Tub Shower Combo Ideas to Maximize Your Home’s Value

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If you are looking for a home improvement project, one of the best ways to maximize your property is to install a tub shower combo. It will not only increase the value of your home, but it will also be easier for potential buyers to see why this bathroom upgrade is so important. A tub-shower combination is a great way to accommodate bath and shower-takers alike. It can be quite the task to find the right design for your home, but you can accomplish it with the right plan.

Freestanding tubs

Choosing between a freestanding tub and a tub shower combination is a matter of personal taste and style. The former has its advantages. They are versatile, come in different styles, and can be set in any location in the bathroom. However, the disadvantage of a freestanding tub is that you can’t install a shower separate from it. This is good news for those who want to save time and water. Freestanding tubs used to be the preserve of the upper class, but have recently become more affordable for the middle class.

If you want a modern look, then you can opt for a separate shower and a freestanding tub. This combo gives your bathroom an ultra-modern look and feels. Choose a bathtub with a curvy rim and oversized backsplash for an upscale bathroom design. You can create a spa-like feel in your home with this combo. You can also mix and match materials to create the look you want.

If you have small children and pets, you might want to consider an enclosed tub. This can help keep splashes from damaging your floors and walls. You can even install waterproof tiles on the sides of the tub. The advantages of an enclosed tub are numerous. Besides, they can be very helpful when bathing kids and pets. You can also use it for washing up when you’re done. It’s a practical choice for your bathroom if you’re worried about water damage.

While choosing between a freestanding tub and a bath shower combination, you must consider your personal preference. It’s important to find the style and color that best suits your needs. The bathtub should complement the existing decor of your room. It can also create a focal point in your bathroom. If you’re working with limited space, you can opt for a drop-in or corner-shaped tub. They’ll surely make a statement in your bathroom.

Clawfoot tubs

There are many clawfoot tub accessories you can add to your bathroom, including a wine glass holder, reading rack, and even a bathtub caddy to hold your soaps, shampoo, and loofah. Then, install a round shower curtain rod over the top of the clawfoot tub for the perfect tub and shower combo. There are also cast-iron bathtub accessories you can purchase, including shower pans, soap dishes, and tub caddies.

If you prefer a classic bathtub, a clawfoot tub is a great option. They can be found in many styles and finishes, including polished brass, brushed nickel, antique bronze, and even basic white and black. If you are looking to make a tub shower combo out of one of these antique tubs, you can find one with a matching curtain rod and hem that matches the cabinets in the bathroom.

Clawfoot tubs are a timeless style choice. They have been popular since the 19th century and are still considered a luxury item today. They are typically constructed of cast iron with a porcelain coating. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, including the traditional roll top rim style and the more modern slipper style. You can find these styles in standard or king-size bathrooms, so it’s up to you to choose the perfect one for your bathroom.

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When choosing a clawfoot tub for your bathroom, you’ll first want to know how much space you have available. You should measure the length of the room and allow enough overlap for the door to enter and exit the bathroom. Remember to consider the size of the door as well, as this will affect where the tub will go. Lastly, consider the aesthetics of the bathroom and the mood you’d like to create.

Rectangular tubs

The emergence of corner tub/shower combos has brought both space-efficient design and a shower option to a crowded bathroom. The bathtub-shower combo is the ideal choice for small bathrooms, as it fits neatly into the corner of a room. Its triangular shape makes it a great option for bathing two people comfortably. But if space is an issue, you can always go for a rectangular tub.

One of the most versatile and modern tub and shower combos is the Japanese-styled bathtub with in-line heating and jets. The tub’s silver-coated hardware highlights the bathroom’s interior design. Similarly, a modern rectangular drain is made of easy-to-clean materials, such as a touchable smooth back and bright white finish. The tub is also mildew-resistant and will not stain.

Whether you want a traditional alcove or a more modern look, a corner tub and shower combo is a great choice. They offer ample space for lounging and bathing with a partner. An average corner tub measures 60 inches long by 20 inches wide and stands at 20 inches high. You can find smaller models as small as 48″ by 48″ and king-sized models measuring 72″ long by 20 inches high.

For families, a bathtub and shower combo offers practical solutions. Combined baths and showers accommodate both children and adults during bathtime. This is the ideal solution for growing children, as both can use both for showering and bathing. And you’ll save money as well. You can install a handheld showerhead to add versatility to bath time. These tub shower combos are both easy to install and maintain.

Walk-in showers

To create a walk-in shower with a custom feel, start by placing the showerhead at different heights. A mosaic tile floor can help create a seamless transition from bathroom to shower. You can use a glass door to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom. Glass doors are especially useful because they can serve as room dividers. You can add a recessed shelf to the wall to keep toiletries close by.

Alternatively, you can incorporate a walk-in shower with a fixed glass panel into your existing tub and bathroom. This solution will open up your bathroom and give you a more spacious feel. Walk-in showers can also be heated to provide a cozy feel. You can also incorporate an in-shower mirror, which gives you the convenience of shave while in the shower. A small stool in the shower can also be useful for holding dry clothes or extra towels.

You should make sure the walk-in shower receives ample natural light and is not reliant on electrical fixtures. If possible, install a skylight to allow for natural light. Otherwise, a small window can also brighten the space. If you’re worried about privacy, you can also make the window high enough or choose frosted glass. If you choose to install a skylight, make sure you place it in a central location.

If you have limited mobility, consider installing a walk-in shower. These will make the bathing process easier for you. They also make it easier for people with limited mobility to bathe. It is also helpful to have the robes and towels close by when you need to dry yourself. This will save you time and energy. It is also much more comfortable than a conventional tub. So, why not give it a try?

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Corner tubs

One of the most popular home design trends today is installing corner tubs with a shower. This type of shower/tub combination has all the amenities of a traditional tub. Corner tubs are usually deeper than regular bathtubs and feature higher walls that provide splash protection. For the bathroom that is prone to messes, these walls can keep water from splattering on the floor. Eventually, water can cause damage to the tiles and can collect in hard-to-reach places, allowing mold to grow.

When it comes to designing a bathtub shower combo, the consumer needs to understand what priorities to consider. Whether it is practicality or aesthetics, a corner tub shower combination can improve a user’s bathing experience. Window placement can either be unattractive or add light to the bathing process. Size also matters, but an extra-large bathtub may take up valuable bathroom space. Therefore, a good corner tub shower combo should be proportionate to the space available.

To add a touch of class, consider a corner bathtub with a shower. A corner bathtub can be flanked by an all-glass shower. It will give your bathroom a sophisticated look while the all-glass shower will match the design of the tub. A corner bathtub with a shower will also provide additional storage space for towels and other items. This combination is a great option if you have a small bathroom and do not want to sacrifice style or functionality.

In addition to adding a shower, a corner tub can also serve as a bench. Adding a bench allows you to sit comfortably while taking a shower or bath. You can even perch your leg on it while shaving your legs. Besides, a bench will keep you from becoming light-headed in the shower and further uncomfortable. It is not hard to see why corner tubs are becoming so popular!

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