Mafell Track Saw Review

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If you’re in the market for a track saw, you may want to look into a Mafell track saw. This model offers a good reputation, and is manufactured by a German company with a solid reputation. Made in Germany, these saws are made to withstand continuous operation and heavy-duty jobs. Timberwolf Tools, the official distributor of Mafell premium tools, offers this saw as part of its Premium line. Other features include a 48T carbide blade, a SW5 Allen key, a 13-foot power cord, fences, guide rails, and a blade guard.

Another important feature of a track saw is its rails. Most come with short 700mm rails, which can be frustrating if you have to join several. Mafell’s 1.6-meter rails are a good length, but they aren’t long enough for general use. Festool rails are slightly better, but three is probably the optimum length. Mafell’s rails are slightly longer but still not adequate for general use.

The Mafell track saw has a 48T Laminate-Cutting Blade, which is ideal for cutting Dibond, which is composed of thin layers of aluminum. It is important to consider the cutting depth when purchasing a track saw, as slop can greatly affect the quality of the cut. The Mafell offers a tool-free system for fine-tuning the depth of your cuts. It also comes with a dust-tight Mafell Track Saw Dust Bag, so you won’t have to worry about metal shavings and other debris getting into the motor.

The Mafell track saw is the best cordless track saw on the market. It has a high-performance 18-volt Cuprex motor, and can cut through wood and metal with ease. It also features a fast blade change system, which means you can make a change of blades in no time. The Mafell track saw can also make fine clean cuts, making it a top choice for many people.

The Mafell MT55cc track saw is a powerful woodworking tool. It can make bevel, plunge, and angled cuts. At 6,250 RPM, it’s faster than the Festool and can even score. Its standard tracks are easy to set up, and it’s compatible with a number of other systems. In addition to a metric-compatible tool, the Mafell MT55cc is an affordable option for a serious woodworker.

The Mafell is a versatile saw. It can perform several tasks. Its automatic rails are adhered to the surface. Its metric-compatible controls make it easy to use. The Mafell’s automatic track saw’s feed rate is adjustable and it can be set to 2600 RPM. Unlike the Festool, it can make deeper cuts. Its 4.5” cutting capacity makes it more flexible than the Festool.

The Mafell MT55cc track saw features a scoring function, which cuts 3mm of material. This eliminates chipping and splintering. This track saw also features a continuous variable speed and an easy arbor locking mechanism. When it’s time to change the blade, you can do it quickly at the worksite. This MT55cc is also versatile, with a 3-mm blade.

The Mafell track saw’s depth adjustment is very similar to the Festool’s, with one difference. It has a single bevel-tilt knob and reads in metric. Despite the lack of an adjustable depth knob, the Mafell track saw is more versatile than its Festool competitor. With its longer rails, the Mafell can cut deeper materials than the Festool, as well as more intricate materials. The Mafell’s 1.6m rails are too short for general work.

A Mafell track saw has an electronic riving knife. It also features a red tracking pointer, which ensures that the riving knife won’t slip. It also has an automatic braking mechanism. This means that the Mafell track saw is safer than the Festool, which has a recalled riving knife. Its metric gauge is also a nice feature.

The Mafell track saw is a great cordless power saw for a home workshop. The 1.8 amp motor has a rip capacity of a live edge slab. The Mafell track saw also offers a safety belt that prevents you from falling. Its ribbed grip is designed to keep you from tripping over it while beveling. Its user-friendly interface is another plus.

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