Best Cordless Jigsaw: A Comprehensive Review

When comparing the many power tools you have in your possession, the jigsaw is a highly useful and versatile thing to have at your disposal. Since it has such an agile blade and the frame is lightweight, the cordless jig saw is perfect for many types of jobs. Therefore, you could say it’s indispensable whether you’re in your home workshop or on the job site.

While these machines don’t have as much power as others, a jigsaw cordless product is handy because you can take them anywhere. That way, when you’re making cuts on the fly or with materials that aren’t freestanding, you’ve still got the best jigsaw cordless to make the difference. We’re going to focus on the best cordless jigsaws on the market right now and help you determine which jigsaw is right for you. As far as cordless jigsaw reviews go, this one is a comprehensive guide to help you.

10 Jigsaw Saw Cordless Options – Reviews

Bosch JSH180B

In most cases, the brand of power tool you choose makes all the difference. We’re focused on the top manufacturers, which include the Bosch brand. With the JSH180B, you’ve got a very lightweight and extra-compact jig saw that’s cordless, which is excellent because there’s no cord to get in the way.

Of course, the lightweight aspect is great, and it’s about 30 percent lighter than its competition. Therefore, you can take it with you to work and don’t tire out the arms.

Still, you should consider that cordless jigsaws don’t come with a charger set or battery in many cases. You’ve got to buy your own power source for most brands. However, this product comes with plenty of features and enhancements. You do get a lithium-ion battery with 18-volt power. This means you don’t lose control during cutting, and the battery isn’t going to wear down as quickly.

In the past, you required another tool handy if you wanted to change the blades. However, this process is now obsolete. Blade changing is much easier now, regardless of the length or size. Standard blades can work with this jigsaw, and they can have a one-inch stroke length. That allows you to cut through aluminum, sheet metal, and wood effortlessly.

As far as standard features go, you should have an angled bevel. With this product, you can adjust your footplate to create an angle of 45 degrees whenever you require it. Plus, the system isn’t complicated to get it done.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • 18-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Soft-mold grips
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Adjustable footplate
  • LED light included
  • One-inch stroke length
  • Dust blower included


  • No battery included
  • Must use provided Allen wrench for changing baseplate angle

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 18V Cordless Li-Ion

When focused on battery-powered jigsaws, be aware that such battery power isn’t as efficient as a corded unit. You can cut, with a jigsaw, a variety of materials with ease, but it’s a different system. Therefore, you aren’t going to get through tough materials, such as sheet metal.

With that in mind, you may want to consider the small tool from Hitachi. Though you can’t use it for high-energy jobs, it works well to cut drywall and wood. You can always try to cut through heavier items, but you might not get the best results.

Though the Bosch (earlier review) is rated for heavier materials, you are going to drain the battery much faster. The Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 is designed for light projects where you’re not running it for long periods.

With this battery-powered jigsaw, you have a three-mode operation. This gives you more versatility during cutting. There is also a bevel angle option for 45 degrees, giving you more variety for your cuts. Therefore, this is a useful and agile tool because of the variable speed.

One highly unique feature for this cordless jigsaw is that you have onboard blade storage. As mentioned earlier, most cordless jigsaws allow for blade changing quickly and without having to utilize a second tool. Now that you can keep the blades right on the saw, it’s even easier. Plus, the unit works well with U-shaped and T-shaped blades, so you can use it on many jobs.

An LED light is also included. Many manufacturers know that with the dust blowing and being in a confined space, you may have trouble seeing what’s going on. Therefore, LED lights are helpful in many situations, especially when you’re cutting at the source instead of a table.


