The Ultimate DeWalt Heated Jacket Review: Everything You Need To Know

An excellent heated jacket is one that effectively keeps you nice and toasty. These jackets can come in handy when the weather is cold, and you have things that need to be done outside.

Of course, body heat can help you through these cold times. However, a jacket that has the ability to heat up to 131 degrees in seconds isn’t something to turn your nose up to. 

Gone are the days that you need to stand in the cold, shivering while you wait for your body to get used to the sudden drop in temperature. Getting one of these accessories can help make your winters more pleasant. 

This accessory can be an asset to anyone, and many clothing companies understand this. That’s why there are so many options to choose from. Nonetheless, today we are dedicating an entire article to one heated jacket in particular. This is the DeWalt Heated Jacket.

Dewalt Dchj060c1 vs Dchj060abd1Epic battle
Dchj060c1 - The Ultimate DeWalt Heated Jacket Review: Everything You Need To Know - HandyMan.Guide - DeWalt Heated Jacket
Dchj060abd1 - The Ultimate DeWalt Heated Jacket Review: Everything You Need To Know - HandyMan.Guide - DeWalt Heated Jacket
Soft Shell
2.5 pounds
2.7 lb

DeWalt Heated Jacket Specifications

Model Number DeWalt DCHJ060ABD1
Voltage 20V Max
Snow CuffsYes
Heating Zones Five
Weight 3.64 lbs.
Charger & Battery IncludedYes
Insulated Yes
Machine Washable Yes

What Are The Features That Make Up The DeWalt Heated Jacket?

A heated jacket is an extremely complex clothing item that is designed with many different elements. The DeWalt Heated Jacket is no exception. This particular jacket is made up of a variety of different features. These features are: 

Heat Controls

The Ultimate DeWalt Heated Jacket

The ordinary placement of the user controls is on the outer shell. However, the DeWalt Heater Jacket sways away from this placing, as the user controls can be located on the inside of the left breast. 

The choice of placement isn’t entirely aggravating. Nonetheless, we do wonder what the advantage was meant to be for the deviation in the placement of these user controls. Rather than adding to the overall design, the placement causes you to unzip your jacket slightly to get to the user controls.

Battery Storage

The team at DeWalt engineered this heated jacket to include a 20V Max battery. This doesn’t have a large number of benefits. Some of these benefits include more heating power than common batteries used in a heated jacket’s design.  

DEWALT DCHJ060C1-S 20V/12V MAX Black Heated Jacket Kit
The DeWalt Heated Jacket includes efficiently-designed heating elements in the right and left chest areas, upper arms/shoulders areas, and upper back area. This provided coverage is exceptional and is unlike most heated jackets that are designed with only back and chest heating zones.
4 Heating Zones

Moreover, the battery provides that the DeWalt Heated Jacket offers a longer runtime and has more compatible tools. However, the incorporation of this 20V Max battery in the design does come with some drawbacks. 

Compensation for providing more power is that the battery is bulkier than other batteries used in a heated jacket’s design. This extra bulk is something you don’t really want pushing against your kidney (which is where the power source is placed within the jacket), as this can be extremely uncomfortable for most people.

The Ultimate DeWalt Heated Jacket

Standing can make the weight of the battery evident. Nonetheless, this weight becomes even more noticeable when you decide to sit down. That’s when the size of the battery may become aggravating. 

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As a result of this battery size, zipping up your jacket can be a devastating experience. What was once a nice, snug fit quickly becomes far too tight and incredibly uncomfortable when the jacket is zipped up. Nevertheless, a suitable solution to this problem would be to purchase a DeWalt Heated Jacket that’s a size up than what you usually wear. 

Heating Zones 

Something that the DeWalt Heated Jacket can’t be faulted with is the heating zones. The DeWalt team has successfully provided a heated jacket that offers sufficient heating coverage.  

The Ultimate DeWalt Heated Jacket

The DeWalt Heated Jacket includes efficiently-designed heating elements in the right and left chest areas, upper arms/shoulders areas, and upper back area. This provided coverage is exceptional and is unlike most heated jackets that are designed with only back and chest heating zones. 

The heating zones feature is possibly one of the best features offered in the DeWalt Heated Jacket. 

What Other Features Does The DeWalt Heated Jacket Offer? 

This particular heated jacket is equipped to be water and wind-resistant, which better aids in keeping the user warm. Moreover, the jacket also comes with a woven outer shell that’s insulated.

The outer shell is another feature that’s incorporated to ensure heat doesn’t escape from the jacket. Not to mention, the jacket is specifically designed to be extremely durable, so you can be assured that this clothing item is going to keep you warm through many, many cold winters.

The Ultimate DeWalt Heated Jacket

The DeWalt Heated Jacket is also equipped with a warm and cozy fleece lining. Another feature that’s offered is smooth finish lining that’s applied to the sleeves. This is to provide an easy application and removal process, which prevents your heated jacket from sticking to your sweater. 

