How to Make Wooden Hinges

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If you’re wondering how to make wooden hinges, you can find a great video tutorial on WWGOA. This site has an extensive collection of videos. The first video covers the process from strip selection to drilling and finishing. Next, watch Doug Stowe’s box-making video workshop to learn more about the hinge-making process. Using a knife and a saw, you’ll need 21mm-wide strips of wood.

Doug Stowe’s video workshop on making boxes

If you’ve never made wooden hinges before, you’re in for a treat! Doug Stowe, a well-known woodworker, offers a video workshop in making them, using hand techniques as well as a router table. Not only does Doug show you how to make these hinges, he also shows you how to shape them and use a story stick to ensure that they fit perfectly.

To start, you’ll need to mark where to place the holes for the hinges. You can use a small scrap piece to help you locate the center of the screw hole. Afterward, use an awl to mark the center of the screw hole. Once the screw holes are marked, mount the hinges by screwing them into the box’s bottom. If you’re not confident with screws, use a small finish nail or double stick tape to temporarily mount the hinges to the box.

After you learn the basics, you can try your hand at making more complicated wooden box hinges. After all, these hinges can be used on anything, including jewelry boxes. The techniques covered are incredibly versatile and will make any box look elegant and well-crafted. For more advanced techniques, you can try Doug Stowe’s video workshop on making wooden hinges for boxes. So go ahead and try your hand at it – you’ll be glad you did!

Round the edges of the box with 220 grit sandpaper. Add an embellishment to your box by choosing a unique pull. Doug found a unique pull at a hardware store that suited the scale of his box. For tops, you can round the edges of the box by using a 3/16″ round over bit. This delicate pull works best on small boxes, but you can use a larger pull if the box lid is heavy.

Woodcraft’s article on making hinges

If you have ever tried making wooden hinges, you know how time-consuming they can be. However, you can do this project yourself, and even with the basic tools you already own. Wooden hinges are perfect for various furniture applications, and you can even make them from scrap metal. This article describes the process of making wooden hinges. It also offers some tips on how to modify the instructions to create different types of wooden hinges.

First, you need to find a piece of wood that has an 1/8-inch diameter. Use a center punch to line up the hole and drill the hinge blank. Make sure to place the blank on a block of wood to prevent it from tipping over. Drill a hole on one side of the hinge blank where the diagonals meet. Drill deep enough to meet the hole drilled on the other side. Then, you need to cut out the barrels, making sure to follow the solid lines.

To make wooden hinges for heavy-duty doors and gates, you need to know how to fabricate them properly. In order to make metal hinges, you need large chains that are wider than bicycle chains. You will also need stainless steel all-thread rod and nut. Then, you can create unique designs for your doors. For hinges that swivel, you can use ball bearings. The Woodcraft YouTube video explains how to make ball bearing door hinges.

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21mm wide strips

There are several ways to create the finger joints of wooden hinges. One way is to cut three pieces of wood at the same width. After cutting these strips, clamp them tightly with the help of a clamping device. If the finger joints are too long, cut them down later. You can also use a belt sander to smooth the sticking points. The process will be very simple. After all, making a wooden hinge can be fun!

Once you have cut the strips, you need to use a drill bit with a 1/8″-inch diameter. To drill a hole on one side of the hinge blank, you need to find the intersection of the two diagonals and align the drill bit with it. Once the holes are lined up, you can use a block of wood to support the hinge blank. After locating the center punch, drill a hole in the blank where the two diagonals meet. The hole should be deep enough to accommodate the hinge pin. Next, cut the hinge barrels along the solid lines.


When making wooden hinges, you must accurately form the grooves and spikes. This requires a thin steel wire and a drill bit. A burl board that is a similar texture is ideal for the project. Using the proper tools, this project can be completed quickly and accurately. Finally, the finished product should be polished and wiped with alcohol. If you are not confident in your drill bit and are not familiar with this process, you can ask a friend or colleague for help.

Dry assembling

To assemble a hinge, start by sanding the blanks. You should also use a center punch to line up the drill bit. Place a block of wood under the blank to hold it while drilling. Drill the blanks along the diagonals, making sure to drill deep enough to accommodate the hinge pin hole. Once the hinge blanks have been drilled, you can cut out the hinge barrels along solid lines.

To assemble the hinges, use a crosscut sled to cut the mortises and recesses. This will help you limit the number of cuts to be made. Make a series of cuts before cutting the first mortise. Mark the location of the gable with a fine pencil. You can then install the hinge. Once it has been installed, it is time to install the lid. Dry assembling wooden hinges can be a fun project, and there are many advantages to it.

Before mortising, you should use a router bit with the same depth as the thickness of the hinge. For this step, you should position the edge guide about 1/64″ from the inner cutting edge of the bit. This will help ensure that the mortise fits properly. You may also use a chisel to square up the end. Once all is ready, you can test-fit the hinge. If the mortise is not squared up, you should try to glue it back on, but if the mortise is perfectly fitted, it will be a little harder to glue the hinge.

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