DeWalt 20v Framing Nailer Review: Is It Worth Your Investment?

In this review, the DeWalt 20v framing nailer works with both clipped and round heads. The tool is extremely portable and versatile.

Nowadays, nailers have become a must for anyone wishing to do framing, roofing, or finishing work. This tool is tempting for such a painful job, to get rid of the hammer by equipping yourself with a machine capable of performing this operation in one fell swoop, by only pulling a trigger.

With sophisticated tools, renovating works of buildings and furniture has become more practical. Among these tools is the framing nailer. It is created using different technology and has high-level qualities. Nevertheless, choosing a framing nailer should depend on power, autonomy, ergonomics, and operating cost.

The 20v MAX XR lithium-ion brushless two-speed framing nailer provides consistent nail driving and precise nailing. The machine is designed to optimize speed for different fastening lengths and removal of stuck nails. Also, it offers comfort, usability, and strength in the workplace. The machine, launched in mid-2014, has attracted many great reviews from both amateurs and professionals.

With great runtime and excellent flexibility, this nailer is developed to operate difficult job site tasks. This tool has an advanced engine layout for higher power and encourages efficiency and performance. Its compact nature, excellently-balanced structure, and convenient-to-use characteristics make it a useful and highly productive device in your home.

Let’s find out the advantages, drawbacks, and some main points to see if the DeWalt 20V framing nailer is worth the investment or not.

What Is a Framing Nailer?

Nailing a frame is a job that involves planting thousands of nails of all kinds. You can pretend you can fix it from top to bottom with a hammer, but that would be very difficult and painful. Simply put, you can get rid of the hammer and use the DeWalt framing nailers to make your job easier. Such a tool makes it possible to drive nails much more efficiently and very quickly.

The use of a framing nailer provides many benefits over conventional standard practices. The most evident is performance, which can boost your productivity and help you accomplish your tasks much quicker than using a hammer to drive each nail one by one.

For more significant projects and uses, workers prefer nail guns for many purposes. The mechanical process guarantees less burnout for the user, making the job more comfortable. However, while the nail gun prevents exhaustion and reduces the chances of fatigue-related accidents, it is still necessary to use the nail gun carefully, considering the risk it can present.

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Most importantly, it would be best if you took safety precautions like with any other devices you use for your tasks.

DeWalt 20v Framing Nailer Overview

The DeWalt framing nailer presents all the quality required for significant tasks while remaining easy to use and consistent. The tool has two operating speeds depending on the size of the nails used. Also, it consumes less energy and therefore offers more autonomy.

The powerful and reliable brushless engine is ideal for fastening decorative trim, sheaths, kitchen crowns, and shoe moldings. The tool is ready to operate without the need for gas, compressors, or hoses. The sequential form of operation allows for precise nail placement, while the impact mode offers a better execution speed.

The use of the DeWalt 20v framing nailer is very ergonomic and economical: unlike pneumatic nailers, the tool does not need gas cartridges to run. The device generates less vibration and noise. Also, while operating exclusively from the battery, the machine provides less restrictive use.

The trigger provides sequential and bump functions, while the dual-speed model guarantees an optimized engine for various nail lengths and depth needs. The nosepiece is accessible in case there is a block, while the lock-off button presents security and reduces machine damage.

It is important to note that this nailer has the same features usually found on conventional framing nailers, namely a nail depth adjustment knob, a contact or sequential firing selector, a belt/rafter hook, a jam clearing device, and a lockable trigger. The worker accustomed to using a pneumatic nailer shouldn’t be frustrated by some missing characteristics. This nailer is well suited for intense work on large construction sites, as all its features show that it has immense potential.

The Key Features

The brushless motor and mechanism design allows the machine to work fast with regular nails while generating enough power to drive 3 1/2″ nails. Dual speed provides for optimum performance for different nail lengths. It accommodates paper-bound pins at 30 to 34-degree angles.

The tool includes 20v MAX XR (4.0 Ah) high-quality lithium-ion battery, charger, and anti-branding tip. Sequential operation mode allows for precision placement, and continuous operation mode gives the user production speed. The framing nailer is developed to enhance speed for different fastener sizes and simple jam clearing.


Power remains at the core of this nailer framing. The 20v battery has been upgraded from scratch to provide the energy required to nail 3.5 inches round ends or cuts head nails, while the brushless engine offers more long-term efficiency and reliability.

