How to Apply Rockhard Tabletop Varnish and Urethane Varnish

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Are you looking for information on how to apply Rockhard Tabletop Urethane Varnish? There are several options available in the market, including Rockhard by Behlen, Rockhard by Mohawk, and RPM’s Rockhard Tabletop Urethane Varnish. In this article, we will show you how to apply each of these three products. Once you have selected the type of varnish, you can follow the following guidelines.

Behlen’s Rockhard Tabletop Varnish

If you’ve ever wondered how to apply Behlen’s Rockhard Table top Varnish, you’ve come to the right place. Rockhard is a tough and abrasion resistant finish that dries dust-free in four hours and is ready to handle in fourteen hours. The formula is also water-based and suitable for use with water base grain filler. Here are the basic steps:

Mix the mixture thoroughly and use a natural bristle brush to apply it to the wood surface. Apply full coats if desired. If applying thin layers, work in the direction of the grain. After applying the first coat, allow it to dry for at least four hours. After fourteen hours, the tabletop should be completely dust-free. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for the best finish.

Mohawk’s Rockhard Tabletop Varnish

Mohawk’s Rockhard Tabletop Varnch is a top-quality resin oil varnish designed for interior use. It is the ultimate finish for tabletops and counter tops, where maximum protection is needed. This varnish dries quickly and is dust-free after four hours. This product can be applied in several coats for added protection. The finish is hard and glossy, and a few coats will ensure the desired protection.

Before applying Rockhard Tabletop Varnish, prepare the wood surface by sanding with 150-180 grit sandpaper. Then, apply a waterborne or pigmented stain, mixing with a paddle. Do not vigorously shake the can, as this may cause air bubbles to form in the dried film. After the staining process is complete, apply Rockhard(tm) Table Top Urethane Varnish at brushing consistency. Apply one or two thin coats over the wood surface, following the grain.

RPM’s Rockhard Tabletop Urethane Varnish

The hard finish that Rockhard Tabletop Urethane Varsh offers is perfect for tabletops. It dries dust-free in four hours and dries completely within fourteen to twenty-four hours. Each quart covers approximately 140 to 190 square feet. This product is not available for shipment to CA, MN, or WI. This product is not recommended for use on marble, granite, or concrete countertops.

The varnish adheres firmly to the wood and creates a durable rock hard coating. While the product is very durable, wood will eventually shrink and the varnish will crack. Therefore, periodic refinishing is necessary in order to maintain its appearance. The product is manufactured using secretions of lac bugs, denatured alcohol, and other spirits. A heavily-built coat of varnish is recommended for outdoor applications and is suitable for short term use outdoors. Coasters should be placed underneath beverages.

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