Skilsaw Circular Saw Review: Lightest Weight & great torque

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Almost every workshop requires a circular saw because they are easy to use and can cut a straight line effortlessly. It’s crucial to have one, and first impressions of the brands you find are always something to consider.

Skilsaw Circular Saw

Smooth operation
The lightest worm drive continues the long tradition of SKILSAW quality, rugged durability and consistently exceptional cutting performance. Weighing in at just 11.5 lbs., it’s the lightest worm drive saw on the market. The rugged magnesium housing stays strong but keeps the motor cooler, giving you powerful performance job after job.

Though a good-looking tool might be nice to have, it has to do its job. With that said, the Skilsaw Circular Saw (Sidewinder) has everything you need. It’s a newer model from the Skil brand, but it’s part of the Pro Series.

Notable Features and Build Quality

Skilsaw Circular Saw

All of the exposed metal surfaces of the Skilsaw Sidewinder are made of magnesium. Instead of being hot-rolled or stamped cold metal compounds that might flex with time, this magnesium construction offers a more lightweight and rigid solution. Though it’s not the lightest, it is 8.6 pounds, which is similar to other “lightweight” versions.

Ultimately, the Skilsaw Circular Saw is more powerful than older models. Another great feature is that there isn’t a separate safety switch.

Though some people might worry, it’s unnecessary, especially if you don’t bypass the blade guard. Plus, the safety switch often causes users to get a crooked cut, and that’s never fun!

Skilsaw promotes its dedicated motor in the Sidewinder. Its dual field motor technology focuses on the worm drive success, and it’s now put in all of the direct-drive models from the Skill brand. Plus, it helps with cooling requirements.

Skilsaw Circular Saw
The lightest worm drive continues the long tradition of SKILSAW quality, rugged durability and consistently exceptional cutting performance. Weighing in at just 11.5 lbs., it’s the lightest worm drive saw on the market. The rugged magnesium housing stays strong but keeps the motor cooler, giving you powerful performance job after job.
Smooth operation

You are sure to enjoy the fact that the depth and bevel adjustment settings are marked thoroughly. It has identical markings to some of the other Skilsaw brand items. With that said, it might be nice to have a standard measurement scale integrated for the depth setting. When you make a dado cut, you still have to use a tape measure because there’s no calibrated depth setting option.

Lightest Weight Saw

The Skilsaw Sindwinder is a lightweight saw and is just 8.6 pounds. That’s because of the magnesium footplate and resin housing. Ultimately, the brand markets this circular saw as having great torque because of the worm-drive technology and the 15-amp motor.

Skilsaw Circular Saw

In fact, the saw is happy to make the cuts you need. Just apply some forward pressure so that the blade does all the work. You get a smooth cutting action and remain confident while using the product.

Diablo Blade

Skilsaw products are often paired with Diablo blades, which are part of the Bosch family. The Sidewinder comes with a carbide blade with 24 teeth, but it’s not in Diablo red.

Therefore, you might wonder how to know what you’re getting. Generally, the -01 models feature a Skilsaw blade, while the -22 models use a Diablo blade. Each model can also have both options.

Among other features of this saw, you get a built-in dust blower. That way, the line of the cut is cleared for more accuracy. There is also a wrench and blade lock to help you change the blades, and it’s integrated directly into the footplate.

You’re not hunting around for tools to change out the blade.

Rebranding the Skilsaw for a Professional

Skilsaw Circular Saw

Some brands are ingrained in people, so you say the name when referring to that product. For example, Kleenex is a brand name of facial tissue, and Advil is a pain reliever.

Many tool brands have steadily moved away from the professional market and focused their features and designs on the weekend warrior or hobbyist. Skil has been on that list but has changed its tune.

The company went under new management with a focus on going backward. In 2013, Roger Amrol became the president of SKIL in North America and decided to figure out what professionals need and make products designed for them.


Skilsaw claims that it talked to professionals, and most people believe that when they test out the Skilsaw Sidewinder circular saw. This saw is built for a purpose, and the brand got it right.

Skilsaw Circular Saw

In fact, it used the best materials to reduce weight but didn’t sacrifice durability. You also get the power necessary to do the work, and the motor is designed to ensure that it runs for decades with the right care.

Though some people don’t like the blade and prefer a Diablo, you can buy it separately and use it with the Skilsaw Sidewinder. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with any blade choice. Ultimately, the Skilsaw Sidewinder is a great saw and comes with a six-month money-back guarantee!

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