DeWalt DW734 vs. DW735

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Are you looking for an upgraded planer for the workshop? Do you have custom jobs that need a specialized tool to produce a certain quality? DeWalt has two tabletop planers that we are going to have a look at today. These models are the DW735 and the DW734. Both planers have a high approval rating for their precision and quality builds.

Today we learn about the key features of these two models. Some pros and cons have been identified to help you make an appropriate choice.

Overview of DeWalt DW734

Workshops and job sites require a reputable planer to complete jobs successfully. The DeWalt DW734 is an affordable planer with higher-end industrial features perfect for the DIY enthusiast. With this tool, you can precision plane to the desired thickness and create beautiful works of art.

The high-powered motor and easy operation make it great to use in any workshop. DIYers should consider the DW734 models as it has a quality build and is lightweight. There is an excellent one year of free service and an added three-year guarantee for peace of mind. You can decide if it’s right for you by giving it a 90-day trial run. Precision, quality, and power are what you are missing by not investing in the DeWalt DW 734.


  • Material removal gauge
  • Lighter weight
  • Affordable price
  • 33-inch infeed


  • Fewer precision cuts
  • 12 ½ inch thickness planer
  • Feeds at only one speed

Overview of DeWalt 735

Quite similar in design to the DeWalt 734, the DW735 has a larger capacity, smaller footprint, and a two-speed motor. There are a few reasons why it comes in at a higher price. One factor is that it has a 15-amp 20,000 RPM motor that offers two speeds. That makes it capable of cutting different wood varieties. 

The motorized fan pushes wood chips out of two different exits. One can be connected to a vacuum, and the other can blow to the floor. The strong motor allows the DW 735 to plane various board thicknesses accurately. It has a four-column carriage that locks in place automatically.

A 19 ¾ inch cast aluminum base adds to the stability of this unit. This power tool is heavy and weighs around 92 lbs. That means you might need a portable table to assist in moving it around your workshop. It is a higher-end model that meets users’ expectations at a job site or workshop.


  • Two speed
  • Handle larger cuts
  • Motorized fan break debris down


  • Higher price point
  • Weighs 92 lbs
  • Need dust collection vacuum

What Are the Differences Between Them?


Winner: DW735

Both these models have the same motor. The DW 735 has an additional two-speed control which helps the planer make a more refined finishing. It can cut through some of the hardest woods with ease. This precision and versatility give it a competitive edge in the performance category.



Winner: DW734

If you are someone on a budget, the DeWalt DW734 is the ideal planer for you. It is considerably cheaper than the DW735 but does not compromise artistry or quality. This model can be used on commercial projects or accurately plane materials for DIY reasons. The two-speed motor featured on the DW735 is the primary reason for the higher price tag.

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Winner: Tied

Both of these planers are of fantastic quality and come from a reputable company. DeWalt is known for manufacturing high-quality power tools that professionals and homeowners love. All instruments are made from cast aluminum and high-impact plastic, guaranteeing it to last for years. DeWalt’s products are perfect for any job site or workshop. The company offers a 90-day return policy and has a great warranty on both models.

Dust Collection

Winner: DW735

An added blower on the DW 735 makes it a winner in this category. It has three blades which are protected by this feature. You can purchase added extras that help to divert the wood shavings. With this planer, you can keep the shop cleaner and collect debris efficiently. This feature helps to prolong the life of the planer and cutting blade.

Ease of Use

Winner: Tied

Using both of DeWalt’s planers is enjoyable and productive. Both models are user-friendly and have clear markings that indicate switches or levels. The four-column carriage makes height adjustment easy and ensures that your materials are secured tightly.

What Other Users Say

Many people recommend using these planers for professional or hobby use. Those who use DeWalt love the brand for its high quality and solid design. One customer mentioned that the planer works remarkably well with maple. There were no tears or rips to either side of the 10-inch board. 

However, some comments about the variation in thickness at the end and beginning of the stock have been mentioned. Some people have said that this results in some projects not being level. It mainly seems to be a problem with the DW735 models. 

The power of the built-in blower of the DW735 is incredible, and people have commended it for its reliability and strength. Connecting an additional shop vac to the planer is an ideal way to keep the workshop clean. 

Out of all the reviews online, the DW734 model has the most favorable ones. On the other hand, the DW735 has a few other competing models that users prefer more. Both of these planers are excellent machines that get the job done perfectly.


DeWalt makes reputable products, and these two are a testament to that. Both models have the same motor, but the DW735 allows for a more refined finish because of the two-speed control. It is good to remember that the DW 734 produces a precise and clean plane with only one speed.

If you have a workshop at home, the DW734 makes sense. It provides a user-friendly experience that is affordable and precise.  

The DW735 offers more versatility and can handle a range of different wood types. At a higher price, you might reconsider those features. Also, keep in mind the alignment flaw on some of these models.

Whatever model you choose, we wish you a lovely time in the workshop.

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