Leica Laser Tape Measure Review

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The Leica Disto Plan laser tape measure is a versatile and accurate tool with advanced features. The device is compatible with the free Disto Plan app and works with Apple and Android smartphones with Bluetooth. The app extends the two-button operation of the Leica laser tape measure into a comprehensive room measurement tool. The device also features a sketch feature. The price is quite reasonable for such a versatile tool. This Leica laser tape measures review is a brief summary of the main benefits of this tape measure.

The Leica laser tape measure can measure area and volume, as well as two-point Pythagoras measurements. It also comes with a countdown timer, which improves accuracy. It can also remember up to 10 measurements and has a range of up to 330 feet. Other features include a backlit LCD and a 90-degree flip endpiece. The price is also competitive with other brands.

The Leica Disto D2 has a lot of functions and is an excellent entry-level disto. The backlit display is easy to read, and the tool can hold up to 200 measurements. Besides being accurate, the D2 can also connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. However, this feature is not available on all models. As with any other tool, it’s essential to read the manual carefully before buying.

A laser tape measure will measure distances by computing the time it takes for a laser pulse to bounce back. Some models store previous measurements and can export files to other devices. Some can even export measurements to 3D design software, which is great for architects and video game designers. In addition to being portable, the Leica Disto D2 is highly accurate and has a long battery life. It can also be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

A Leica Disto D2 laser tape measure is very accurate and easy to use. Despite the Pythagorean theory, the DISTO D2’s backlit display is easy to read. The DISTO D2’s app can also be connected to your phone. The device is very convenient to use. In addition, it can be used in outdoor applications. The best part is that it offers a variety of features.

It has a number of features that make it a good choice for construction projects. In addition to being accurate, a Leica Disto is also very durable. The viewfinder and the camera are important for measuring longer distances. The viewfinder helps you place the laser at precise intervals, making it very useful for construction workers. The Leica is more expensive than the Bosch, but it has many benefits. Its features and range make it an excellent option for building and construction sites alike.

Despite the high price tag, the Leica DISTO D2 laser tape measure is a very accurate tool that allows users to measure objects from 16cm to 70 feet. While the Pythagorean theory setting was confusing, the backlit display was very clear and easy to read. The Leica DISTO D2 is also water- and dust-resistant. Its app has useful measurements and can connect to your phone.

The Leica DISTO D2 is a great device for home and construction projects. Its ease of use and accuracy made it an ideal choice for construction work. Unlike the Bosch model, the Leica is also very easy to connect to your phone, making it easy to take measurements while working on projects. You can also download the DISTO D2 app on your smartphone and use it to take measurements. If you need the exact measurements of a building, the DISTO D2 is the perfect choice for you.

As an added benefit, the Leica DISTO D2 is a point and shoot laser measure that comes with the free DISTO sketch app for iOS and Android devices. It is an improved version of the Leica D1 and includes a new intelligent endpiece that can be flipped 90 degrees to hold the inside corner. It also has a dual-mode camera for taking diagonal measurements. Its digital display is easy to read and makes measuring a breeze.

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