Shower Tub Combo Ideas

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If you want to upgrade your bathroom and want a shower tub, you have a few different options. You can either til around the tub, go for a freestanding bathtub, or get a glass paneled walk-in shower. Or, you can go for a corner tub shower combo. Regardless of what you decide, you’re bound to find a shower tub combo design that fits your tastes and budget.

Tiling around the shower tub

To install tile around the shower tub, you need to know the right distances to the wall, the height of the tub, and the dimensions of the tiles. The width of the tile needs to be at least one-quarter inch larger than the diameter of the tub. For best results, start by securing the first row with a ledger board. This will prevent the tiles from sliding down the walls. Make sure to place spacers between the rows, and you may want to start at a higher height than the tub itself, as this rarely looks flat.

If you choose to tile the wall, make sure to take into consideration the height of the tub and the window placement. Since a bathtub sits against the wall, it will typically bow in the center. Tile placement will need to take this into account, as well as the other features on the wall further up. Also, tile placement must not leave small slivers of tile at the ends of a horizontal wall. Be sure to calculate all these factors carefully, and it will be easier to avoid any problems later on.

Using a tile cutter is a good idea if you are aiming to get a neat and even look. The blades can make the process much easier – just make sure you’re using a wet tile saw for consistent cuts. Another great option is to use a wet table saw, which makes it much easier to cut many tiles to the same size. There are five ways to cut tile using a wet table saw – here are five ways to cut tiles.

Free-standing bathtubs

There are many benefits of free-standing bathtubs for shower tub combo ideas. They are flexible in their placement, and they come finished on all sides. A freestanding bathtub is often more visually appealing than a standard bathtub, and can be placed in any room of the bathroom. This style isn’t for everyone, however, as it can make the room seem crowded. There are a number of benefits to freestanding bathtubs, including the ability to place one next to a picture window, or in a shower enclosure with built-in storage.

Clawfoot bathtubs are classic designs that date back to the Victorian Ages. They can add a touch of class to any bathroom. A California-based designer named Cathie Hong has given this style an artistic edge. While they are usually glossy white, you can also paint them any color. While free-standing bathtubs may seem like an unconventional option for shower tub combo ideas, they are a great choice for those looking for a vintage or antique look.

Adding a colorful bathtub can add pizzazz to your bathroom. Not only does it match the color scheme, but it can change the mood as well. For example, a brilliant blue freestanding bathtub coordinates well with a blue-themed bathroom. A colorful fixture can add flair to a bathroom without adding a lot of extra cost. If you have limited space, consider free-standing bathtubs for shower tub combo ideas

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Glass-panelled walk-in showers

If you want a luxury spa experience in your bathroom, then a glass-panelled walk-in shower is the answer. With a stylish glass door, these showers are the perfect way to do just that. Glass shower doors are an easy and affordable way to add luxury to any bathroom. The advantages of these showers include a sleek modern design and ease of cleaning. Read on to learn more about the benefits of glass-panelled walk-in showers.

You can choose between a fixed-glass or glass-panelled walk-in shower, and they all come with variable-thickness glass. A shower tray can be added as an option for a fully enclosed showering area. Glass-panelled walk-in showers are a popular choice for modern bathrooms, because they are easy to clean and don’t take up valuable corner space. And as the name suggests, they can be installed in any type of bathroom.

A doorless shower with glass panels can be a beautiful addition to your bathroom. While the glass tiles require regular polishing to keep them looking beautiful, they also provide an eye-opening effect. Using glass tile for your walk-in shower is also a great choice, as it can make a room feel more private. Besides, marble showers have a high-end appearance and will add value to your home.

Corner tub shower combos

There are many advantages of a corner tub shower combo. First of all, you can install it in an area with limited space. Secondly, you can opt for a design that looks sleek and smooth. The shape of the corner bathtub can be polygon or a smooth design that is ideal for small spaces. You can also opt for a unique design that is both elegant and original. Also, you can put it in the line of your preferred designing elements. Lastly, a corner tub shower combo enhances the overall experience of taking a bath.

Another advantage of a corner tub shower combo is that you can save wall space. This is especially helpful for small bathrooms. Some of these tubs even come with showerheads attached to them. You can even get a corner tub with jacuzzi massage jets for a luxurious experience. If you choose to install a corner tub shower combo, make sure that you find a design that coordinates with the rest of the bathroom design.

A corner tub shower combo is also more affordable than separate bathtub and toilets. The plumbing is less complicated and cheaper, and the two-in-one design means you can install a higher-end bathtub and shower. If you have more than one person in your family, this feature will make your life easier. So, why not make your life more convenient with a corner tub shower combo? After all, who doesn’t like two bathrooms?


One of the greatest advantages of a tub-shower combo is the space it saves. As the name implies, this type of bathroom setup takes up less space than a standard tub. Not only does this save space, but it also allows homeowners to install additional counter space in the bathroom. If you have multiple bathing preferences, you can also install a walk-in shower, which is more convenient for guests. You can even install two separate baths, so you can use one as a shower and one as a bathtub.

Shower and bathtub combos can cost anywhere from $350 to $900, depending on the size, materials, and installation. Walk-in tub and shower combos are designed for home safety and accessibility and are ideal for elderly and handicapped people. Combined with a walk-in shower, you can take a quick shower or enjoy a relaxing full bath. Depending on your personal preferences and space, you can choose from various types of shower tub combos.

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While the bathtub and shower combo are relatively common, you can still add accessories to your bathroom with a little creativity. A separate shower can be easier for elderly or disabled people to use because it has handrails and other features that make them more accessible. While the bathtub and shower combo may cost a couple of thousand dollars, you can save money by installing them yourself. Consider installing grab bars and recessed shelves along the sides of your bathtub. This will prevent you from slipping and falls. You can even install a recessed shelf to serve as convenient storage space.

Design options

Despite the fact that a shower tub combo is much less convenient than a separate bath and shower, it still offers plenty of benefits. A shower tub combination can be used as a bath, and you can add a luxurious touch to it with upgraded faucets and shower heads. The tub itself can also be complemented by tiling to make it look posh. A three-quarter glass wall is also a great idea for a sleek and modern look.

To make a shower tub combination look more vivacious, consider installing a new tile. You can replace your shower curtain with a piece of tile. If your bathtub is plain and white, you can install a wood or tile surround. Another great way to make the bathtub blend into the rest of the bathroom is to match the tub to the rest of the space. This will make it look more seamless and less of a distraction and will make the whole bathroom look better.

A shower tub combo can be beautiful, but you should be sure to make sure that the floor is strong enough. A tub that sits on a concrete slab or other surface can be quite heavy. Adding a new floor beneath a shower tub combo can also add more square footage. Consider the overall design of your bathroom and consider the mood you want to create when you add a shower tub combo. The benefits of a shower tub combo are many, and you can enjoy it for years to come.

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