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If you just want to know what is the Best Cordless Miter Saw – in my opinion: DEWALT FLEXVOLT Miter Saw, is the best.

If you’re working on your next big project, you may stumble upon a problem you’re unprepared for: your current saw can’t cut in the desired angles. Different saws have different niches, and the type of saw you need is known as the miter saw. Perhaps you don’t prefer pesky wires and all the troubles associated with it, so you’re more into cordless tools. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of cordless miter saws that amateurs and professionals alike use for their tasks.

Basic carpentry and hobbies involving cutting large volumes of wood much appreciate the value offered by a mitre saw. These cordless mitre saws offer convenience over their corded counterparts while being a powerhouse in their own right. All you have to do is charge the battery when you’re not using the miter saw, which is easy enough after finishing a project or task. Keep in mind, several cordless miter saws can last for several hours at a time, so most hobbyists should be okay with using a cordless mitre saw.

Anybody interested in expanding their workshop should know the benefits of such a machine, yet which cordless miter saw is the right fit for you? With an abundance of factors to consider, the title of the “best cordless miter saw” is going to differ from person to person. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to discuss the advantages and disadvantages each of the top miter saws has in comparison to one another.

Why Consider a Cordless Saw over a Corded Saw?

Once you establish that you need a miter saw of some kind for your workshop, it becomes vital to know which type you’re going to need more: a corded saw or a cordless saw? Generally, a corded miter saw has more power than its cordless counterpart, although there are exceptions. However, the main advantage for cordless miter saws, above all else, is the convenience in using them. A cordless miter saw is more easily portable (and if not by hand, then it’s easy to do so by vehicle). Not only that but lacking a wire also makes it safer as there is less risk of electrical mishaps.

If you choose a cordless miter saw, then you should be relieved in that you won’t need an extension cord. Fewer extension cords mean you can choose to work in more areas. As a result, you won’t have to rely on power outlets as much. Alternatively, you can always choose to have both a corded miter saw and a cordless miter saw for the best of both worlds.

Features to Look Out For

It should come across as no surprise that some features are shared among the best cordless miter saws. Consider the following:

  • Battery life
  • Power
  • Accessibility
  • Safety

Battery life should be reasonably obvious enough. If a machine lasts a long time and doesn’t need to be charged as often, then that’s a massive boom in its favor. Likewise, you should be able to replace the battery when the time comes (and not be forced to get a new saw outright). Power is often tied to its battery life, but it’s not mutually exclusive. While most cordless miter saws are weaker than a corded one, some are equivalent in power, such as the Dewalt Miter Saw.

Safety Features

Naturally, a good miter saw should be easy-to-use for newcomers and veterans alike. If it isn’t accessible and frequently requires looking at a manual, then chances are: it isn’t worth getting it. Finally, most of the best cordless miter saws offer some safety features that include:

  • Speed change
  • Miter detent
  • A sliding compound
  • Bevel sliding
  • Blade guards

Power tools are dangerous in the wrong hands, so it must be accessible to the point that anybody can use it correctly. If it’s hard to use, accidents are more likely to occur. More accidents mean less time messing around with this hobby, and that wouldn’t be desirable, no?

As long as you’re getting accurate cuts with the cordless miter saw, whether it’s with manual or automatic speed, then it’s acceptable. RPM can vary from machine to machine, but as long as you also wear protective gear and follow proper safety precautions, you should be fine.

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Typically, you should seek out miter saws with 18-volt power or more. Some saws come with 36-volts, which is excellent. Anything below 18-volt tends to be weak and might need some additional support to do the same tasks 18V+ miter saws can do. Considering this is for cordless tools, you absolutely need strong voltage in order to compete with a corded miter saw.


Traditionally, higher RPM gets you more action than lower RPM for less effort. Higher RPM may take up more battery power, but with today’s technology, that’s hardly an issue. Generally, you should seek out a cordless miter saw capable of going over 4,000 RPM.


A brushless motor is generally superior to a brushed motor. As far as efficiency goes, a brushless motor operates at roughly 85% efficiency compared to a brushed motor’s nearly 75% efficiency. You also get more torque per watt using a brushless motor, less noise, and a longer lifetime, making a brushless motor superior for most hobbyists and workers.

Should a Newcomer Obtain a Cordless Miter Saw?

A cordless miter saw is a simple tool within the family of power tools. Reading the instruction manual or watching a video can ease a novice into using it professionally. The first step to using a miter saw is to understand what kind of cut you’re aiming for. The cut line can vary for the type of cut you execute, for example, a bevel cut is noticeably different from a miter cut. You also have to factor in the speed of the saw you’re using; is it a manual or an automatic speed miter saw? Regardless of how it works, a cordless miter saw is a fantastic addition to any amateur workshop.

