Dewalt Dwe575sb Review – Good Value For Money Circular Saw

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When choosing an affordable circular saw, you want quality, too, which often isn’t easy to find. With so many models out there, it’s hard to choose. Plus, reliability and performance are key, but paying for that can be a little upsetting. Thankfully, the Dewalt DWE575SB is here. It’s affordable, has premium features, and has decent performance. Many professionals recommend this product. Our in-depth review shows you what all it can do.

Good value for money

This Dewalt DWE575SB circular saw features an inductive motor that requires 1,950 watts for power. However, it has no-load speeds of about 5,200 RPM and 7.25-inch blades.

  • Good value for money
  • Excellent performance
  • Made of lightweight magnesium
  • Compact
  • Weighs just 8.8 pounds
  • Front handle for comfort and grip
  • Unsuitable for sheet metal cutting of 3/4-inch thickness or higher
  • Not recommended for more heavy-duty cutting needs

The Dewalt DWE575SB – The Last Circular Saw You’ll Ever Buy

Comparison Table – Dewalt Dwe575sb VS Makita 5007mg VS Skil 5280-01

Name of Saw:Dewalt DWE575SBMakita 5007 MGSkil 5280-01
What You Get:– Electric brake- 15-amp motor- Various bevel capacities- Dust blower– Ultra-coated saw blade- Rip fence- Tool case- Hex wrench– 24-tooth carbide blade- Carry bag- Wrench
Power Source:CordedCorded ElectricAC

Dewalt DWE575SB Full Review

Power and Speed

This Dewalt DWE575SB circular saw features an inductive motor that requires 1,950 watts for power. However, it has no-load speeds of about 5,200 RPM and 7.25-inch blades. While the Dewalt brand isn’t as powerful as some of the premium products on the market, such as the Makita 5007MG, it’s robust enough to handle various wood cutting tasks, including heavy-duty needs.

It cuts through hard materials effortlessly, and it’s not going to stall. Though it isn’t the fastest model on the market, the blade speed guarantees that you get a clean, smooth cut that looks quite professional.

Cutting Capacity

You’ve got plenty of versatility with the Dewalt DWE575SB model when it comes to cutting capacity. The model features a bevel capacity of about 57 degrees. It’s a degree more than the popular Makita brand we mentioned earlier. This allows you to create easy and quick angular cuts in the material, even at an awkward angle.

Dewalt DWE575SB

Furthermore, the bevel stops at 45 and 22.5 degrees, giving you even more versatility. If you regularly perform bevel cuts within this angle range, the Dewalt brand is sure to be practical and beneficial to you. Plus, you can easily adjust the blade of the angle and lock it into the right position. This is effortless and comfortable to do and only takes a few moments.

The blades are 7.25 inches in diameter, so you can work on bigger projects. There’s also a deeper cut depth of 2.55 inches while in the perpendicular position. At 45 degrees, you can cut down to 1.9 inches. This is great for many woodworking situations.

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Dust Extraction

The cut line has to be clean when working with any saw. However, a circular saw requires it so that you can provide professional results. With the Dewalt brand, you get the powerful dust blowing system that removes any dust from the work. This ensures that the cut line doesn’t have debris within it and you can easily see what you’re doing. That means you can work faster and have more accuracy and precision when you’re cutting. Plus, we like that the dust blower automatically starts when you turn on the device. Therefore, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing and flip a switch.

Blade Quality

We’ve already mentioned that the blade is 7.25 inches in diameter, but it’s also made from impact-free steel, and the tips are made of carbide. Therefore, it’s quite durable and tough, and the metal isn’t going to break or bend under the load. You can easily use it for heavy-duty requirements, such as cutting for long periods. There’s no fear that the heat created is going to damage the blade.

Plus, we like that the blade’s teeth are positioned to ensure efficiency. You can cut through hard and soft stock with ease. With time, the blade doesn’t accumulate debris or dust, so you’re not going to do much to maintain it. This ensures a streamlined design that works for and with you.

Other Features:

  • Electric brake – One of the top features for the Dewalt DWE575SB model is the inclusion of the electric brake. Whenever you have to lift up the circular saw, the brake automatically kicks into action and stops the blade. This is very practical and convenient, but we also like it for its safety benefits.
  • Compact design – Even though the blade size is quite large for a model like this, the Dewalt DWE575SB circular saw is still compact and lightweight. Weighing in at 8.8 pounds, you’re going to be able to maneuver it effortlessly and use it for long periods without hand cramps. We also like that the housing uses magnesium, which is tough and durable.
  • Front handle – Because it has a front handle, you can easily maneuver and hold it comfortably. Plus, the handle features soft rubber on it, adding to the comfort level. Reduce hand fatigue when you have to work with a circular saw for long periods each day.


