How to Unlock a Car Door Without Rekeying the Lock

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You might be wondering how to unlock a car door without rekeying the lock. There are a number of ways to do it, including using a hanger, a tennis ball, a hacksaw, a coin, and an inflatable wedge. Here are some of the more popular techniques. Hopefully, one of these will help you out! Until the next time you get locked out, remember that there is always hope!

Using a tennis ball

There are a number of methods for unlocking a car door without a key, but none is as simple as using a tennis ball. For this method to work, you must first drill a hole in a tennis ball. After that, simply place the ball over the keyhole and push the tennis ball until the door unlocks. This method may only work for certain car models, though.

A lot of people have seen these videos and believed them. Some even say that they can open any locked door using air pressure and a tennis ball. However, the video is entirely fake. The method that works for prison doors is not as effective for vehicle doors. As a result, you’ll be forced to find another way to open the vehicle’s door. If you don’t want to risk your life, use a tennis ball instead.

Another method for unlocking a car door without a key is to puncture a tennis ball with a screwdriver. Many automatic doors have a keyhole that can be drilled with a screwdriver. Simply squeeze the tennis ball near the keyhole until the door opens. If you’re not comfortable using a screwdriver, you can use a wire coat hanger instead.

Another method that works on cars with locking mechanisms that can be pulled up is to use a shoelace. First, tie a shoelace loop around the locking mechanism. After that, tighten the loop until you can pull the shoelace loop up. This method may take a few attempts, but it’s worth a try. So, what are your options? Try one of these methods and see if it unlocks your car door without a key!

Using a hacksaw

Using a hacksaw to unlock securing a car door can be a handy tool to keep on hand when you find yourself locked out of your vehicle. A hacksaw is designed to make fast cuts in plastics and metals. You can use a hacksaw to cut frozen U-bolts when replacing an exhaust system or to trim the plastic around a taillight lens. You can also use a hacksaw to cut mounting brackets for car accessories.

To use a hacksaw to unlock a car, you need a mini saw blade or a thin piece of metal. It should fit into the keyway and if it’s small enough, you can use it as a key extractor. If the broken key is too deep, you can use pliers to shape the blade and insert it into the lock.

Alternatively, you can use a hacksaw blade to reach the locking mechanism on the back of the outside door handle. Use a lubricant to ensure that the hacksaw blade won’t cut the lock, and then use pliers to finish the job. Paper clips are not the most effective means of gripping, so you should be careful not to push the key further into the lock.

Besides the jigsaw blade, a hacksaw can also be used to extract broken keys from locks. While most people already have a jigsaw blade in their home, you can get one easily anywhere. You should also buy a wire cutter for a hacksaw to make the blade’s barbs. Make sure to use the wire cutters properly so that the barbs are on the tip of the blade.

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Using a coin

Have you ever heard of someone using a coin to unlock a car door? It may sound like something you would hear at a party, but it has happened in robberies and prank calls. It’s possible that you have one in your car. However, the coin could be a robbery clue – you should call the police immediately. Using a coin to unlock a car door without a key is not something you want to try at home, and you should never use it to open it.

Using an inflatable wedge

If you have lost your car key, you can still open your car’s door without a key by using a long, thin, firm coat hanger. To insert the tool, you’ll need to position the wedge at the right angle and squeeze the sides together. After insertion, the hook will pull the door handle and the car will open. If you’re unable to find the key, you can buy a generic door-unlocking tool that will work.

Inflatable wedges will work best on sash-style doors, since they can be pushed out without damaging the door. However, doors with roll-over and side-impact safety standards were implemented 10 years ago, so your inflatable wedge should not damage the door. Make sure you use the proper tool and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the door. Also, be sure to deflate the wedge before trying to open the door with it.

Alternatively, you can purchase an air pump wedge. These are excellent vehicle entry tools for repo or locksmiths. These tools have an inflatable bag component that slips between the door and weather stripping. You can also make your own wedge from wood, but this method can scratch the paint of the car. Ultimately, an air pump wedge is better than a homemade one, so opt for a professional-grade model.

Another method is to drill a hole into a tennis ball. The hole should be large enough for the probe to enter the car. Be sure that you do not overdo it, as this method will cause damage to the paint and window glass. To avoid this, you can use a heated screwdriver or electric drill to make the hole in the tennis ball. Once inserted, insert the wedge in the keyhole.

Using a wire coat hanger

If you’ve ever locked your keys inside your car, this trick may come in handy. A wire coat hanger is strong enough to open most car doors, and it can be shaped to fit inside the door handle. For older cars, you may need to use a lever lock mechanism, but many newer cars now have electric locks and guard plates. If you can’t find your car keys, you can use a wire coat hanger to unlock the door without a key.

To unlock a car door without a key, make sure the hook of your coat hanger leads towards the lock slider. If your car has a button lock, place the hook behind the button and push it into the unlock position. Once the door is unlocked, you can drop the coat hanger to the door handle and pull it over until the door opens. If you don’t have a wire coat hanger handy, you can use a doorstop or thin piece of wood to pry open the window frame. Be careful not to scratch the door frame or break it, so use the appropriate tools to prevent damage to your vehicle.

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Depending on the car model and type of locking mechanism, a shoelace or a bendable metal rod may be sufficient to unlock the door. To use this method, make sure the door is open. If there is no key, insert a piece of plastic through the jamb of the door and lift the lock. For manual doors, you can use a modified wire coat hanger.

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