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Carpenters and construction teams often need to handle wood and other materials for their projects. Sometimes, they need to change the shape and dimensions of the material to adapt it to what the client needs, and that’s when planers come in handy.

Planers are, essentially, meant to trim boards to an even and consistent thickness, creating tables and other shapes with wood. It may seem like something meaningless for people who don’t know about these processes, but the planer model you choose determines the quality of your work.

However, not many people understand the differences between each planer, so it’s more difficult for them to pick one. The best ones in the market are the DeWalt DW735X and the DeWalt DW735.

When analyzing some of their features, both products are almost identical, but the differences between them show that one is better than the other. If you are looking forward to buying one of them, read this page to know which is best for you!

Overview of the Dw735 and the Dw735X

As we mentioned before, both products share many specs and features, so it’s not easy to see their differences. Starting with the functions both planers have, we can see a 15-amp motor in the two planers. Apart from that, their motor speed is 20,000 RPM, and their cutterhead speed is 10,000 RPM.

They have the same number of cutting knives, three, and also use a fan-assisted dust port. The first differences between these products start with their weight since the DW735 is slightly lighter than the DW735X. More importantly, the DW735X includes extra knives as well as infeed and outfeed tables, while the DW735 doesn’t.

When talking about price, the DW735 is more expensive than the DW735X. There’s no specific reason for that since the latter offers you more features and blades when trimming wood, but that’s how things are.

About the Dw735

Regardless of which one is better than the other, the two products named on this page are the best ones on the market, and you can see that by analyzing what the Dw735 has to offer. This off-the-charts model provides you with all the features we named before and also allowed you to adjust its feed speed to trim different types of wood.

You can adjust the planer to make 96 or 179 cuts per inch. That feature helps you create a smooth-looking surface regardless of how solid and hard your trimming wood is.

As it happens with the dust-port in the Dw735X, the sawdust is self-removed as soon as you make it. The knives of this machine are reversible and disposable, so change them whenever you need to.

The only setbacks about this planer are that it’s slightly more expensive than the Dw735X, and it doesn’t include either infeed or outfeed tables.

This planer does well regardless of the type of wood you are trying to trim, making it one of the most effective woodworking products you can get. However, it can take more time to trim hardwood, so consider before buying this model or the Dw735X.

What About the Dw735X?

Even if they are similar products, the Dw735X has some added features that you can’t find in the previously mentioned planer. In most cases, being heavier than the Dw735 could be a disadvantage for this item, but it’s quite the opposite.

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The Dw735X weighs ten more pounds than the Dw735, and those 10 pounds come from extra features that the latter doesn’t have. An example of those features is this planer’s infeed and outfeed tables, which provide it with additional support and reduce sniping.

This planer also has extra blades to help the cutters do a neater job. You can see how much those extra blades can help when cutting hardwood since, without that additional help, it would be more difficult for you to trim everything.

After reading the additional features of the Dw735X, you may think this model is far more expensive than the traditional Dw735, but the answer’s no. As we mentioned before, this model is actually more affordable than the Dw735 and other planers on the market.

You could say that the only disadvantage of getting this planer is that it’s heavier than the other one, but since those 10 pounds come from additional features, it’s fair to consider it a perk.

Which One Is Better?

As you have guessed by now, the Dw735X is considerably better than the Dw735. The additional knives and tables upgrade makes trimming wood an easier and less challenging idea, so you don’t have to worry about trimming hardwood anymore.

In these cases, reviews tend to recommend you save money to get the best option on the market rather than the other one, but, for some reason, this planer is more inexpensive than its traditional version.

That doesn’t mean the Dw735 is a wrong product, though. This planer is just the runner-up on this review, but it’s still considered one of the best planers on the market. Its features make it an excellent choice for the ones who can afford to pay its high price.

Regardless of that, there are many cost-effective alternatives available for you. However, they are not as good as the two we talked about on this page. We recommend you analyze your priorities and decide which option is best for you!


The tools used for construction projects are not easy to understand, let alone operate. However, some of them are easier to handle and are even used in domestic environments. If you are unsure about which planer to get for your project, you now know which is best for you, regardless of what you want it for.

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