Types of Shower Seats

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Whether you need a shower seat for a disabled or ADA-compliant person, you can find the right product with the features and benefits you need. Listed below are the different types of seats available, including ADA-compliant, Height-adjustable, and Bariatric options. Keep in mind that the total number of items listed here is an approximation. Taking a shower can be dangerous, especially for older individuals or those with limited mobility. Falls account for approximately 70 percent of all unintentional injuries, and many of these injuries happen in the bathroom. Using a shower seat allows you to shower without the risk of falling, while still making your experience more comfortable and safer.


Designed to help the visually impaired or the disabled access a shower or bathtub, handicapped ADA-compliant shower seats are wall-mounted and fold away when not in use. Available in white, ivory, or wood-grained phenolic, the handicapped shower seat is designed for left or right-hand use. Its tubular components are constructed from #4 satin-brushed stainless steel. These products are manufactured by leading manufacturers in Europe.

ADA-compliant shower seats are often installed in transfer or roll-in showers. ADA Section 608.4 requires permanent shower seats in these areas. They must be either non-folding or folding. Residential dwelling units that must meet the requirements must provide reinforcement in the wall for future installation. If the transfer shower does not feature an ADA-compliant shower seat, the toilet may be installed adjacent to it. The ADA requires both seats to be ADA-compliant.

In addition to making showering easier and safer, ADA-compliant shower seats can also provide extra support. A bench or chair can be used to assist with shower entry, while a seat can be positioned higher or lower than the toilet. These products are ideal for bathrooms or kitchens with low ceilings. ADA-compliant shower seats are also available in L and rectangular designs and must fit into specific tub shower enclosures.

The weight capacity of ADA-compliant shower seats is listed on the product page. Typical shower seats with no legs and walls supported without legs meet the load requirements of 250 pounds. Other types may have a higher weight capacity, ranging from 400 pounds to 900 pounds. The fold-up seats with legs and arms are more expensive and require reinforced walls. Padded seats are a great option for the elderly and may not be necessary for every situation, though they may become scuffed or worn with use.


Unlike traditional shower benches, bariatric shower seats are wall-mounted and foldable. They are made of stainless steel tubing with capped ends and are welded to the shower’s framing. The seat can be adjusted in height and has drainage holes that make it easy to level. They are lightweight and durable and are available in five different colors. For the most part, bariatric shower seats are safe and comfortable for the user.

A bariatric shower seat has many advantages. They are easy to clean, come with drainage holes, and are warmer to the touch. They are safe for use by people who weigh over 500 pounds. They are designed for use in shower trays that are 850mm wide. They are padded for better support and feel warmer to the touch than the standard version. These seats are tested to withstand weights of up to 55 stones and 350KG.

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One of the most important benefits of bariatric shower seats is their durability. Many are designed for a high weight capacity and are easy to clean. The ADAAG (Achieved Design Accessibility Guidelines) requires these seats to support a significant amount of weight. Moreover, they are designed to provide stability and support for a wide range of weights. In addition to being durable, bariatric shower seats are also easy to fold when not in use.

Another great benefit of these seats is that they allow the disabled to enjoy their showers. By reducing the risk of falls and other accidents, disabled people can spend more time enjoying the shower. This is the best way to prevent accidents during showering or bathing. The extra assistance they provide will make the whole process more comfortable. There is no need to spend hours readjusting or cleaning your shower. With a bariatric shower seat, you can enjoy showering as much as you used to.


Choosing a shower seat for a shower can be a difficult task for those with limited mobility. There are many different types and sizes to choose from. You will need to consider the functionality of your chosen chair and its size. A swivel shower chair will make it easier for you to get in and out of the shower without having to get up. Some models have adjustable legs and padded arms to facilitate transfers. Some models even feature a reversible design. Regardless of the type of shower chair you need, there are many great products available.

A folding shower seat is a great option if your shower is small or confined in space. These are sturdy enough to withstand constant use in a health club or gym. They also provide a safe seat for shaving and taking a hot shower. Compact shower seats can be easily installed and maintained. They are convenient for apartments and fit perfectly in a tub/shower combo. Most models are comfortable and big enough for most users.

Another option for a shower chair is a high-back folding shower seat. The Carex Compact Shower Stool features an adjustable seat height from 15.5 inches to 20.5 inches. The seat is 13 inches in diameter and is equipped with slip-resistant rubber tips. It is easy to assemble, with the legs being made of anodized aluminum to prevent rust. These chairs are available for purchase at Vitality Medical. When buying a compact shower chair, always check the weight capacity of the chair before purchasing.

The right compact shower seat will fit your needs. Unlike standard shower chairs, compact shower seats are ideal for those who are limited in space. The smallest chairs can still support 400 pounds. You may want to consider your bathroom’s design in order to select the right one for you. Compact shower chairs are easy to assemble, and the legs can snap on to either wall or tile. The smaller chairs are often easier to clean. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns.


Whether it’s a family member with limited mobility or an elderly person who requires extra support, height-adjustable shower seats can improve the overall safety of your shower. This type of shower seat can be purchased for your home, commercial establishment, or nursing home. It offers many benefits over traditional shower seats, such as adjustable seat heights and built-in seats that require drilling holes into the wall. Despite its name, this product can be adjusted from 17 inches to 19 inches.

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Made from high-quality materials, height-adjustable shower seats have sturdy, durable construction. The backrest is made of polyurethane foam with a plywood core, and the seat’s seat/back support is covered with an in-moulded, polypropylene surface. The arms are made from 10-micrometre anodized aluminium with non-slip gripping surfaces. The hinge arm is constructed of soft SEBS, and the hinge barrel is capped with ABS.

Aside from being comfortable and sturdy, height-adjustable shower seats have other benefits. Aside from their versatility, they’re safe to use in your bathroom. Designed with non-slip feet and stable legs, this chair is easy to adjust to fit most bath sizes. Some models may require a difficult bathtub entry. However, the no-tool assembly means you can start using your new shower chair immediately.

Some shower chairs have a backrest for added support. If you have difficulty getting in and out of the shower, a height-adjustable shower seat will ease your transition. The chair features a backrest to provide extra comfort, and the sturdy, sure-grip legs will add additional stability in the shower. If you have balance issues, you may want to consider investing in a medical-assist chair, which has a built-in adjustable seat.


There are several types of built-in shower seats, ranging from folding seats to permanent fixtures. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The first type provides the most support and can accommodate different size people. The second type requires special blocking so that it stays fixed to the wall. It can also be flipped out of the way when not in use. You can find many examples of shower seats on Houzz. You can use the search bar to narrow down your options.

Floating benches can add extra seating space but have disadvantages. They take up space in your shower room and aren’t as sturdy as built-in benches. Additionally, they’re easier to install into an existing shower. Make sure to choose one that can withstand the weight of a person sitting on it. Also, choose one that comes with adjustable legs. When choosing built-in benches, don’t forget to take safety into consideration.

Another advantage of built-in shower seats is that they’re easier to enter and exit than floor-mounted benches. You can install these seats to your existing shower walls if the bathroom is already tiled. Alternatively, you can create a bespoke seat from scratch. Just make sure to ask your tiler for a quote. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to choose a built-in shower bench.

Floating benches are more expensive than built-in shower seats. Although they don’t provide aesthetic benefits, they do offer functional beauty. If you’re looking for a bench to fit your bathroom’s tile scheme, you can install a built-in bench with a tile-matching finish. A floating bench may also be more affordable than a permanent fixture, so it’s worth comparing prices before deciding on which one to install.

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