Fiberglass is robust, more versatile, and heavier than aluminum. That makes for a rigid, extremely sturdy ladder. The non-conductive material makes it great in both nonelectrical and electrical applications. Its versatility and strength typically cost more than aluminum and wood models.
  • Wood ladders are the most economical of the lot. However, it may not last as long and is heavier than its counterparts. Wood conducts electricity when wet and rots if left outside in the rain. That means these types of ladders are better suited for indoor use.

Reach Height

If a user must stand on tiptoes, strain their arms, or exceed the last climbable step, that means the reach height is too short. There are potential consequences such as dangerous slips, falls, or minor discomfort. That makes it imperative to consider the highest point a person can safely reach while standing on the ladder. The reach height can differ depending on the ladder-type.

Most adults can reach heights of an eight-foot ceiling using a four-foot step ladder, A-frame ladder, or platform ladder. To access gutters on the first floor (typically 11 feet high), you need a 12-foot ladder.

People who prefer a self-supporting ladder can opt for an A-frame, a seven-foot podium ladder, or a 10-foot multi-position model. In extreme cases, a 12-foot extension ladder can be position on the building. 

Load Capacity

The maximum weight of a ladder is known as its load capacity. Five categories come to mind when thinking about how much weight a ladder can hold. Determining load capacity for a project is a crucial step to finding success. Some factors need to be taken into consideration, such as the user’s weight and height.

Another thing to think about is the weight of supplies and tools stored on the ladder or carried up with you. Keeping devices on the ladder can only be done if it has a shelf or built-in storage tray.


A modern podium ladder boasts an extensive range of built-in accessories that add to the storage capacity. Some have features that protect the nearby surface and reduce strain in the legs. These are some of the most popular add-on features that are included.

Some ladders contain a paint shelf that generally extends from the rear rail level to securely hold utensils or paint tins. There are ladder caps that prevent damages to any surface the ladder is propped upon.

Large platforms or podiums typically take the place of one or more steps. Platform ladders provide extra foot space during intensive and prolonged jobs. Sometimes referred to as podium ladders, these models are stable and reliable.

The Top Picks

Keep reading to discover some of the best ladders the market has to offer. Below you can view the best picks that have considered the criteria above. These products are in a range of categories to suit your specific needs. Each ladder can help you accomplish a particular task at home or during a professional project.

Little Giant Ladders, Flip and Lite, Six Foot, Step Ladder

Are you on the hunt for a lightweight ladder that is easy to carry from project to project? Little Giant Ladders have created the perfect one for you. The Flip-N-Lite is a 14 lbs ladder with a quick-release handle for disassembly before moving to the next job. It has been patented by Little Giant Ladder Systems and is a handy feature.

The top cap of this step ladder contains a tool tray that can hold bolts, screws, levels, tape measures, and much more. Its extra-wide steps aid in decreasing foot fatigue and increases comfort. That allows users to stand on the stepladder for extended periods. Its standing platform is extra large and provides the person with additional balance and stability.

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The total weight capacity is 300 lbs on this six-foot ladder. This stepladder also comes out in four-foot and five-foot models and is the best step stool on the market.


  • Ample reach and length
  • Extra-wide rungs
  • Tool tray included
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Not ideal for outdoor use

Best Choice Products Three Step Portable Folding Ladder

Best Choice Products is a name known for affordability. This podium ladder is reasonably priced so that it won’t break the bank. It is the ideal choice for someone on a budget and could be the best podium ladder on this list.

Perfect for outdoor or indoor use, anti-skid rubber feet on each leg provide support and safety. Its frame is made from lightweight steel, which is reliable and solid. The ladder is extremely easy to carry with a convenient handle on the side. 

Some treads help prevent falls and slips on each step. Within the frame, there is a heavy-duty bracing rod providing additional support and stability. The maximum weight capacity is 330 lbs, including any tools you might store on the work platform. This ladder measures 17.7 inches wide, 28.7 inches long, and 52 inches high when open,


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Bracing rod for stability and an anti slipcover for feet included
  • It can be used for both outdoors and indoors


  • Limited reach compared to other models on the market.

Yvan Telescoping Ladder

The Yvan telescoping ladder is suitable for any job and is the best telescoping ladder available today. Whether it’s somewhere high or low, you need to reach; this ladder has you covered. It has a durable, lightweight aluminum construction that can support up to 330 lbs. This ladder is often used as a fire escape ladder in rescue missions.

It comes with a one-button retraction, added plastic construction for reinforcements, and a carry strap for convenient transporting.

When in use, this ladder locks three points individually to be reliably used at any height. It does extend over 10.5 feet, so you are going to need the extra stability. This slowed-down design prevents the pinching of fingers when you retract or extend the ladder. At only 19 lbs, the lightweight design is ideal for simple work.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Simple one-button retraction
  • Space saver


  • Less durable than other steel models

Louisville Ladder Fiberglass Extension Ladders

Boasting slip-resistant serrated D rung steps, this is one of the greatest weather-resistant fiberglass options out there. It includes non-conductive fiberglass rails offering all the height, traction, and safety needed for industrial or home use. The Louisville and the Werner fiberglass extension ladder are very similar in design.

