Makita Miter Saw Review (LS1040): best suited to the DIY and contractor subgroups

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Sometimes, people want nothing more than simplicity and performance out of a miter saw. Makita is a household name in the power tool market, and it continues to release quality products that are synonymous with its name.

Makita Miter Saw LS1040

It’s a 10-inch compound miter saw that embraces functionality over frivolity. Makita LS1040 is a very versatile saw. Its fence is higher than average, which means vertical board support is very much present. Such a design choice comes in handy for jobs, such as crown molding and baseboards.

This is a comprehensive review of the Makita Miter Saw (LS1040). It’s a 10-inch compound miter saw that embraces functionality over frivolity. For those who care for the performance and the core capability of what a miter saw is expected to be, this is one of the best options for you.

As you decide if you are going to purchase the unit, several factors are likely to influence your decision. Below is a look at the said elements, so you can make an informed decision that you are likely to be comfortable with for the foreseeable future.

Makita Miter Saw LS1040

Target Market

This is probably the best place to start as you can look elsewhere if the saw is not made for you, but you can continue if you fall under the intended target market. While some lighter saws are made to accommodate both beginners and professionals at the same level, the Makita Miter Saw (LS1040) is not one of those models.

Based on the design and capability, this miter saw is best suited to the DIY and contractor subgroups. The longevity and movability contribute to this assessment. Woodworkers can make good use of the unit, bought it is likely not going to feel as optimal.


Of course, the kind of projects you intend to take on also have a big part to play in your decision. How well does the saw in question handle your intended workloads?

Makita Miter Saw LS1040

One could say that is the Makita LS1040 is a very versatile saw. Its fence is higher than average, which means vertical board support is very much present. Such a design choice comes in handy for jobs, such as crown molding and baseboards.

Beyond the ability to cut taller baseboards, it’s also going to handle stacked two-by-fours incredibly well. This contrasts with a shorter fence that creates a dangerous situation when cutting multiple wood pieces in a stack.

This miter saw can be your companion in house framing, hardwood flooring, trim molding, and even finish work installation. It’s a general-purpose unit through and through, and you should only start seeing limitations when you have very specific needs that general models don’t accommodate very well.


The saw is designed with a 15-amp direct-drive motor that provides no-load speeds of up to 4,600 RPM. This complements the incredible cuts that you can get using this saw, which means being able to take on incredibly large pieces of material. The maximum cut width is 3.5 inches while the maximum cut depth is 3.7 inches.

Makita Miter Saw LS1040
It's a 10-inch compound miter saw that embraces functionality over frivolity. Makita LS1040 is a very versatile saw. Its fence is higher than average, which means vertical board support is very much present. Such a design choice comes in handy for jobs, such as crown molding and baseboards.

Measurements such as these tend to be perfectly fine for most general-purpose applications. Of course, with the powerful motor described above, your saw should effortlessly cut through the wood pieces you work on.

Dust Collection

This is a miter saw, which meals dust collection is typically not one of the standout features. However, you get a single port on the back of your saw, which allows you to attach either the dust bag or a shop vacuum.

Makita Miter Saw LS1040

it’s usually in your best interest to have a secondary dust mitigation method when using a miter saw. It shouldn’t be a big deal as you are not working in an environment in which the dust is so overbearing that it may have negative implications on your health.

Cutting Capability

Though it’s a 10-inch blade, it still manages to take on most jobs remarkably well. Another advantage of the blade size is the replaceability factor. You are going to have a much better time walking into your local hardware store for a 10-inch blade than you are for a 12-inch one.

The cutting surface here is standard. As far as your miter adjustment goes, you get a zero-to-45-degree range to the left and a zero-to-52-degree range to the right. The bevel capacity goes only goes to the left, and the range goes up to 45 degrees, which is the standard expectation.


Makita Miter Saw LS1040

The jobs you handle may not necessarily all be in the same location, which means transportation of your miter saw can become a concern. Heavier units become hard to transport, which makes them undesirable for those who are going to be on the move a lot.

For reference, typically when a miter saw is 50 pounds or below, it’s considered to be relatively light. The Makita LS1040 where is only 33 pounds, making transportation a breeze.


Don’t expect anything overly flashy here. That’s not a bad thing, because some of the manufacturing costs would have been taken from performance and put towards aesthetics. The idea of this model is to be accessible and affordable, which cannot be the case if both performance and appearance get a strong focus.

Beyond the visual, there is also tremendous simplicity here. Some have experience with this model and others have cited this one as a top contender for the simplest unit on the market. 

Makita Miter Saw LS1040

Even so, you are advised to read the manual well before you start any operations, as you don’t want any unwelcome occurrences.

Price Tag

You’ve likely gathered by now that value is a huge part of this offering. Compared to many of the other models in the same category, you are going to find that the Makita Miter Saw (LS1040) is more attractively priced. This makes for a good buy since you are getting many of the features that are synonymous with the more expensive models.

The brand is likely the biggest reason for this since Makita tends to be synonymous with affordability.

Final Remarks

Makita Miter Saw LS1040

That’s just about all you need to know where the Makita Miter Saw (LS1040) is concerned. It’s not going to be the miter saw of choice for the large-scale professionals out there. However, if you are a contractor or a DIYer, you are going to enjoy this affordably priced model.

Assuming you fall under the target market, expect the unit to handle just about any job you throw at it incredibly efficiently. With that being said, the Makita LS1040 comes highly recommended.

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