At a Glance

Dewalt Flexvolt: Best in Power

Makita XSL02Z: Best Battery Life

Craftsman Miter Saw Kit: Best in Miscellaneous Factors (Warranty, Weight, etc.)

Milwaukee Sliding Compound Miter Saw: Best Safety Features

Ridgid R48607K: Best Bevel Cuts

Dewalt Miter Saw

Imagine a battery capable of changing voltage when you’re changing the tools. Lo and behold, the Dewalt miter saw battery involved in the Dewalt Flexvolt is an outstanding marvel of a device. Knowing what to include in a cordless miter saw, Dewalt has packed several state-of-the-art features that other miter saws should aspire to include in their functionality. If you don’t always want to be cordless, you can even choose to run this device as a corded machine. Regardless of your choice, this cordless miter saw is a double bevel sliding and portable machine full of a lot of power.

The 120V brushless motor gives it a distinct advantage over brushed motors, as it has a longer runtime (hence, less of a need to charge or use it as a corded saw). Capable of doing hundreds of cross cuts in over three-inch baseboard molding, the Dewalt Flexvolt is the premier Dewalt mitre saw! Cordless miter saws tend to lack the efficiency this machine has, especially when you’re basing it off of cordless miter saw reviews.


  • Has the power of a corded saw while maintaining a cordless form
  • Outstanding durability
  • Good support through the supplied stand
  • Precise cuts
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • A little heavier than other cordless miter saws

Makita Miter Saw 18V

If you’re a fan of a lithium-ion battery, a Makita cordless mitre saw may be what you need for your workshop. Specifically, the Makita XSL02Z is an 18-volt miter saw that can slice and dice wood as if it were swiss cheese. Lithium-ion batteries have a noticeable advantage compared to other battery types in that they can be recharged hundreds of times and still maintain a level of stability akin to a new battery. The Makita battery mitre saw also uses a brushless motor, so you should expect to be able to use it for long periods of time without the need to recharge it. The Makita miter saw battery is undoubtedly a strong point compared to other miter saws.

With almost 5,700 RPM in its cuts, there is no lack of power when using the Makita XSL02Z. You can do hundreds of cuts per charge with this Makita mitre saw! 18V is a respectable amount of voltage given its reasonable price, and its versatility as a cordless tool gives it an edge over its corded cousins. One other thing worth noting is its cut width, as you can cross-cut 2” x 12” wood boards effortlessly. Lithium-ion batteries can make this a Makita 36V miter saw if you’re genuinely concerned about voltage. You cannot go wrong with any of the Makita cordless miter saws available!

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  • A lot of power in its 5,700 RPM cuts
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Superb lithium-ion battery
  • Can apply a significant cut width to whatever wood you work on
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Battery not included
  • You might need a stronger table to use it properly

Craftsman Cordless Miter Saw

Are you interested in a miter saw with a tad more customization? The Craftsman Miter Saw Kit gives you everything you need in a miter saw and more! Its insanely light weight at 21.8 lbs makes it among the most portable options on this list, and with portability comes customization. You can tack on a different blade if you feel it’s right, or you can carry it in a toolkit alongside other power tools. It’s capable of 8-inch cross-cuts at 90-degrees and 5.5-inch cross-cuts at 45-degrees. As it is cordless, it uses a 20V 4Ah battery pack for its power.

The kit comes with the blade, a battery pack, a charger, a dust bag, a board clamp, and an Allen wrench. All of these tools are useful in woodworking and other hobbies, so this kit is highly versatile in its applications. You can easily do several cuts per charge, and with the different angles you can mess around with, you have quite the options available to you. If something ever comes up that you don’t like, you can always take advantage of a three-year warranty that comes along with this miter saw kit.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sliding compound cuts feel nice
  • The battery charges quickly
  • Quiet to use
  • Affordable
  • Three-year warranty


  • Lacking in power compared to corded miter saws
  • Slide action is a tad rough
  • You cannot plug the saw into a wall

Milwaukee Miter Saw

With a Milwaukee battery miter saw, you should expect a cam locking miter system that can assist you in cutting almost 400 cross-cuts per charge! The Milwaukee Sliding Compound Miter Saw has a shadow cut line that can indicate to you what you’re cutting, so you can get accurate cuts when you need them! The miter detent works fine, as there are 11 detent locations for you to choose from. Coupled with a dual bevel and a sliding compound system, the Milwaukee Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a strong contender for the best cordless miter saw.

The LED positioned around the blade makes it easy for accurate cuts, so you don’t need calibration as often as you do with other miter saws. You can glance at a positive cordless mitre saw review on Amazon and see that it’s reliable and straightforward to use. The carrying handles are sturdy so that it won’t break down on you any time soon. Considering its sliding miter, one could say it’s among the best cordless miter category.


