How to Use a Drill Press Vise

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The Wilton 11674 four-inch industrial drill press vise, woodworker’s cross-sliding vise, and Ellis crossfeed table are examples of tools that you might need to get started. The Wilton drill press comes with both types of vises. Here’s how to use both types of vises to make your job a little easier. Also, make sure your drill press’s jaws fit the vise before you start drilling.

Wilton 11674 4-inch industrial drill press vise

The Wilton 11674 4-inch industrial drill pressing vise is a durable industrial-grade tool. This vise features V-grooves for clamping round objects both horizontally and vertically. A sturdy steel construction makes this an ideal drill press vise for use in industrial applications. Here are some advantages of the Wilton 11674 4-inch industrial drill press vise:

The Wilton 11674 4-Inch Industrial Drill Press Vise is designed to be attached to a drill press table. The WEN 433TV Benchtop and Drill Press Tilting Angle Vise can be clamped on a workbench for extra versatility. A lifetime warranty ensures your investment is protected against deterioration. It is built for heavy-duty use and will hold up against a wide variety of projects.

The Wilton 11674 4-inch industrial drill pressing vise offers a lifetime warranty and a comprehensive instruction manual. This tool is ideal for professionals who need to clamp large pieces of material. It is designed to hold a variety of sizes and materials. The Jaws can open to four inches. The jaws are textured on both sides to prevent workpiece movement. A textured surface on the inside of the vise prevents slipping and allows for a tight grip.

The Wilton 11674 4-inch industrial drill pressing vise is made from durable cast iron that’s easy to install. It comes with a slotted base and large mounting brackets. It weighs 6.61 pounds and has a slotted base for maximum stability. The Wilton 11674 4-inch industrial drill pressing vise is compatible with many large brand name drill presses. One drawback is that it lacks lateral adjustability. While it is great for drilling on various planes, the tilting mechanism is not infinitely adjustable. You must lock the workpiece at the desired angle with increments of 15 degrees between 0 and 90 degrees.

A precision vise is essential for high-quality work. A good vise will provide square and parallel faces for precise clamping. Wilton’s 11674 4-inch industrial drill press vise is an excellent tool for a serious professional. It can be mounted on a drill press table or milling table. If you need a vise for a larger drilling machine, Wilton’s 11674 4-inch industrial drill press vise can be the perfect fit.

Wilton 11674 4-inch woodworker’s cross-sliding vise

The Wilton 11674 4-inch woodworkers cross-sliding vise offers top-notch quality and a lifetime warranty. The vise is built with steel and cast iron and features jaws that resist marring even when clamping hard materials like steel. Its flat-faced jaws won’t damage a piece’s surface during machining or plastic shaping.

The vise is cast iron with a powder coating that ensures durability. Its serrated steel jaws have a 5-inch max opening, and its durable powder-coated body offers a tight grip. A set of handwheels provides added precision while drilling. The vise has 0.1 mm increments for both left and right-hand measurements. The vise’s jaws can be adjusted in five-inch increments, and the crank handles can be moved left and right. The vise is equipped with a bolt down slot for secure placement.

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The Wilton 11674 4-inch woodworkers’ cross-sliding vise features cast-iron construction and is 20 pounds in weight. Its jaws are adjustable in two directions for precise positioning before drilling. Its narrow neck allows you to work in tight areas without sacrificing workroom. Despite its limited clearance, it offers plenty of versatility. And the 10-inch vise is ideal for those who want to hold wood for a long time.

Another feature of this woodworker’s cross-slider vise is its quick-adjustable jaws, which allow you to make adjustments quickly and without spinning the handles. A quick-adjustable vise will help you complete your project faster, but the jaws can’t hold a thin piece of material without parallels. The Wilton 11674 4-inch woodworker’s cross-sliding vise comes with a 1-year warranty.

If you’re new to woodworking and don’t have much experience in the craft, a power drill can be a great investment. While a power drill is highly portable, a drill press’s precision and stability are unmatched. This versatile vise is ideal for most woodworking projects and comes in several sizes. When deciding between two, make sure you choose a vise with multiple features.

Wilton 9400 model drill press

The Wilton 9400 model drill press vise is an integral part of this drill press. The vise has a capacity of 6.25 inches and is equipped with a quick cam lock system to make loading and unloading a snap. The vise’s unique clamping arm design allows for easy positioning of the drill bit, without compromising security. Moreover, the vise can be locked in any desired position in seconds.

This vise has a swivel base and weighs 52 pounds. The jaws are 3.875 inches wide and have no lateral wobble or rotational play around the cylinder screw. It is marked Wilton Schiller Park USA. It is available for local pickup for a $45 delivery fee to points in the Central and Eastern time zones. Shipping via UPS ground is an additional $20. The shipping fee is nonrefundable and buyer pays for both ways of return.

For more information about the Wilton 9400 model drill press vise, visit the company’s website. The company also sells drill press parts, including Vise-GripTM and Wilton H-Frames. They also offer multiple-application parts. You can choose from various vises, including those manufactured by Abernathy Vise & Tool Co., and Jacobs No. Ellis, which produces band saw blades for hundreds of different machines.

This vise is equipped with a center bar knob that sets the jaw position. The easy press locking lever cams the jaw forward by 3/32″ and exerts holding pressure from 400 to 1100 lbs. The vise is equipped with a heavy-duty ball bearing motor that is capable of operating at multiple speeds. It comes with a tool case. The Wilton 9400 model drill press vise is a valuable piece of equipment that will serve you well for years to come.

A drill press’s vise can be a crucial part of any tool, and the Wilton 9400 model drill press vise offers this and more. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for home or professional use. You can easily accessorize it with a corresponding vise, and the drill press will become a convenient and versatile tool in your workshop. Once you’ve found a good model, you’ll find that it’s worth the investment.

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