How to Brand Wood

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There are many ways to brand wood. Depending on the amount of wood you are brandng, you can use a blowtorch, an electric branding iron, or a combination of methods. While you may use a blowtorch if you are branding small amounts of wood, an electric branding iron is more effective for larger quantities. These irons will not cool down between uses and add cleaner lines to the design. Electric branding irons are also more eco-friendly and avoid the safety implications of using fire near wood.

Heat irons are more eco-friendly

When you need to brand wood, heat irons are more eco-friendly than an electric iron. Although an electric iron will last you a long time, it may break down and need to be replaced one day. A heat iron will last much longer and cost less to replace, making it an excellent option for large-scale branding projects. Branding with an iron is also a great way to prevent environmental damage while branding.

They leave a better burn

If you have ever hosted a dinner party and wanted to have a roaring fire to warm the house, you probably have encountered a frustrating problem. Your wood simply doesn’t ignite, and the guests will be embarrassed and judgmental if the fire is lackluster. You have tried several times to start the fire, but each time, you end up humiliating yourself and judging yourself for wasting your guests’ time. Branded wood leaves a cleaner and easier burn than unbranded wood.

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