Milwaukee Miter Saw Review: Light and Easy to Maneuver 

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Woodworkers need the best tools they can get if they want to improve their craftsmanship and overall work, and that includes a high-quality miter saw. Fortunately, many brands offer a variety of miter saw models, each one of them being different from the other. 

Milwaukee Miter Saw

The only issue with having that many options on the market are that it’s difficult to choose one. Most miter saw models are made to help specific types of woodworkers with particular goals in mind. That makes it a nuisance for people who don’t have the time to research what the best miter saws are. 

Buying a miter saw without the features you need or with additional features that cost you more money than you expected can be bad for your budget. However, that shouldn’t keep you from buying a miter saw. If you are looking to get one and don’t know which product to get, you’ve landed on the right page. 

We are Handyman Guide, and we’ve made several blog posts to help woodworkers with the daily problems they may have. Milwaukee miter saws are good, but are they the best? We were wondering the same thing, so here is a review of its flagship product. 

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What’s Good About this Miter Saw? 

The Milwaukee 10-In -or Milwaukee 2734 – 20 M18 – offers many benefits but has a few disadvantages. However, it’s up to you to decide if one of the cons of this product represents a major setback for you. 

On a basic basis, you could say this miter saw does the job, and it does it well. Professional woodworkers all across the country use it for their projects, so don’t doubt that it’s a miter saw of high quality. 

Here are the best features of the Milwaukee Miter Saw 10-In: 

Staging Light 

Milwaukee Miter Saw

You can’t safely go on with the cutting process if you don’t know where to cut. That’s the reason miter saws have lasers or lights that tell you where the cut is going to be; however, not all of them are as accurate as you need them to be. 

The Milwaukee developers understood that, so they made sure that the staging light of this product was clear and convenient enough to show you where the cut is with no problem. 

This product does that by using a shadow to show you everything while being visible during the day. Using shadows makes this feature different than lasers in other miter saws. 

Long-Lasting Battery

Most miter saws work with batteries these days, and that happens, too with other kinds of tools and items. Batteries don’t usually last long, though, so you need to recharge your products or buy more batteries frequently.

That represents a setback for people who can’t spend that much time recharging their tools or using battery-powered items in general. Fortunately, you can solve that issue if you get a product that doesn’t need you to recharge it too often. 

Milwaukee Miter Saw

As you may have guessed, the Milwaukee Miter Saw doesn’t have any issue with that, or at least it doesn’t have it all the time. Its 9-amp M18 series battery can have your miter saw working all day. Thanks to that, this miter saw is rated for approximately 400 cuts. 

However, if you like to constantly check how much battery you have left, you can see the saw’s battery level by looking at its handle. Regardless of that, you shouldn’t wait for the product to lose all its battery to start recharging it. 

Light and Easy to Maneuver 

Reading that this miter saw is light and easy to maneuver can be a little confusing after seeing how big it is. Believe it or not, this Milwaukee miter saw is one of the easiest ones to maneuver on the market. 

The reason for that is its glide rails, which can go inside the saw’s body to make it easier for you to transport it. Additionally, this item locks in place, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the glide arms while moving them. 

About the Disadvantages

Although this miter saw shines for its benefits, it has some disadvantages you should be aware of. Fortunately, we don’t think that these cons should keep you from getting this product, so it’s up to you to see if there are any dealbreakers for you. 

Milwaukee Miter Saw

Battery Lacks Power at Times

The Milwaukee miter saw easily makes light trims but often struggles when cutting other types of wood. That means it doesn’t give you the 400 cuts it promises to give on a full battery, so take that into account when setting your goals with the miter saw. 

When cutting difficult types of wood, the Milwaukee miter saw gives you 250 cuts before it starts losing power. That’s not bad at all, but you may need to buy an extra battery to avoid needing to stop with your trimming sessions because of low battery issues. 

Milwaukee Miter Saw
The Milwaukee developers understood that, so they made sure that the staging light of this product was clear and convenient enough to show you where the cut is with no problem. 
Profesnals choice

However, remember everything depends on the type of wood you are cutting. 

Some Adjustments Make You Get Closer to the Blade 

Although the saw’s blade doesn’t represent any danger to you when the machine is not on, some people still feel nervous or threatened when getting close to a blade like that. Those people should do everything in their hands to avoid being close to the saw’s blades.  

That’s one of the issues of this product; if you are scared of blades, adjusting the machine may trigger you since you need to get close to the blade to adjust some features. 

Milwaukee Miter Saw

Our Verdict

If you got here, you may already know what our verdict is. Even if this item has some minor disadvantages that could bother people in some situations, getting it it’s still worth it because of all the perks it can get you. 

Apart from everything said in this article, it’s also important to know that, while not being extremely inexpensive, this miter saw is not as expensive as others, so it may be considered a viable option for many users out there.

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