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The Skilsaw Miter Saw happens to be a solid option for a variety of persons. Those who are remodelers or framers may find that it works the best for them, thanks to the kind of power it brings to the job. Still, other professionals, such as carpenters, as well as people who fall in the DIY or hobbyist category can have a good time with the unit as well.

Skilsaw Miter Saw

Best Choice
The distinction is the target market. While casual users can make great use of the Skilsaw variations, they are aimed at professionals. It’s the Skil models that were designed for hobbyists.

Note that there is a difference between Skil and Skilsaw. It’s not hard to see how people can confuse the two when they have such similar names. Additionally, the manufactured toolsets are similar and both brands are even owned by the same company.

Skilsaw Miter Saw

The distinction is the target market. While casual users can make great use of the Skilsaw variations, they are aimed at professionals. It’s the Skil models that were designed for hobbyists.

When looking for a miter saw, several considerations likely weigh on your mind. This full-fledged Skilsaw Miter Saw review aims to bring all the relevant facts to light about the units, so you can go into your contemplation and purchase phase from an informed standpoint.


Being able to move your miter saw around when you need to is always a huge convenience to have. According to Skilsaw, this unit has the distinction of being the lightest in its class, as it only stands at 51 pounds.

Comparing that to most competitor models, you are going to find an average range that runs up to 65 pounds. While it is not the lightest miter saw available, it’s certainly on the lower end of the spectrum. Once it’s locked in place and fully mitered, moving it around is no challenge.


Skilsaw Miter Saw

The motor that a miter saw is running is always going to be another of the biggest concerns in purchasing it. After all, it determines the kind of power you have, which is a huge factor in the workloads that you can take on.

Skilsaw designed this unit with a 15-amp motor that spins at 4,000 RPM. Thanks to the inclusion of worm drive gearing, you can expect to have some bonus torque with the design. 

If you are used to belt drive models, expect a difference in the feel of this unit. However, that’s not a negative thing, and with repeated use, it becomes natural.

Rail System

The rail system that the miter saw is built with happens to be tremendously smooth. It’s a two-rail system, which is set to be in line with the saw. You would likely expect it to be offset to one side, but that’s not the case here.

The configuration is the definition of sturdy, and its smooth sliding action is free of wobbling concerns. of course, that means that as lights as the Skilsaw Miter Saw maybe, it’s not necessarily a space-saving design. When you are positioning the unit, ensure that ample space is left to the wall for the rails.

Skilsaw Miter Saw

Dust Collection

Dust collection is an understandable concern in this context. Not only is sawdust generation unavoidable, but it can also cause health concerns if it is not handled correctly. There is a dust collection bag included with the unit, but it is advisable not to wholly rely on it.

This is a miter saw after all, and such designs tend not to have the best dust mitigation mechanisms in the world. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker though, as there are alternative methods you can use to achieve the same result. For example, you could connect a vacuum, which should minimize the kind of mess you have to deal one.

Even with all that in mind, you should still be prepared to do a bit of manual cleaning. However, so long as what is left isn’t going to cause a health crisis, there isn’t a need to worry.

Skilsaw Miter Saw
The distinction is the target market. While casual users can make great use of the Skilsaw variations, they are aimed at professionals. It’s the Skil models that were designed for hobbyists.
Best Choice


Accuracy is the kind of thing you don’t compromise on where your miter saw is concerned. Some models are designed with perfect precision, which means there are optimally aligned right out of the box.

Others, such as the Skilsaw Miter Saw, require calibration to achieve the kind of precision cuts that you would want. Without calibration, you’re going to have about half a degree to one degree of offset on the bevel. It’s not much, but it is enough to affect the kind of pinpoint accuracy you would be looking for.

Skilsaw Miter Saw

It doesn’t stay calibrated permanently, so you may want to quickly check on it before each work period to maintain the alignment you want. It only takes a couple of minutes, and once you’re done, there is no longer an offset concern.


The dual bevel design allows for adjustment between zero and 45 degrees to the right, as well as a range of zero to 48 degrees to the left. There are stop points between these ranges that help you to accurately align your miter saw between each cut. Of course, the sliding design means that you can cut through wider workloads without having to flip your workpiece around.

Integrated Clamp

The model boasts an integrated clamp that translates to ease in engagement and removal. This is not a design choice that is unique to the Skilsaw model, but it does make for more efficient operation.

You can choose if you wish to take advantage of the included clamps, as many professionals do not. Some people abandon them altogether because of an inability to use them correctly. If you can get over that hurdle though, what you have is a very convenient quality of life improvement.

Skilsaw Miter Saw

Final Remarks

Now, you have all the information you need on the Skilsaw Miter Saw. It’s not hard to see why the model comes highly recommended. With one of the smoothest rail systems you are going to encounter, as well as a powerful motor, and convenient adjustment, it’s not hard to justify this buy.

The lightweight design is also a huge plus for those who need to move their miter saw around.

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