If you’re one who loves pockets, then this is the perfect heated jacket for you. DeWalt offers five pockets that are located on the internal and external of the jacket. Two can be found on the exterior left and right waist. One is an external accessory pocket, while there are two additional internal accessory pockets.

Although the battery is quite large, you don’t need to worry about it fitting in the pocket, as the jacket includes an expandable battery pocket feature. Not to mention, the heated jacket is conveniently designed to be washer and dryer safe. 

What Is The Fit Of The Heated Jacket? 

The sizing chart available on the DeWalt website is very accurate. Nonetheless, it’s essential to inform you that the DeWalt Heater Jacket is designed to be a tight fit. 

If this is an issue, as you prefer loosely fitting jackets, you don’t need to fear. You can easily resolve this problem by purchasing a heated jacket that’s one or two sizes bigger.

The Ultimate DeWalt Heated Jacket

However, you should know that the snug design isn’t done in vain. The reason for the heated jacket being a tight fit is to make better contact between the heating elements and your body. This aids in providing a more effective heating device.

An important note to keep in mind is that you should definitely go up to the next size if you’re between sizes. As expected, the DeWalt Heated Jacket fits really well across the shoulders. 

A common problem among many manufacturers is that heated jackets have a shorter length around the waist area. This causes your midriff to become exposed to the cold when you raise your arms above your head. This common issue isn’t exempted in the Dewalt Heated Jacket. 

What Is The Temperature Range Offered? 

What is more important than the temperature range offered in a heated jacket? That’s right, nothing! The temperature is the most crucial feature in jackets that offer heating capabilities.

The DeWalt Heated Jacket is hugely effective as it reaches 100 degrees within 20 seconds and reaches its maximum temperature in 90 seconds, which is 131 degrees. This provides you with almost instant relief from the cold.  

The Ultimate DeWalt Heated Jacket

Another quality that a heated jacket should occupy is heat retention. We tested this by setting the maximum temperature for one hour and then measured the outer temperature to the inner temperature. 

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The DeWalt Heated Jacket’s performance was satisfactory as it was able to allow 74 percent of its heat to pass through to its outer shell. This may not sound very effective. However, the best-heated jacket we’ve tested had 71 percent of its generated heat reach the outer shell. While the worst performance we’ve tested allowed 79 percent of its heat to pass to the outer shell.  

How Efficient Is The Battery? 

We tested the battery efficiency of the DeWalt Heated Jacket by comparing the battery’s runtime (with the maximum heat applied) to its hourly watt output. This is what we found: 

The Ultimate DeWalt Heated Jacket

The DeWalt Heated Jacket had the worst battery performance of all of the heated jackets we have tested in the past. The final result was a 4.5-minute runtime when placed against the watt-hour of the respective battery capacity. This is compared to the best performance that we’ve tested, which managed 12 minutes of runtime for each watt-hour.

Nonetheless, DeWalt does equip the heated jacket with a larger 20V Max battery to enhance some runtime. The heated jacket ran on high for two hours and 41 minutes when the 2.0 Ah battery was used. This was the lowest result. However, some Milwaukee jackets were in a similar ballpark with its 12V batteries.

What Is The Pricing? 

The DeWalt Heated Jacket, which includes the charger and battery, is going to cost you $224.99 to purchase. This purchase provides you with a one-year limited warranty, a 90-day money-back guarantee, and a one-year free service.

The price is a little higher when comparing it to the lowest kit prices. Nonetheless, it still receives an incredible value rating for all the features you gain. 


The Ultimate DeWalt Heated Jacket
  • The value rating is excellent
  • Efficient heating times 
  • Five heating zones (including in both sleeves)
  • Multiple battery storage locations (with the use of an extension cord)
  • The size chart is accurate to the physical fit


  • Not equipped with a battery adapter clip
  • Low battery runtime and efficiency rating

Comparing the DeWalt Heated Jacket to Other Models

Brands DeWaltBoschMakitaMilwaukee 
Fit to Sizing Chart AccurateAccurateAccurateAccurate
Battery Placement Inside left breast Inside front pocket Left rear pocketLeft rear pocket
Adapter ClipNo Yes (Metal)Yes (Metal)No
Pockets FiveFiveFiveFour
Comfort (Inner lining)100% polyester100% polyester100% polyester100% polyester

Final Thoughts 

The DeWalt Heated Jacket does an efficient job of generating heat throughout the jacket. However, the runtime is seriously lacking. The heated jacket is a safe bet if you don’t plan on cranking it to the maximum temperature for the entire duration of wearing it, or if you don’t mind investing in an additional battery to combat the short runtime.

All-in-all the jacket is equipped to provide you with heat that’s going to keep you warm during the cold winter months. This would be a great investment to purchase if you want to spend time outside in the winter without shivering until your lips turn purple. 

The price is also very reasonable, especially since it comes with a one-year warranty and a one-year free service guarantee. Plus, you have the option of returning it within 90 days of purchasing it if you find it’s not the right heated jacket for you.

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