  • Three-mode position orbital action
  • Tool-free blade change system
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • D-shaped design
  • Soft grip handles
  • Cuts up to 2,400 spm
  • Ergonomic design
  • On-tool storage of blades
  • 18-volt lithium-ion battery


  • Charger and battery not included
  • Not quite as powerful as other brands
  • No dust blower included

RIDGID Cordless Jigsaw OCTANE

When it comes to maximum performance and power, you want the RIGID brand. The OCTANE is an 18-volt tool with a brushless motor and state-of-the-art electronics. Therefore, you get the max power possible from the batteries. This product is compatible with any other 18V lithium-ion batteries. That means you can switch them out within the product line and enjoy smooth work whenever you need it. If the battery dies, switch it out, andyou can still keep going.

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This cordless jigsaw is about 45 percent faster when cutting high-demand applications. It features a hex grip for more comfort and control, making it easy to do the work you need to do.

You also get tool-less blade changing with less than five-inch stroke length. Generally, you use U- or T-shank blades with this model. There is also a built-in dust blower available, which gets the sawdust away from your work so that you can continue working.


  • Brushless motor technology
  • Variable speed dial with Line Start Mode
  • Adjustable orbital action with four orbital settings
  • SightLine Blower provided
  • Works with any RIDGID 18-volt chargers and batteries


  • Heavier than other models
  • No blades or batteries included
  • Blower function not strong

Ryobi One P523

While we’ve seen some amazing cordless jigsaws already, we aren’t done yet. The Ryobi cordless jigsaw is a versatile and powerful choice. If you want something that can get through just about anything, this could be the right choice.

This unit features four orbital speeds so you can pick what you need for the job. There is a visual aid to help, but slower speeds work well for aluminum and metal with higher speeds suitable for wood. You can work smarter. The Ryobi One also features a locking mechanism on the trigger so that you don’t have to hold it down all the time when working. It reduces fatigue, but it could be a safety issue if you’ve never used it before.

The dust blower is built-in to ensure that the work surface remains clean. However, it isn’t adjustable, though it’s still better than not having one. Plus, when you’ve got the fan on, it doesn’t affect performance.

The adjustable footpad ensures that you can use the blades for longer. The edge gets closer to the base, as that’s what you’re using the most. However, drop your foot down to work on a different section with the blade, getting more life from it.

Though these are unique features, this cordless jigsaw also has the standard options you see with all the others. There’s an adjustable bevel base, LED light, and a D-shaped handle with softer grips for comfort and stability.


  • High-powered 18V jigsaw
  • Four orbital settings
  • 3000 spm operation
  • Built-in Dust blower included
  • Adjustable foot for blade longevity
  • D-shaped handle
  • LED lighting
  • Trigger lock mechanism


  • Charger/battery not included
  • Blade holder doesn’t always work
  • Very loud

Dewalt DCS331M1 20V

The Dewalt cordless jig saws are all the rage right now. In fact, it’s a respected and widely-known brand available for the cordless jigsaw. Dewalt offers a highly powerful and versatile product, so it is formidable at any job site or workspace.

This cordless jigsaw is so reliable because of the 20-volt battery. Of course, you can also find an 18V jigsaw. Dewalt offers that and the 12-volt, but we think the 20-volt version gives you a boost of power and makes it even better to do your work. Though it’s not the only 20-volt choice available, we think it could be the best. It offers variable-speed adjustments that can go up to 3,000 strokes per minute.

We also like that this product has four orbital speeds. You can get the most from the unit by adjusting it to meet your needs. Plus, you can cut through plastic, metal, and wood while customizing the output to get perfect, smooth cuts each time.

Of course, the dust blower keeps the surface clean while you’re working with the Dewalt Jig Saw Cordless. With many, it seems like an afterthought, but the Dewalt jigsaw cordless option allows you to move your blower around where you need it to go. This is handy when working at various angles. Plus, you’re going to like that the keyless blade changes are easy through the metal lever action.


  • Extra-powerful 20V lithium-ion battery
  • Keyless blade change options
  • Four bevel choices
  • 4-position orbital settings
  • Adjustable built-in dust blower
  • Anti-slip grip
  • Operates 3,000 spm


  • Bulkier and heavier than other options
  • Blades can loosen during cutting

18V Makita Jigsaw XVJ03Z

When you’re focused on the best jigsaw, you want the Makita cordless jigsaw. It’s a high-quality manufacturer, and this might be the best model on the market. It has a powerful brushless motor and reliable operation.