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Furthermore, this framing nailer does not need fuel cells. Therefore, it works smoothly without causing any trouble. For this model, there are no such upfront expenses.  

This nailer is less effective than pneumatic nailers such as the Bostitch F21PL or Porter-Cable FR350B. Even though DeWalt confirms this machine to operate with 3.5-inch nails, you may need a hammer to drive it all the way through. The tool lacks the strength to push 3.5 inches nails into a hard material. Nevertheless, this model is best suited for working with 2-3 inch nails.


The magazine size is relatively good, with 55 paper collated nails in a 33-degree strip. This design can operate both sequential and bump functions by pressing a button at the device’s backside. This leads to more flexibility and adaptability. Also, nail refilling is effortless, thanks to the lock and load system of the product. 


The grip is very convenient and useful. Almost all quality DeWalt power devices are constructed of a flexible plastic material. It also has finger shapes and textured handles that make it even more pleasant and more maneuverable.

On top of that, this unit’s 7.8 lb weight makes it feel excellently-balanced and responsive while nailing. At this size, it can be easily carried in one hand without any problems of hand discomfort, even when used for prolonged periods.

This cordless framing nailer gives you more versatility, usability, and portability. There are no air compressor hoses or cables, making it very secure and stable to handle on the job site.


The DeWalt framing nail is a perfect tool for a carpenter who wants to gain versatility or an experienced handyman who wishes to carry out a timber frame construction. The performance and handling are excellent, and the safety of the DeWalt 20v allows you to work in peace. Moreover, you have any easy access to the tool head to remove any nails that may get stuck.

Additional Features

You can notice that there is a lock-off trigger for security purposes during non-use and transport. It enables you to lock the trigger and avoid firing. There’s even a very convenient swiveling rafter hook. Best of all, it is robust and sturdy enough to be very highly durable.

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  • A brushless motor provides excellent power to drive 3-1 / 2 in.
  • The sequential operating mode ensures precise nailing.
  • Two speeds to optimize the process of the motor according to the size of the nails.
  • Lockable trigger to prevent activation when the tool is not in use.
  • More versatile, handy, and portable
  • Three-year warranty extension


  • Not equipped with a new battery.
  • Not enough power and strength when driving 3.5 inches nails in hard material.
  • Some consider the loading capacity of its magazine very low and limited to 55 nails.

Comparative Table

In this section, we offer you a collection of the best framing nailers on the market. Read on to find out more.

DeWalt 20v Framing Nailer, No-Mar Tip; Manual, three year limited warranty Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit, 18VPaslode, Cordless XP Framing Nailer, 905600, Battery and Fuel Cell Powered, No Compressor Needed
Customer Rating4.44.54.7
Item Dimensions 15.25 x 5.88 x 13.25 inches 13.50 x 5.38 x 13.50 inches 18.25 x 17.00 x 6.00 inches
Power Source Battery-powered Corded-electric battery-powered

Cordless Framing Nailer: A Buying Guide

Today, with a wide range of nailers on the market, it’s easy to get confused. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure you are well informed before buying such a machine. First of all, you should define your needs clearly. Also, it would be best to study the characteristics of each model. The goal is to make a wise choice and a reasonable decision on the best framing nailer.


It would help if you opted for a model that is easy to handle. This can make your work more accessible, and it should be more comfortable.

The Price

Ordering your next framing nailer depends on your budget. However, if you are a professional, do not hesitate to choose a more expensive but more efficient and robust framing nailer model.

Brand Reputation

Within the tool industry, some companies have an excellent reputation. Their tools are known to be robust and efficient. It is therefore advisable to use a framing nailer from a recognized brand.

Jam Clearing

Even if your nailer is well built and offers high quality, there is always a risk that it can jam from now and then. A simple jam clearing feature keeps your work at optimum speed.

If you want to minimize jamming, we recommend proper maintenance of the nailer to keep it in top condition, such as storing it away from dust traps and solving any problems immediately.

Bottom Line

The DeWalt 20v cordless framing nailer is powerful, robust and can be a great supplement to your pro package. No gas cartridge, air compressor, hose, or electricity required. This nailer has a solid construction consistency, rich functionality characteristics, and a pleasant handle. Finally, this battery-powered framing nailer is an excellent choice for your home renovations projects.

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