DeWalt Cordless Miter Saw DCS361b Review: the best portable miter saws out there.

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Many professional carpenters enjoy having a quality cordless miter saw that gives them more flexibility to perform a job effectively. Sometimes, while working remotely or in an area with no power, a reliable saw like the DeWalt DCS361b can come in handy.

Typically, a beastly compound miter saw needs access to a reliable power supply to operate. What is great about this saw is that is it has excellent battery life and effortless cutting power.

DeWalt DCS361b Cordless Miter Saw

Professional Choice
DeWalt tools are great due to their excellent build quality and fluid design, which have helped carpenters worldwide. This saw was launched in 2015, and it’s still as popular even to this day.

DeWalt tools are great due to their excellent build quality and fluid design, which have helped carpenters worldwide. This saw was launched in 2015, and it’s still as popular even to this day.

Being cordless means it requires no power supply, so essentially, it can be used anywhere. The battery is the standard DeWalt 20-volt battery which is used in all the company’s products. It charges up quickly, provides a long usage time, and delivers excellent power to the saw.

Who Is This Product For?

DeWalt DCS361b Cordless Miter Saw1

This cordless miter saw is aimed at everyone from experienced carpenters to the new DIY enthusiasts who do a weekend project now and then. A hobbyist could benefit significantly from the DeWalt DCS261b because it can cut through multiple kinds of wood with great accuracy. 

If you need an angular cut, the blade can be adjusted to suit your criteria and get the perfect rip.

Professionals are going to love this miter saw as it delivers the quality and reliability you can expect from DeWalt. It is incredibly similar in power to more complex miter saws and has a fantastic operating time to boot.

What’s Included?

This miter saw is sold as a tool only, so let us get into what that means exactly. In the saw’s package, you receive a 7-inch carbide-tipped blade that effortlessly cuts through any wood type. 

DeWalt DCS361b Cordless Miter Saw1

Using the wrench provided with the product, you can remove, attach, or change the blade before a project.

It is vital to remember that the battery and charger are not included with the saw and need to be purchased separately.

However, if you already own a DeWalt power tool, this could be a silver lining for you. All the company’s batteries and devices are universal, meaning you can use the battery from another model.

DeWalt DCS361b Cordless Miter Saw
This cordless miter saw is aimed at everyone from experienced carpenters to the new DIY enthusiasts who do a weekend project now and then.
Professional Choice

Overview of Features

This product weighs only 30 lbs, meaning it’s lightweight and ideal for taking to multiple job locations. The blade has carbide-tipped teeth for precision cutting, and it handles those cuts exceptionally well. 

DeWalt DCS361b Cordless Miter Saw1

There is a multitude of cutting options, and beveling can be done between four to 48 degrees. There are 10 pre-set stops within this range that you can select, which is a convenient feature that carpenters love.

Up to eight inches of crosscuts can be done between 45 and 90-degree angles. You can also do molding cuts between three and eight inches, depending on the wood’s positioning.

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Additional features include an LED light to illuminate your work and a dust bag to assist in collecting waste particles.

How to Use it

It is impossible to show you all the ins and out of this excellent miter saw in a short review like this. Still, we’re going to provide you with an overview of what you can expect.

DeWalt DCS361b Cordless Miter Saw1

First, you need to remember that this tool has an ultra-sharp blade that spins close to 5,000 RPM, so you must follow the safety instructions. Please look in the user manual to learn how to set up the tool safely.

As with most DIY jobs, it is recommended that you plan your steps before beginning a project. It’s a good practice to have the battery charged and a brief of your design sketched out before starting to cut.

Beyond this, the maintenance of the saw is essential, so keeping it clean after use and storing it in a safe place can increase its lifespan.


DeWalt DCS361b Cordless Miter Saw1

People who want a powerful and wireless saw may enjoy the DeWalt DCS361b for its reliable cutting abilities. This saw delivers exceptional cuts and can be used for extended periods on multiple projects around the home.

If you are a professional or someone who prefers to do carpentry, the DeWalt DCS361b could be perfect for you. It’s time to get serious about your woodworking projects and invest in one of the best portable miter saws out there.

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