How to Make a Tapered Wood Column

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If you’re building a new home, you may be interested in learning how to make a tapered wood column. These columns can be used for a variety of purposes, including adding character to your house. Depending on how detailed you want your columns to be, you can even make them from reassembled kits. Round columns, for example, are easy to build and look beautiful. They can also be inexpensive to make compared to more complex designs, and they complement a wide range of other design elements in your home.

Round columns

The first step in making a tapered wood column is to create the base unit. To build a tapered wood column, you will need to make a box that is 7 1/2” wide by 12 1/2” long. Cut the 1x6s to fit the box, and hammer nails into them at 45 degrees. Once the box is tightened, you will attach the trim pieces on top. Make sure the cap trim is made of 1x6s that have mitered corners.

Round columns are a little trickier to cut. Round columns typically have a consistent diameter on the bottom third of their height and a slight taper towards the top two-thirds of their height. For this type of column, it is helpful to put a piece of material around the bottom of the shaft to mark the cut area. You can use flexible aluminum stock or paper to mark the shape of the shaft, so you can see exactly where to make the saw cut.

Another way to make a tapered wood column is to buy a pre-made kit. The kit includes everything you need to make a tapered wood column, and the instructions will walk you through the process step-by-step. You can even paint or stain the column at home. If you want to make it a little more durable, consider purchasing a paint grade plywood. The cost will be less than $60 per column!

Another good option is a polyethylene column. This material is durable and offers a traditional appeal, but is also very versatile. This material will not warp or become brittle and is free of termites. The Endura-Series Square Tapered Column will enhance any room’s decor. It can even be installed around an existing post, which is great if you want a traditional look. This way, you can avoid the hassle of adding new posts and columns.

Craftsman columns are also square and have tapered or non-tapered columns. Some have raised panels or recessed panels and fluting. They can be made with an expanded cellular PVC material that is fast and easy to install. And if you’re worried about the maintenance of this type of column, you can purchase one that’s stain-grade and ready to use. These columns are available with a Bungalow cap and base.

The next step is to attach the box to the porch. To do this, you need to pre-drill holes in the concrete where you will place the column. Next, attach the brackets using a set of two 1/2” porch screws. Make sure the screws are secure enough to hold the weight of the column. Using this technique, you will be able to build a long and sturdy tapered wood column.

Reassembly kits

Split columns are often used in architectural projects as decorative wraps around a structural member. Split column reassembly kits make reassembling split columns easy. They include six nylon locking straps and one-quart (1.85 lbs.) of automotive body filler. Split columns typically require two kits. Reassembly kits for split columns come with complete instructions. Turncraft recommends purchasing two kits for columns that are over twelve feet in height and 14” in diameter.

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Ten and sixteen-inch tapered wood columns typically are made of 1/2-inch-thick MDF with a hardwood veneer. They feature lock miter joints and are 15-1/2″ tall and nine-and-a-half” wide. Usually, these columns ship in four panels that are easy to cut to size. MDF adhesive and tape are included in the kits, so that the project is quick and easy.

Another popular style is the Endura-Craft(tm) square-tapered column, made of the highest-quality expanded cellular PVC. They are easy to install around a post and can withstand humidity and warping. Endura-Craft’s unique E-Z Lock assembly provides straight miters and is compatible with both wood and PVC construction. The columns are available in semi-matte white and are easy to assemble.

Superior Aluminum columns provide the same aesthetic advantages as wood, without requiring any maintenance. They are also available in many different styles and can be custom-made to fit any space. In addition, these columns can support overhead structures. Reassembly kits for tapered wood columns are a convenient option for replacing damaged or rotting columns. If you have the budget to purchase individual pieces, superior Aluminum columns are the perfect solution.

Construction adhesive

Tapered wood columns are usually made from 1/2″ thick MDF and veneered with a choice of hardwood. They are assembled using lock miter joints. The shafts of these columns are approximately 11 7/8″ at the bottom and seven and a half inches at the top. They are made to fit openings that are at least six inches in diameter. They ship in four panels that you cut to fit. They include MDF adhesive, tape, and instructions on how to install them.

After you’ve cut and shaped your tapered wood column, apply a thin layer of construction adhesive to the surface of the panel. Apply small beads of adhesive along the perimeter of the panel, about four inches apart. Repeat this process for each of the remaining section. Make sure that you leave some room between the pieces so that the glue can spread evenly across them. If you’re using a non-adhesive adhesive, use textured caulk.

Once the column base is prepared, you’ll need to drill a hole for bolts or screws. Be sure to use construction adhesive to attach the bolts and screws. Once the bolts and screws are in place, slide the base down and level. Mark the top and bottom of the column with a pencil to help you identify where to attach the base. Next, apply construction adhesive to the base in a zigzag pattern around the column.

Styrofoam and urethane are two common materials for making columns. You can build them one on top of another, or use a urethane or styrofoam base. You can then add a tapered top and finish with stage paint, a faux marble effect, or carving details. For the top of the column, you can add wooden dowels.

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