The design of the motor is such that you’re not going to fear overheating or have too much wear and tear from the product. It’s going to last much longer than its competition.

We also like the six-speed trigger. Such a variable speed product can go about 3,500 strokes per minute, which is faster than anything we’ve seen so far. Regardless of the material you’ve got to cut, the Makita jigsaw cordless product is going to handle it effortlessly. There are 3 orbital settings available to ensure a smooth cut.

There’s a locking mechanism available to reduce fatigue because you don’t have to continuously grip hard. You also get an LED light to help you see what’s going on. With the Makita 18V Jig Saw, you get an adjustable dust blower is also helpful to keep debris off the surface.

It uses a lithium-ion battery, but the battery life has something to be desired. Since it has a higher spm, it eats through the battery very quickly. Still, it does the job as any 18v cordless product should do. When you think of the Makita 18-volt Jigsaw, you’re going to be impressed.


  • Tool-less blade changes
  • Brushless motor
  • Soft grip handles
  • Variable speed control dial
  • 3 orbital action settings
  • Dual LED light setup
  • Locking trigger mechanism
  • Superior cutting power
  • High-speed action


  • Blade can jam
  • Trigger can automatically lock
  • Low battery life

Black and Decker Cordless Jigsaw (BDCJS20C 20V Max)

While Black+Decker is often a consumer-grade brand, we wanted to include its version of jig saw here because it’s powerful enough to handle those odd jobs around your home. We don’t think it’s suitable for professional job sites, but it works well for hobbyists and handymen who want cutting power and reliability.

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The 20-volt battery on the Black+Decker BDCJS20C allows you to cut through many materials, such as plastic, metal, and wood. There is also a tool-less option for blade changes with an adjustable angle for up to 45 degrees on both sides. The variable-speed trigger ensures that you are able to cut 2,500 strokes per minute, as well.

We also liked that there was an LED light system on the Black+Decker brand, as well as a dust blower, which is built-into the system. That way, you can keep debris off the workspace.


  • 20-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Tool-free blade changes
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Adjustable bevel (up to 45 degrees)
  • Utilizes U- and T-shaped shank blades
  • 3/4-inch stroke length
  • Excellent cutting power
  • Lightweight – only five pounds


  • Low battery life
  • No battery included
  • Can be very loud

Makita VJ04R1 12-Volt Lithium-Ion

The best cordless jigsaw could be the one from Makita. When you’re searching for a jigsaw, Makita cordless versions are often most suitable. Though it’s only a 12-volt battery, you still get a quality performance and appropriate cutting power. Remember, they work best for smaller jobs and can’t get through thick materials.

Still, you can work through the load, and if you want something small and easy to use and transport, the Makita cordless jig saws have you covered.

It features everything that makes the Makita brand excellent. For example, you get a brushless motor that lasts for a long time. There’s also a variable speed trigger with an integrated dust port. It’s also possible to hook the port to your vacuum, which saves time during clean-up. Therefore, this is an excellent tool to have around the house. Of course, the Makita jig saw cordless has everything you require in a smaller size!


  • Three orbital settings
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Variable-speed trigger
  • D-shaped handle
  • Dust port available
  • Adjustable keyless shoe bevel cuts
  • Battery life indicator
  • Suitable for smaller jobs
  • Lithium-ion battery


  • Battery drains faster than it should
  • Not as powerful as other models

Dewalt DCS331BR 20V Max

If you want a high-speed option with significant cutting power, the Dewalt brand has you covered. Remember, this is not the older Dewalt 18V jigsaw. In fact, it’s the 20-volt max lithium-ion version, which makes it stronger and suitable for almost any job you have.

