When Was the Circular Saw Invented? Brief History

One of the most common and beneficial power tools is a circular saw. It is well-known for home improvement tasks, DIY, woodworking, and building. However, where did this mighty weapon originate? When was the initial prototype developed, and when did it first appear?

What Is a Circular Saw?

Let us take a quick look at what a circular saw is and how it works. Circular saws are available in a variety of styles and designs. They cut utilizing a rotary action rather than the back-and-forth movement of a regular hand saw.

People refer to both the cutting blade and the tool as circular saws. These devices are frequently used to cut wood and lumber in a sawmill. The more powerful blades, on the other hand, can cut through a cement block, tiles, bricks, and concrete. They are multi-purpose instruments that are utilized in a variety of industries.

Single-hand saws, table saws, and dual-hand saws are the three primary types of circular saws. A table saw is a larger machine that has a fixed blade that does not move. Rather, you make the cut by pushing the timber or other components onto the circular saw blade. These are commonly found in factories and are used to cut bigger materials.

The two varieties of portable saws are next. The multi-tool, for example, is a compact handheld saw that may be handled by one person. Larger portable saws, on the other hand, have a bigger motor and need two hands to use securely. Multi-tools, for example, are typically used at home or for minor DIY projects. Larger portable saws, on the other hand, are ideally suited to DIY workplaces and building sites.

When Was the Circular Saw Invented?

Saws and circular saw blades have been used since prehistoric times, albeit information and accuracy are lacking. Archaeological sites in Gujarat, Lothal, for example, have yielded evidence.

Nevertheless, the origins of the circular saw and when it was first designed remain unknown. There are various well-known assertions. The current circular saw was clearly invented in the 18th century.

1762 – Walter Taylor

Walter Taylor was an English engineer from Southampton. He provided the British Royal Navy with a large number of rigging blocks and ship pumps, substantially increasing its variety and quality. He possessed several table saws and machinery, including circular saws, in his commercial sawmill at the dock.

Despite the fact that he patented a number of machines and did employ circular saws, there is no evidence that Taylor was the inventor.

1777 – Samuel Miller

Samuel Miller, a sailmaker, and inventor is credited with the invention of this contraption in 1777, according to popular belief. Miller, born in Southampton, UK, was a patent holder for a saw windmill, which was British Patent 1152, and it is widely considered to be the first licensed circular saw device.

1813 – Tabitha Babbitt

People widely connect the name Tabitha Babbitt with the creation of circular saws in the US. Babbitt was a member of the Shaker religious group from Harvard. She is said to have gotten the idea for the circular saw while witnessing two shaker men operating in a traditional pit saw.

She recognized how complicated and time-consuming the process was and set out to improve it. The fundamental problem was that the blade would only chop on the forward stroke, wasting energy on the return strike with no benefit.

Early 20th Century – Edmond Michel

Michel was a French immigrant who came to the US in the early twentieth century. He is widely regarded as being the inventor of the first portable circular saw.

This early concept was unsuitable since it required an external source of energy to operate. It could, nevertheless, effectively chop wood and other materials.

The portable circular saw had a machete handle that housed a six-inch circular saw blade and a gearbox energy source. Despite its awkward use, the tools quickly acquired favor, and Michel finally developed a patent for the initial circular saw.

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A Fascinating History for an Excellent Power Tool

When did the circular saw first appear? Circular saws have been used since prehistoric times; however, the current circular saw was invented in the 18th century. Babbitt has the best case and the most evidence to back up her claim that she was the creator of the initial design. Other work and claims by other inventors, on the other hand, cannot be overlooked.

Have you ever used a circular saw? Is it necessary for woodworking tasks, in your opinion?

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