When you purchase the Dewalt DWE575SB circular saw, you get the basic accessories that come with most options. Of course, you receive the machine itself, but you also get a blade and the blade wrench. This allows you to remove the 7.25-inch blade as necessary. There is also a manual to help you understand the features and how to use it safely. Finally, you get a carrying bag to help protect the device and store it safely when it isn’t being used. While these are the bare necessities, it is still quite suitable for the price. Plus, you can get started using it immediately without any other tools or purchases required.


Dewalt DWE575S0

No review is complete without talking a little about price. We like this aspect most about the Dewalt DWE757SB model. For a circular saw like this, it’s competitively priced and competes well with the popular Makita 5007MG, which is also within the same price range. However, the Dewalt model also offers more security features, including the electric brake. It might not compare as well in performance, but despite this slight negative, we feel that the price of the Dewalt brand is quite reasonable for what you get. You’re not going to regret buying this circular saw because the compactness, performance, and versatility make it worth every penny.

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What Others Say

When other users of the Dewalt DWE757SB circular saw talk about it, they primarily discuss how lightweight it is and how well it performs. People often compare it with top brands, such as Makita and Skil. 

We find that this product is very easy to use and handles itself well. You don’t have to be an expert in woodworking or know much about circular saws to put it to use and do so well. 

Primarily, people are happy about the different bevel adjustments, blade locking system, and the comfort-grip handle. 

Who Needs It?

It’s rare for reviewers like us to recommend such a circular saw. However, we believe that the Dewalt DWE575SB is an excellent model that’s easy to use, affordable, and does everything it claims. Be aware that it isn’t the most powerful circular saw option available and doesn’t have tons of features.

Still, we feel that if you’re an average woodworker, such as a hobbyist, you’re going to find a use for it. Beginners are sure to find this to be a suitable option for the cost. Semi-professionals may also utilize it to its full advantage. Professionals in the industry may find that it lacks a few essentials, but if you’re short on time and money and require a circular saw, this is the one to pick up.

Other Recommended Products

Dewalt DWE575S0

When you’re focused on circular saws, there are countless options available. Though the Dewalt DWE575SB offers a lot of things you need for a decent price, there are others.

For example, we have been comparing the Dewalt brand to the Makita 5007MG. It’s also made of magnesium, so it’s lightweight, but it comes in at 10.6 pounds compared to Dewalt’s 8.8 pounds.

You’re going to find that it has a 15-amp motor, but it offers 5,800 RPM instead of Dewalt’s 5,200 RPM. Still, that’s only a difference of 600 RPM. It’s relatively small, but it does mean the Dewalt can’t handle excessively wide pieces of wood.

We’re happy that both products offer a bevel capacity of between 45 and 22.5 degrees. This means they are quite similar in stature, though the Makita brand does offer LED lights and a hard carrying case.

Even with those minor differences, you can see how comparable these two products are. Since the Dewalt brand is less expensive, you should feel good about choosing it. Plus, both models are well-known throughout the industry, giving you a great recommendation.

About the Dewalt Brand

Dewalt is a manufacturer of fine and affordable power and hand tools and is American-made. It primarily offers its tools for woodworking, construction, and the manufacturing industries. In fact, Dewalt is part of the Black & Decker brand, which is a subsidiary of the Stanley Black & Decker market.

It was created by Raymond Dewalt in 1923, who also invented the radial arm saw. Quickly, the company grew and became Dewalt, Inc. in 1947. Finally, it was sold to Black & Decker back in 1960 and has since become synonymous with quality. The company continues to create new and innovative products for contractors and woodworkers. Now, it offers mechanic’s tools, such as ratchets, wrenches, and sockets. You can also find tape measures, pliers, utility knives, and hammers, among other items.


If you regularly cut wood, now is the time to consider a circular saw. With so many choices out there, it’s difficult to pick the right one. You want something that’s not too expensive but gets the job done correctly, and the Dewalt DWE575SB does that. This review has talked extensively about the product. You’ve learned what it can do, who needs it, and what other models are similar.

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Now is the time to make your decision. Whether you want something for the here and now or require a product that works for the long-term, the Dewalt brand is there for you.

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