This model is almost identical to the 18V version, but it can do many other jobs, especially those that require more cutting power.

In general, these make the best cordless jigsaws because they’re tough and designed to last. This saw can take a severe beating and still provide you with smooth performance.

There are four different orbital action adjustments with this tool to ensure that you customize the output to meet the conditions. With the variable-speed trigger, you’re working more efficiently and faster. Plus, there’s the dust port, which is adjustable and keeps the surface clean while you work.


  • Tool-free blade changing system
  • Four bevel settings
  • Variable-speed trigger
  • Compact design
  • Rugged materials and housing
  • Adjustable speed options available
  • 3,000 spm


  • No battery included
  • Blade can loosen during cutting
  • Speed can change during cutting

Milwaukee 2445-20

To round everything out, we had to finish with this cordless jigsaw. Milwaukee offers an ultra-compact style, which isn’t as versatile and doesn’t have as much cutting power. Still, it does offer plenty of benefits. We may not claim it as the best cordless jigsaw on the market, but it’s lightweight and can be used in tight spots.

As far as cordless jigsaws go, this one is light on features. Still, we prefer the L-shape design to make sure you get smooth cuts with the desired results. There’s also a tool-free blade change so you can swap out the blade to get what you require. Plus, there’s an adjustable angle, too.

If you don’t need extra cutting power, this could be the best cordless jigsaw for everyday needs. If a bigger model isn’t going to reach the space, this is perfect for small cuts.


  • L-shaped design
  • Soft, comfort grip handle
  • Ultra-compact
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable bevel
  • Suitable for tight spots


  • Not as much cutting power
  • Motor can burn out with extensive use


Are Cordless Jigsaws Any Good?

Yes, cordless jigsaws can make cuts on various materials. Since they have no cords, you can take the cordless jigsaw to places where a regular one can’t go. The market is full of various choices, so we’re reviewing many of the most popular ones.

When you utilize a cordless jigsaw, you can accomplish more. This tool is used for different cutting applications, such as porcelain tile, metal, plastic, ceramics, and wood. Since you can make curved cuts with a cordless jigsaw, you can utilize it in many other ways. It’s often a worthwhile investment for woodcutters everywhere.

There are plenty of benefits of buying a cordless jigsaw. They are best when you want to maneuver them in a different area and get work done faster. They’re often powerful, so you can do whatever you need easily. Plus, they make bevel cuts at various angles and are easy to use, regardless of your experience.

What Is the Best Jigsaw on the Market?

The best jigsaws on the market are those that have excellent cutting power and can have blade changes. You may not always want to work with the same blade, and you can switch them out as needed. Generally, they should be keyless so that you can make the changes to the blade quickly.

Which Is the Best Makita Jigsaw?

Makita is a top brand, and we think that it offers a variety of the best cordless jigsaws. Overall, we feel that the Makita XVJ02Z is the right choice because it is an 18-volt option. However, the 12-volt cordless jigsaw is also a great choice if you don’t need as much power.

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What Are the Best Jigsaw Blades?

Usually, the blade is what gives you the speed you need for the right cuts. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right one for your tool. We feel that, for hardwood, you should choose one that matches the brand name of your jigsaw. However, this is up to you, as some people prefer one brand for the blade and another for the jigsaw.

Types of Jigsaw Blade Options

  • The T-shank blade is highly popular and used most often. Sometimes, U-shank jigsaws are compatible with the T-shank blade. This style of blade is made to offer quick changes for them. You just push a button to replace it.
  • With a U-shank blade, you have a slower speed for changing the blades. They’re called Universal shanks because you can use them in almost any setting.

Choose Your Blade Based on Cutting Material

When you work with metal, you should use a jigsaw blade with precision-ground teeth that are tightly grouped together. Consider a carbon-steel option to cut through non-ferrous and ferrous materials quickly.

