Hitachi Miter Saw Review (C12RSH2): accuracy, functionality, and affordability.

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Those who are looking for a miter saw may wish to combine accuracy, functionality, and affordability. The Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2 is a model that may come up for consideration in this regard. Given that the vendor is not necessarily known for a long history of power tools, there may be some reservations in purchasing it.

Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2

Best overall
Though Hitachi isn’t the “power saw company,” it is known for its attention to detail and technical specifications. The Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2 knocks it out of the park, as many who have used it label it as incredibly easy to use. The level of expertise required makes it conducive to mitigating injuries or potential misuse. 

It’s important to give every product a fair chance and evaluate them based on what they bring to the market, especially if the manufacturer has not necessarily faltered. On that note, this is a comprehensive review of the Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2, which has replaced the C12RSH.

Though Hitachi isn’t the “power saw company,” it is known for its attention to detail and technical specifications. The manufacturer is also known for numerous tools it has designed, which have managed to tread the line of functionality and affordability quite well.

Both professional contractors and hobbyists should find tremendous value in this miter saw, and here is why.


Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2

Right off the bat, you should know that this is not a product that’s going to be costing you an arm and a leg. Hitachi’s business model makes this no surprise, as the company prides itself on affordability and accessibility.

Instead of working on premium designs that attract highly inflated price tags, you are going to find that Hitachi is more likely to focus on strong core functionality without all the bells and whistles. That’s one of the reasons why you are unlikely to see a Hitachi miter saw with an aesthetic that blows you away. 

As far as the C12RSH2 is concerned, it has a way more attractive price point than many of its industry competitors.

Sliding Fence and Feel

This model did a tremendous job with its sliding fence that raises as much as 5 1/8”. In doing so, you can get a vertical cut of up to 7 1/2” crown molding. Therefore, you shouldn’t see too much trouble with larger pieces of wood. 

Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2

All of this is reinforced by tremendously designed bevel and miter scales. The positive stops included were chosen based on relevance and correspond with the most likely positions that you would use. 

The miter head offers both a left and a right tilt. To the right, you can get a cut of zero to 57 degrees. On the left, your cuts are going to range from zero to 45 degrees.

The bevel angle range remains constant as it runs from zero to 45 degrees on either side. This is always good news as it means you can simply flip the saw blade from one side to the next while keeping the material you are working on in place.

From an ergonomic design perspective, you should also enjoy the vertical handle, thanks to its vibration dispelling cushioning.


Not everyone in the woodworking world is a professional. Therefore, one of the defining factors of good design is inclusiveness. To what extent does a miter saw accommodate both professionals and beginners? 

Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2
The Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2 knocks it out of the park, as many who have used it label it as incredibly easy to use. The level of expertise required makes it conducive to mitigating injuries or potential misuse. 
Best overall

The Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2 knocks it out of the park, as many who have used it label it as incredibly easy to use. The level of expertise required makes it conducive to mitigating injuries or potential misuse. 

Be that as it may, beginners are not advised to simply pick up the saw and jump in. The manual is included for a reason, and it is in their best interests to take in all the relevant information before starting to operate the tool. Safety features can only do so much and no more.

Laser System

Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2

This is not something you may have expected to see on a miter saw that’s it’s at a mid-range price point. Laser systems are highly sought after, as they contribute to greater precision during saw operations.

Other models from Hitachi tend to be compatible with a host of accessories for separate purchases. Even so, you would not see an integrated laser as you do on the Hitachi C12RSH2.

With everything that goes into designing a miter saw, the intention is always to allow for a powerful, efficient, yet precise cut. With a laser system in the mix, this model automatically has a tremendous advantage over others that may be in the same category.

Dust Collection

The matter of dust collection tends to arise in contemplating a saw purchase. After all, sawdust is synonymous with the trade, so handling it well tends to be a plus. Unfortunately, the Hitachi C12RSH2 does not have the most efficient dust collecting setup in the world.

Be that as it may, don’t allow that to turn you off. The first thing to remember is that there are alternate dust mitigation options that you can look towards. Second, this is a miter saw after all, and these tend not to be very adept in the collection area.

Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2


Naturally, knowing what kind of motor you’re working with is going to be a huge factor in the purchase decision you make. How much effort are you going to have to put into each cut, based on what the saw offers?

In this case, you are getting a 15-amp motor that’s rated at 4,000 RPM when not under load. Of course, there is going to be a slight dip in that speed while you are doing a job, especially if the wooden piece you are working on is hard or thick.

These figures allow you to tell that the saw is made to cut through even difficult jobs with relative ease. Crown molds, trim work, lumber, and other wood types you may take on are no issue if you should decide to invest in this Hitachi unit.

Final Remarks

So, with all the information presented, should you be considering getting a Hitachi C12RSH2? The answer is an emphatic yes. With laser guidance in the mix along with the miter and bevel adjustability, the kind of precision you desire from your saw is not lost on this model.

Hitachi Miter Saw C12RSH2

Additionally, you are getting the combination of a powerful motor and an ergonomically designed handle that renders the vibrations you would expect a non-issue.

The accessibility is great, as both beginners and experts can get great mileage out of this miter saw. Finally, all of this is complemented by a price tag that is more affordable than those of competing models.

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