There are some intelligent and straightforward features included with this epic extension ladder. Examples include non-marring caps fixed to the top rail to keep walls, siding, and different surfaces free from scratches. Extending it to 32 feet is easy, and it can support up to 300 lbs. Weighing in at 57 lbs means it is heavier than most ladders on this list. 


  • Highly durable fiberglass construction
  • Slip-resistant rungs
  • Smooth Height adjustment
  • Protect bricks, paints, and sidings with no-marring caps


  • Heavier than competing models

Little Giant Ladders, Velocity Multi-Position Ladder

This multi-position ladder has extra-large locking hinges. That allows the Little Giant to be set up in multiple configurations. It can be molded into a twin-step A-frame ladder, an extension ladder, and a stairway step ladder. These capabilities are not for everyone, but they would suit an individual who needs them for business. The Little Giant has earned its place on this list due to its shape-shifting aluminum construction and sturdy design. It is also the best fire escape ladder on this list and has a high duty rating.

The Little Giant Ladders Velocity comes in various models. These models include a 13 foot, 17 foot, and 26-foot design, including multiple add ons. Glide and tip wheels make it simple to shift the ladder around outside or in a room. The added extras are a work platform, project tray, and cargo hold.


  • Five highly versatile ladder settings
  • Portable wheels for easy moving
  • Multiple accessories included


  • Rungs are not slip-resistant

HB Tower Three Step Ladder with Wide Anti-Slip Pedal

The HB Tower is an extra heavy-duty step ladder that can support up to 500 lbs. It has secure footing with extra-wide nonslip treads to keep you safe while reaching. Each step is more significant than the next, providing even more comfort and support. 

You find rubberized feet at the bottom of each leg that protects the floor and keeps the heavy-duty ladder in place. It is one of the best ladders for enhanced support, safety features, and an excellent duty rating.

There is an auto-lock buckle on the steel frame that can lock the ladder in place. Reinforced support is provided by a back cross brace that prevents wobbling. The leader measures 20.1 inches long, 40,9 inches high, and 26.8 inches wide at full length. It’s perfectly suited for indoor and outdoor use.

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  • Locking function for enhancing stability 
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Extra stability
  • Easy to transport and store due to its collapsible design
  • It can be used outdoors and indoors


  • Limited reach

Louisville Six Inch Fiberglass Step Ladder

This company’s ladder is sturdy and solid. The six-foot-tall fiberglass frame is perfect for both outdoor and indoor jobs. Added design details include impact-resistant heavy-duty non-marring shoes—what an excellent bonus for anyone who needs this for work purposes.

The sturdy A-frame ladder can support extra weight up to 300 lbs carrying capacity. A molded storage top holds screwdrivers, fasteners, paint cans, and much more. That helps to remove the strain when performing hard-to-reach tasks.

If you want additional comfort, the ladder incorporates the SHOX system, which adds absorption and resistance. Each rung is snuggly fitted and is doubled riveted to ensure that each step is stable. When the ladder is erect, the spread brace ensures it stays open. 

Tools and supplies are held by the last two steps of the ladder, which means the total reach height is only around 10.5 feet.


  • Ample reach and length
  • Heavy-duty fiberglass build
  • Shock system included
  • Storage top
  • Suitable for outdoor or indoor use


  • No locking mechanism

How to Choose The Best Extension Ladder 

Having a ladder in your household can save you a headache or three when you need to access a hard-to-reach place. If you are someone who works in construction, having an extension ladder is vital. It is perfect for jobs like painting, cleaning gutters, or an extensive renovation project. Finding the right one for your tasks is essential in eliminating headaches.

The ladders mentioned in the guide all contain high weight capacities, user-friendly features, and robust constructions. Most can hold up to 300 lbs while still offering an extra height of up to nine feet. A good extension ladder is perfect for outdoor or indoor projects. Safety is always a crucial consideration, so make sure to choose one with rubberized feet. Additional locking mechanisms help to add an extra layer of stability while you are on the ladder.

Ladder Safety

It is vital to treat ladders as tools that can pose a danger if not used correctly. Make sure that the ladder you are using is suited for the task at hand. If not set up accurately, it could cause serious harm to the user or others. Even a well-constructed ladder could pose a risk if not stationed correctly.

Always be sure the ladder you use has a positive duty rating. Then make sure it’s positioned correctly and climb it responsibly. These simple guidelines can help you to avoid any unnecessary injury when using your new ladder.

Which Ladder is Better, Aluminum or Fiberglass?

Aluminum ladders are the least likely to rust and are the most common option. However, this metal is highly conductive of electricity. That means it should not be used near power lines or for electrical work. 

Fiberglass ladders, on the other hand, are much heavier than aluminum. What makes fiberglass great is that it can be for both nonelectrical and electrical applications. It is versatile, and robust which makes it preferred for regular use.

What Is The Maximum Height I Can Work from a Ladder

A general rule of thumb for a standing adult would be around four feet, the ladder’s height. Anything higher, and you are a significant risk to yourself. It could cause the ladder to wobble, and in a worst-case scenario, you can fall and get injured.


Some of the best ladders on the market cater to a variety of needs. A perfect balance between stability, support, and storage can help you decide which one is best. Now that you have all the information regarding the ladder it’s time to go shopping. It is recommended to do some extra research beforehand so that you know what exactly you are going to buy. Each person has their requirements, so choosing one that suits your criteria is the first step to investing in one

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