DeWalt DCD771 Review

Do you need to do small jobs around the house or even get involved in larger projects, but you don’t have much time, and you would like to reduce the effort required for the woodcutting tasks? If so, you can opt for DeWalt efficient power tools.

Your first essential purchase should be an electric drill. To further improve your comfort, it is very useful to opt for a cordless model. You are not limited by the cord and can work indoors and outdoors as you wish without stress.

Today’s cordless drills can match wired devices. The price is still a little higher, but the difference is huge, and the comfort provided is very much appreciated in everyday life. You may have a hard time switching back to corded tools afterward.

Indeed, many brands offer products adapted to different buyer profiles. In this context, it can become difficult to find a sturdy and reliable tool that suits you best, especially if you are not aware of the technical elements and main characteristics to consider for your investment.

In this case, the DeWalt DCD771 can perfectly meet your needs and offers some excellent features with a good price tag. It also serves as a specialized device for busy worksites.

For those easy DIY projects, you’re going to like this power tool. DeWalt is a brand that is valued for performance and high quality. To help you find if this is the right drill for you, we decided to review it and discuss its pros and cons and some main features.

DeWalt 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Compact Drill/Driver Kit

The DeWalt DCD771 combines two qualities: the tool is powerful enough for home use, even for a few more advanced tasks, and the price is affordable. This drill is primarily intended for DIY fans. With the DeWalt DCD771, you have a short head layout, weighing only 3.6 lbs and fitting into any tight area. You can even use it overhead.

Since most small spaces are quite dark, the built-in LED light feature makes it more convenient to see what you’re working on. There is no reason to hold a torch and try to drill one-handed now. It can be risky and unsafe.

The brand is known to offer excellent manufacturing quality and has remained true to itself on this product: the strength is perfect. Even with a few accidental shocks and falls, you can use it for several years without any difficulty.

This drill is cordless and highlights a lithium-ion battery. The kit has a ½-inch chuck, which is suitable with many bit models. The 20v battery is also interchangeable with other DeWalt power devices. Thus, you don’t need to purchase new batteries for replacement or repair. All you have to do is take one out of another DeWalt machine and use it in a pinch.

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In terms of power, the DeWalt DCD771 offers 300 unit watts. Concretely, this is suitable for all domestic work indoors as well as outdoors. You also have two-speed settings: 0 to 450 RPM, which is ideal for delicate and accurate work, and 0 to 1500 RPM, which fits with almost any project.

Concerning the package, you receive a gear case with the kit. Though it isn’t a strong one, you can always keep your power drill secure and preserved.

However, there are a few drawbacks to the DeWalt DCD771. First, it’s a pretty small machine. If you are willing to work for long hours, you should have a spare battery. Also, the chuck can quickly get vibrated loose at the full RPM. Make sure to take preventive measures while using the drill.

DeWalt DCD771C2  – Main Features

This section sheds light on the main points to help you find out more about this device. That way, you can determine if this tool is worth your investment in the future.

DeWalt’s DCD771 Drilling Machine: A Handy and Lightweight Tool

As soon as we started using this model from DeWalt, we were immediately seduced by this tool’s weight. With only 3.6 lbs on the scale, this screwdriver is very pleasant to use. It also allows you to work in uncomfortable positions and reduces fatigue at the end of the day. This low weight makes it ideal for interior design work. Finally, the ergonomic handle is also a plus for more comfort and convenience.

Power: An Excellent Quality/Price Ratio

This DeWalt drill driver is an excellent tool with great performance perfectly suited for everyday work. The new motor of the DCD771 model gives you the possibility to use two different speeds, up to 1500 and 450 RPM, respectively. The integrated electronic control system optimizes the machine’s efficiency for better productivity. Its all-metal transmission ensures optimal tool life.


You may find that the engine is very powerful and can manage metal, wood, and stone tasks. Since it turns at 1,500 RPM, you can work on almost any project. Thus, it would be best if you had some solid bits to go along with it.

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There is good tension, but if your main purpose here is driving, this might be the most suitable option. However, it works well for small tasks.


