How to Store Christmas Lights

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Putting away Christmas lights can be a challenge. Knowing how to store them can make this process less stressful and leave you with more joy. Listed below are some tips for storing your Christmas lights. Listed in order of importance are:

Hangers are a great way to store christmas lights

If you don’t have enough shelf space to hang your Christmas lights on, consider using plastic clothes hangers. These are the easiest way to store your lights, and they also work well for shorter strands of lights. To wrap and store your lights, wrap the light cable around the hook on one side of the hanger. For added stability, wrap the light cable the other way around the hanger as well.

Another great option is to purchase cord reels. These can hold the lights in place along banisters. These can be wrapped in cardboard to prevent tangling. You can also place them in extra storage cabinets or storage boxes. This will prevent them from getting tangled and damaged during the long winter months. However, this is not recommended, as you run the risk of breaking your lights. You may also be unable to store them properly if you don’t have extra storage space.

Another option for hanging your Christmas lights is using unused clothes hangers. Simply put the light strand through the strap hook and wrap it around the hanger. This makes storage even easier if you already have hanging racks. It’s an easy and convenient way to store Christmas lights. You can use this method to store your lights in a closet, attic, or shed. There are several other options for hanging your Christmas lights.

Another way to keep Christmas lights organized is by using empty Pringles cans. Make sure to rinse the Pringles cans first to remove crumbs. If you can’t find any empty Pringles cans, you can use a cardboard tube for Christmas lights instead. Then, you can reuse the original box for storage as long as it has the same width and height. To save even more space, use a plastic spacer. Threading your lights through this spacer is the easiest way to store them.

Another cheap way to store Christmas lights is to use hangers. You don’t need to purchase a special container for them, but hanging them will help keep them safe and out of harm’s way. This is also an effective way to protect the bulbs and prevent them from breaking. This way, you can easily get rid of excess Christmas lights without sacrificing your storage space. There are no extra costs to hanging Christmas lights.

Aftermarket storage containers are another option

There are several types of aftermarket storage containers for storing Christmas lights. These containers are a bit more expensive than their DIY counterparts, but can make the job of hanging your lights easier. Another option is to reuse boxes or storage containers you’ve already used for other purposes. If you don’t want to spend the extra money on storage containers, you can save old boxes by wrapping your lights around them.

When storing Christmas lights, you can also use cardboard boxes. You can wrap each individual light to prevent tangling. Another option is a plastic clothes hanger. You can place the lights in the hanger and it will protect them from the weather. Buying Christmas lights storage holders can be quite expensive, so you may want to think twice before buying one. However, these are well worth the price.

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Another alternative is using a holiday storage bag. These bags are designed with reinforced side handles and a clear card slot. They can be used for storage in the attic, garage, basement, and shed. The ice Xmas lights bag has room for up to 800 bulbs. It also has reinforced sides for easy carrying and collapses flat for maximum space efficiency. This option is a great alternative to storing your lights in a box.

Aside from reusable and regifted Christmas decorations, you can also buy aftermarket storage containers for storing Christmas lights. These are also available in different sizes. There are many different options for storing your Christmas lights. Purchasing the right one will give you the peace of mind you need to celebrate the holidays. Once you’ve chosen the storage container, you can then store your Christmas lights. You can even store your ornaments in them.

Wrapping them in bunches

For storing your holiday lights, you may want to use a chair. Wrap the lights around the chair legs using a 12-inch cord, then tie a loose knot to secure it. Store the lights in a closet or bin containing holiday decorations. This method works best for shorter strings of lights. To avoid tangling, use a plastic hanger that has hooks on each end. This can be reused for longer strings of lights.

To wind multiple strands of lights into one bundle, use a plastic bag to store them. The plastic bag can hold up to three strands of lights. Make sure to cut a notch that will fit the end of the light string. Once it is wrapped, make another notch in the same place. You can use the second plastic bag to store the rest of the lights. If you have many strands, this method works well.

If you have a limited amount of shelf space, the best option is a plastic clothes hanger. These are perfect for short strands of lights, as they do not take up much space. You can attach the strand to the plastic clothes hanger using the small hooks on each side. Fold the strand back like a piece of fabric and secure it with a rubber band or string. If you do not have a plastic clothes hanger, you can also use a long and narrow storage tote.

One of the most annoying parts of the holiday is taking down all of the decorations. And Christmas lights are no exception. These strands of lights can be difficult to untangle and tangle in a box, but you can use cardboard boxes to keep them organized. Using a plastic box will also prevent the lights from tangling. This method is best for small lights, such as LED lights. If you have large glass bulbs, storing them in a cardboard box is a pain, so you may want to consider another solution.

Using a cord reel

If you have a lot of Christmas lights, a cord reel is a great option for storage. These devices are designed to hold long extension cords and come in various styles and sizes. Many cord reels hold hundreds of feet of cord. This makes them an ideal solution for storing your Christmas lights. You simply connect one end of each light strand to the cord reel and then pull the free end out to use the reel as storage.

The most important thing to remember when using this method is to take care not to break any lights in the process. If you have multiple strands of lights, use the cord reel to separate them. Once you’ve plugged in all of the lights, you can simply plug in another strand of lights. Then, keep plugging new ones into the old ones, until you run out of space. Then, you can store the lights until next year.

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You can make a cord reel yourself by cutting a rectangle of cardboard with grooves on one side. Place the beginning of each strand in the first groove and slowly wind the lights around the cardboard. Then, wrap the cardboard in newspaper to cushion the lights and prevent them from unwinding when stacked in the box. A Christmas light storage reel will keep your lights tangle-free and protected from moisture, dust and insects.

Another option is using a cardboard box to wrap your lights. This method is convenient because it keeps your strings of Christmas lights in one place, while also preventing them from tangling. You should also purchase a piece of cardboard that is at least 12 inches (30 cm) wide in size, as this will help prevent your Christmas lights from buckling. It’s a good idea to make several sets of cardboard boxes to save space.

When you are wrapping your Christmas lights, it’s important to remember that you can never have too many strings. A cord reel will make it easier to manage your light strings. Some cord reels have built-in hand winders for easier connection and disconnection. If you want to make things even simpler, you can save the box you use to wrap your lights in. And it will also last much longer. The best part about this reel is that it is easy to use and will keep your lights looking great for years to come.

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