Creating a Luxurious Shower

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While many Americans shower every day, it can be a treat to experience a luxurious shower. With so many options, you are sure to find the right one for your bathroom. From Travertine and towel warmers to radiator floor heating and Vertical spas, there are plenty of ways to make your showering experience a luxury one. Continue reading to learn about the various features available in a luxury shower. You will feel the difference in your showering experience right away.


If you’d like to install a travertine shower in your bathroom, you have a few options. First, you can opt for a natural stone shower floor. Travertine is a popular material that looks luxurious in any bathroom. However, it requires regular maintenance. Shower water carries particles of soap, dirt, and other contaminants, which can be embedded in the stone. In time, this moisture can damage the sealer, allowing mold and mildew to develop. You should use a squeegee to wipe down the glass shower door and walls, and this cleaning method will help you eliminate stains caused by hard water. It is a good idea to keep a squeegee in your bathroom and use it whenever you get out of the shower.

Although travertine is porous, it is easy to clean. Just remember to apply a sealer to prevent water from staining the stone. Water and other items that may scratch the surface of travertine need to be protected. Apply a sealer after installation and reapply it once a year. If you’re looking for a luxurious shower with natural stone, make sure you hire a professional.

If you’d like to install a travertine shower floor in your bathroom, you should be aware that this natural stone can easily be damaged by water. Its porous structure will allow water to penetrate the stone’s pores and cause stains. The stains may be difficult to remove if you haven’t properly sealed it. Body oil and body wash will also cause the stone to etch if left untreated.

When choosing travertine for your bathroom, you should consider the aesthetics of the room you’re renovating. Traditional designs are typically associated with travertine, but the material is also available in contemporary styles. In fact, Philadelphia Travertine is a darker tile that elicits warmth. If you’d like to create a contemporary bathroom, you should choose a tile with a modern sensibility.

Towel warmers

Towel warmers can be a great way to add convenience to your luxury shower. These gadgets warm towels for you while you’re taking a shower, reducing mildew growth and keeping your towels fresh. Some are wall-mounted, others are freestanding, and many are even multifunctional. Hydronic towel warmers are integrated into the home’s hot water plumbing. These warmers work by heating the water inside the bath tub or shower to create a gentle and even heat for the towel.

Towel warmers come in a variety of styles and finishes. Plug-in models use electric heating cable and can be plugged into a standard outlet. Hardwired models need a hardwired outlet to heat towels, but they’re more permanent and require a permanent installation. Hard-wired wall-mounted warmers are the most stylish, and have multiple heating bars. They also come in an array of finishes, making them the ideal choice for a luxury bathroom.

Hydronic towel warmers require less energy to run and use less hot water than electric models. Some are designed to work around the clock. Hydronic heaters don’t need a lot of electricity to run, and most of the energy goes into heating the rails. Aside from keeping linens warm, hydronic towel warmers also kill mildew and mold. And what’s more, they’re aesthetically pleasing.

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Another option is a wall-mounted electric towel warmer. These warmers can hold up to two large towels. They can be wall or floor-mounted, depending on the size of your shower. A wall-mounted unit will allow you to have more space and will prevent mildew. Some models even include vertical bars to accommodate additional towels. Towel warmers can be expensive, but they’re well worth the investment.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive towel warmer that will keep your towels warm, there are many different types available. Some are freestanding, while others are wall-mounted and require some assembly. Some are even programmable, so you can set the time for them to warm up. They all work to keep your towels at a comfortable temperature. Towel warmers are also a great way to prevent damp or cold towels while in the shower.

Radiant floor heating

When it comes to luxury showers, the use of radiant floor heating is one of the most popular features. This feature can be installed safely under the common bathroom flooring surface. Unlike traditional heating vents, radiant floor heating is recessed beneath the floor, eliminating any sharp edges and air quality issues. But with such a luxury shower feature comes some downsides. To learn how radiant floor heating can help you create the best experience for your bathroom, read on!

It can help you avoid unpleasant cold floors in the winter. The fact that it is thermostat controlled does not mean that the difference between the floor and the air isn’t noticeable. And while heated floors aren’t the most comfortable, they can be extremely useful in freezing weather. Besides the obvious advantages, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on additional heating. And you’ll also notice that it will reduce the cost of winter heating.

Another advantage of radiant floor heating is that it can be controlled with a smart WiFi thermostat. As a result, it can save you money on your heating bill while requiring virtually no maintenance. And since it uses less energy, you’ll be spending less money, which is a big bonus when you consider that it can save up to 15 percent of your heating bill. And it’s a great way to create the ultimate luxury shower.

If you want to add radiant floor heating to your bathroom, check out the products from Warmzone. They offer electric radiant heating for any floor surface. Just remember to turn off your heat before leaving your shower for a long time! If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of wiring, just consider installing a low-voltage carbon mat to warm your bathroom. You’ll soon be enjoying the luxury shower that you’ve always dreamed of.

Another benefit of radiant floor heating in luxury bathrooms is that it saves energy. Compared to forced air heaters, radiant heating is more effective. It keeps the heated air at lower levels and avoids cold drafts. Unlike forced-air heaters, radiant heating can also save energy because it eliminates the need for a small space heater. That’s a big plus when you’re remodeling a bathroom!

Vertical spas

Luxurious showers with vertical spas have several advantages. The thermostatic controls on these units allow you to set the temperature of the water, and they maintain that temperature throughout the entire shower. The Moen ioDigital vertical spa includes an LCD display to set the desired temperature and spray pattern, and it has a seven-inch diameter showerhead that delivers three times the water pressure of a standard rain shower system. It is equipped with four body sprays, and comes with a five-year warranty.

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A vertical spa is the ultimate luxury shower system. It contains a wall showerhead, multiple body jets, and a handheld shower head. A vertical spa can be equipped with additional overhead rain showerheads to give you a truly luxurious shower experience. A vertical spa can even replace a separate bathtub, allowing you to maximize the luxury of your bathroom remodel. To add another luxury feature, you can have two vertical spa systems installed in a single walk-in shower.

The Moentrol Vertical Spa system from Icon is an excellent example of a luxury shower. Available in chrome, polished brass, and platinum, it combines the contemporary look of a modern spa with a traditional appearance. It is easy to operate, with a lever system that enables you to adjust the temperature and spray pattern. The pressure balance is achieved through specially designed valves. The system includes four body sprays for a total of eight sprays. It includes a lifetime warranty.

Another type of luxury shower is the hydrotherapy shower. These showers provide different levels of water pressure, and vary from a mist to a cascade. The intensity of the water jets is not accidental – they have different levels of pressure to treat specific body parts. Cold water has a toning effect on the legs and gluteus, while hot water purifies the skin and makes it more elastic. Some spa showers even have a side shower to give you an extra hydro massage.

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