  • Reliable miter detent
  • Good battery life
  • Sturdy carrying handles
  • Removable fences
  • Reliable sliding system


  • Degrees might be slightly off for some degree tools
  • A little heavier than other cordless miter saws
  • Cannot have the bevel be free

Ridgid Cordless Miter Saw

Not to be outdone by their competitors, Ridgid released their own cordless miter saw with its own advantages over the best. The Ridgid R48607K is another 18-volt machine with a brushless motor and lithium-ion batteries guaranteed to last you through several extensive projects. Its durability is exceptional, and it only weighs 24 lbs! If it lasts a long time and is easily portable, then chances are it has a claim to the title of the best cordless mitre saw.

The brushless motor works exceptionally well with the LED technology that can guide you to the accurate cuts necessary for your DIY project as a robust Ridgid miter saw. Cordless miter saws benefit superbly from convenient factors, so this is no different!

As a dual bevel sliding power tool, its sliding miter makes it convenient for most projects. Double bevels are generally superior to singular bevels as it can rotate farther along its axis. More rotations mean more flexibility to work around. While the convenience of dual bevel sliding is delightful, unfortunately, this product tends to have availability issues (so you have to check often to see when it comes back). Nonetheless, it is a superb tool when it is available!


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Superb lithium-ion battery
  • LED technology to guide you to more accurate cuts
  • Dual bevel sliding allows you a lot of accessibility (2 x compared to single bevel)


  • Availability Issues
  • Discontinued Product

Taking Advantage of the Types of Cuts You Can Do

All of these cordless miter saws excel as one of the best of their class in some category. Naturally, you wish to know how to utilize its cut line to its maximum capacity! A saw is a powerful tool that can be used as a hobby or for work, yet regardless of your profession, you need to learn how to do both a miter and bevel cuts. This guide has gone over some advantages a machine may have, such as a brushless motor, a sliding miter, or how much RPM it has, but all of that is tied into your cutting technique. Remember, the best saw makes the best type of cuts.

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Bevel Cuts

  1. Put the board with the appropriate marking on its edge for standard miter saws or flat on its surface for compound miter saws.
  2. Adjust the gauge to your desired levels. You generally have the gauge to the front of the saw.
  3. Check to see if the blade is where it should be relative to the markings. For standard miter saws, you need to use clamps to hold the board still before cutting it.
  4. Apply the cut in a beveled curve by pulling the trigger on your machine.

Miter Cuts

  1. Make the appropriate measurements you need to for the wood and place the wood onto the saw next to the fence.
  2. Loosen the miter gauge a little in the front, and move the blade to where you need it to be for the cut.
  3. Tighten the miter gauge once more.
  4. Lower your handle to see if the wood is in the correct spot. If not, adjust the wood until it is in the desired location.
  5. Use one hand on the handle and the other hand on the board when applying the cut, use the trigger to start the cut.
  6. Be careful when moving the wood or the handle; take it slowly.
  7. When you are done cutting, make sure to let go of the trigger and wait until it’s done rotating before raising the handle once more.

Get Inspiration For Your Next Project

Naturally, even the best tool needs work of some kind. There’s no need to have a device waste away doing nothing, so you need an idea. Various topics, such as flooring, furniture, or construction, may interest you. When the best cordless miter saws are used in conjunction with other tools of the trade, you should be able to get a lot of work done. Let the motor go wild!

Of course, you can always choose to remodel pre-existing objects instead of trying to create something new and fancy. Remodeling with a machine that utilizes a brushless motor means you can spend hours fixing stuff right back to an ideal condition. Also, 2” x 12” wood is easily cut with the many different saws listed above, so you have tons of options as far as what you should work on. Consider the speed change and the RPM your saw operates, and you should be able to execute your plans into fruition.

Other Tools

Don’t forget that saws work excellently with workbenches, drills, and other gadgets and gizmos for massive projects. Consider one project like a wooden chair: you need to combine various tools to get the most value out of your work. You cannot do a big assignment with just one tool. Sometimes, you may favor some tools over others, but generally, you should aspire to consider each one and their unique advantages over one another. Just remember to always have safety gear on!


The best cordless miter saw for you is bound to be one of the five on this list. You know how to do bevel and miter cuts (and can always look at videos for more clarification if need be), and you know what cordless miter saws offer to the table. If you’re still unsure and just want a general recommendation, the Dewalt Flexvolt is a generally outstanding tool provided by the top company within the tools world: Dewalt. With long-lasting battery life and a machine sure to last you several years, you can easily get your money back with all the work you can complete with the Dewalt Flexvolt!

The other cordless miter saws are an excellent investment as well, for cordless miter saws have several advantages worth reiterating over their corded cousins:

  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Safety

No matter which one you choose, it’s time to get started on your next big project! With the world of woodworking around you, what should you choose to do next? Cordless miter saws are more than a gimmick; these machines are useful tools to a wonderful way of life!


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