You need jigsaw blades that have large, sharp teeth widely spaced apart for cutting wood. However, closer-spaced and small teeth can cut through finer woods with more smooth finishes. Narrow blades with plunge-style teeth can be utilized for scrollwork.

If you’ve got to cut different plastics, you can use a multipurpose jigsaw blade. They can prevent melting, burring, and chipping of your materials.

There are specific jigsaw blades designed to cut soft materials (leather, rubber, carpet, foam). They ensure that no damages occur, and the cut is smooth.

Specialty jigsaw blades are available for drywall and plaster. This prevents crumbling, cracking, and breakage.

Metal Construction

  • High-carbon steel jigsaw blades are made with iron, manganese, and carbon. They’re flexible and can cut soft materials. However, they’re very cheap and weak.
  • High-speed steel cordless jigsaw blades don’t work to speed up the cutting. They’re not very flexible, but they are hard. You can use them to cut those hard materials, but the heat generated from use wears them out fast.
  • Bi-metal jigsaw blades are made using both high-speed and high-carbon steel. They offer flexibility, but they can still cut through tough materials. Plus, they last up to 10 times longer than either HHS and HCS options.
  • Tungsten jigsaw blades are made using tungsten and carbon. It’s bonded to the steel shaft and has a grit-like feel to provide smoother cuts. They’re highly expensive, but they can cut through just about everything.

What Is a Cordless Jigsaw?

Jigsaws came about from a European man who used a reciprocating blade on a sewing machine. Those are called scroll saws. Over time, this handheld tool became powered by an electric motor and is now referred to as jigsaws. They can make curved cuts and those that start on the board instead of from the edge. Design improvements on jigsaws now include adjustable plate guides, battery platforms, and much more. With that, you can now have cordless jigsaws, which allow you to do more without worrying about the cord.

What Are Some of the Advantages of Using a Cordless Jigsaw?

Cordless power tools started becoming popular in the 1990s. Soon, they took over that corded version because they were more portable. Woodworkers like cordless jigsaws because they can take them everywhere they need to go. Plus, no plug outlet is required.

If you prefer to work outdoors, such as in your garden or to put a fence up around the property, portability is a big concern. Cordless jigsaws are also highly convenient where you’re working in a tight space. You may not be able to get to an outlet, and the extension cord could get in your way and be dangerous to use. Generally, these jigsaws allow people to take on more projects around the house because portability is no longer a concern.

Often, a cordless jigsaw is much easier to store. They’re compact and lightweight, so you can put it on a shelf out of the way.

Are There Downsides to Buying a Cordless Jigsaw?

Generally, there is some loss of power with a battery-powered jigsaw. They often feature smaller motors, so they don’t generate as much torque and RPMs that the corded versions can handle. Plus, as the battery drains, the power is lost, as well. However, this might not be an issue if you’re not a professional woodworker. With many models having different speed settings, be aware that the battery is going to drain faster when at the higher settings.

Generally, the battery and charger aren’t included with the purchase of the jigsaw. Therefore, you’ve got to buy a compatible battery on your own. That’s because these are considered bare-tool jigsaws.

Charging is also an inconvenience. If you are lucky and the jigsaw comes with the batteries you need, you’ve still got to keep them charged. When it is drained, you may not be done with the work. Consider buying extra batteries.

The jigsaw blades are much thinner and can break if you put on too much pressure while they turn. They may also be limited as to how thick of materials you can cut.

Final Verdict

As we close on the best cordless jigsaw, we are thinking about how the cordless jigsaw can compare with the corded jigsaw. Though 12-volt versions can be smaller and fit into tight spaces, we feel more power is needed. If you do require a 12-volt product, the Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 is an excellent tool for you.

Otherwise, if you want something more powerful with options for speed, we are going to recommend the Ryobi One P523. This jigsaw offers a variety of features that give you the most value for the money spent. For example, you get orbital settings, adjustable speeds, and a locking trigger. This jigsaw tool is designed to last, as well, so you can use it over and over.


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