The head form sticks out on this DeWalt model. It’s only 10 inches long and works best inside small furniture and HVAC systems with no angled adapter.

Since it’s so small, you can hold it overhead for more extended periods without straining your arm. It’s only 3.6 pounds in weight.  As you may be working on construction projects, this is an excellent choice.

While it might not be the most long-lasting or sturdy tool on the market, that’s not the reason to buy it. Since it is only 13.9 x 9.9 x 4.2 inches, it’s small enough to perform a wide range of applications.

LED Light

The DeWalt DCD771 includes a small LED light feature on the right side of the item. When you push the trigger button, the light turns on and lets you see what you’re doing. This makes your work easier and safer.


  • Ergonomic, excellent grip, and easy to use.
  • The best choice if you already have DeWalt tools.
  • Sufficient power for most home renovations projects
  • A compact design ideal for fitting in tight spaces
  • Excellent manufacturing quality


  • Chuck weakens during intense usage.
  • Batteries aren’t durable.

Comparative Table

DeWalt DCD771Black+Decker LD120VABlack+Decker LDX120CDeWalt DCD791D2
Battery TypeLithium-ionLithiumLithium-ionLithium-ion
Included ComponentsTwo batteriesBattery, six drill bits, screwdriver bits, nut driversOne battery, charger, double-ended bitBare-tool
Power SourceBattery, cordlessCordless, electricBattery, cordlessBattery, cordless

The Best Cordless Drill: A Buying Guide

Everyone can find comfort in a different drill. Therefore, you should look for a tool that can, first of all, meet your needs. To help you, we present you with some factors to consider before making your final choice.


Sometimes you buy an electric drill, especially for screwing, for example, as part of interior decoration or furniture assembly. If so, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on your device – even entry-level products are perfectly suited for this purpose.

But be careful! Think about the possibility that new tasks may arise. Don’t just think about what you need to do now, but also about what you may need to do later.

The Tasks You Wish to Accomplish

Do you buy a drill mainly to do light repair work in your home? Don’t invest in an almost professional model, but still avoid the entry-level type.

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If you need it for professional use, don’t make any sacrifices. It’s better to delay your purchase for a while and get a truly high-performance unit so that you can devote yourself fully to your projects. Otherwise, you may be disappointed.

The Nature of Materials

Drilling wood is within reach of most electric drills. The same is true for some soft plastics. If you want to drill through metal or brick, you have to look for a much higher efficiency, which has a cost.

Safety Requirements

Cordless drills run on electric batteries. Be sure to use a battery that is compatible with the drill and meets safety standards. Otherwise, there is a real danger of overheating or sparks, which should not be overlooked.

Top Features to Consider Before Buying a Cordless Drill

Once your priorities are well defined, it is useful to know how to evaluate the purpose quality-price ratio. To help you do this, we have put together a list of characteristics to consider, based on your projects and the budget you are willing to devote to your purchase.

The Power

This factor is expressed in Watts and varies on average, between 500 and 1,250 W. In general, the higher the power, the more powerful the drill. This is not the only element that determines the performance of your tool.

You may also be interested in the rotations per minute, or RPM. 200 RPM is a very low value suitable for small screwing tasks and for drilling weak wood. Some models can go up to 2000 RPM, which is generally ideal for drilling metal or even brick.

The Battery

First of all, be aware that there are three possibilities: either no battery is provided, or only one, or two. The last situation is the most common. It is simply advisable to look for the highest voltage to get the best power, the average being between 12 and 16V.


A drill must be simple to use. This can be achieved through a rubber handle, the possibility of one-handed use, or a keyless chuck. LED lighting is also a great advantage for working in the dark without suffering from shadows.

Safety Options

Finally, safety devices are extremely important. Today, a large number of brands offer protection against battery overheating as a minimum. Some manufacturers go further, but sometimes with discounts to be made in terms of general ergonomics.

Final Thoughts

With the DeWalt DCD771, you’re going to get a handy and strong tool for the small size. We have reviewed different products and options, but none are as good as this practical power drill.

With that two-speed feature and the batteries compatible with other DeWalt devices, you can take on the most difficult projects without any issues.

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