DeWalt dw715 review: great cutting capacity and high power.

If you need to cut some wood for your home renovation or currently looking for a new miter saw on the market, the DeWalt dw715 is a perfect choice. It’s simple to use while it gives incredible precision and smooth execution.

The miter saw is suitable for cutting wood and producing angular pieces. It’s a useful power tool with a fast learning process. You can use it to cut boards, beams, laminates, or other design materials. However, the options are very diverse in the market, making your choice a bit difficult. Some allow you to saw a little deeper. Others have a saw head that can be tilted to the left and on the right. 

The miter saw is also used to make bevel cuts and angle cuts. If you want to install baseboards or moldings correctly, then you need this tool.

If you are thinking about changing your existing miter saw or searching the web for a first investment, the DeWalt dw715 miter saw can be your best choice. It has proven to be a valuable power machine for many customers. In this DeWalt dw715 review, we focus on some of this special cutting sharp tool’s advantages and drawbacks.

Read on to learn if the DeWalt dw715 compound miter saw is worth the investment.

DeWalt dw715 – The Basics

DeWalt is a leading brand among both experts and DIY-ers. The company offers high-quality equipment designs. Also, the DeWalt dw715 is no exception. It provides everything you need for precise edge cuts.

The bright yellow tools are simultaneously distributed in specialty shops and big-box stores. Construction workers and even knowledgeable DIY enthusiasts know for a fact that they can’t always count on a low-end tool to accomplish tasks that require more than technical skills, especially finishing.

The DW715 single bevel miter saw provides you with a beautiful design and innovative machined fence. It remains straight throughout the cut, providing additional support.

The DW715 gives you the ability to bevel from 0 to 48 degrees to the left and 0 to three degrees on the right. Also, it provides you with the faculty for more jobs when required. It’s very lightweight, with a size of just 42 lbs.

The sheer strength is outstanding. Even if several versions have similar characteristics, this one is remarkable. The 12-inch blade is good at cutting through the wood at any stiffness or hardness. Safety is adequate, and the layout is creative and compact.

The DeWalt dw715 is driven by a robust 15-amp engine that produces an excellent speed of 4,000 rpm. Also, the saw has a relatively low density and arrives with a comfortable holding handle that renders carrying around even smoother.

The miter device uses a flexible solid wood detent surface, which arrives with 11 positive stops for easy set-up, allowing you to keep the work running without pausing to regulate every time.

The dw715 has a relatively high miter strength that increases flexibility varying from 0 to 50 degrees on both left and right.

The high fence structure of the saw can withstand a five-one/four-inch crown molding placed vertically. You can instantly remove the fence whenever you want to make any bevel adjustments or cuts.

The dw715 can provide you with a very safe and accurate 45-degree blade cuts over any size wood measuring up to two by eight inches. The saw includes a carbide blade and a dust container.

Specifications: Comparative Table

The table below provides a brief review of the best three miter saws today and some key specifications.

DeWalt dw715Hitachi C12FDHDeWalt dw716
Tool WeightApproximately 42 lbs46.3 lbs44 lbs
Power15 amp15 amp15 amp
Blade Size12-inch12-inch12-inch
RPM4000 max. (no load)4,000 (no load)3,800 
User Rating on Amazon4.84.34.7
Dimension26.1 inch x 19.6 inch x 17.2 inch46.3 x 24.6 x 27 inches27.5 x 20 x 20 inches 

The Main Features

The Dewalt brand dw715 runs a 15-amp motor with a rotational speed of 4,000 rpm, offering high strength and endurance. It highlights stainless steel that ensures precision and reliability with simple adjustments.

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It is lightweight in design, and its integrated handle makes it easy to carry. It is covered by a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, a one-year service warranty, and a three-year limited warranty.

The DeWalt DW 715 is a 12-inch saw with an edge and a cutting circle wide enough to deal with any material you can find in the workshop. This model is functional and flexible with many features. Here are a few of the unique advantages that make this device worth noting:

Build Construction

The reliability and performance of a power tool are closely associated with the building design. In this respect, DeWalt offers high-quality steel and ABS plastic materials. This means that the machine is stable and can manage long-distance heavy-duty cutting.

Powerful Motor

The unit has an efficient 15-amp engine that transmits linear and robust energy to the 12-inch steel blades. This engine is powerful, and you can conveniently cut through any surface up to six inches with the factory standard cutters. The 12-inch miter saw can cut material in an unparalleled manner at a steady pace, and thus producing a polished finish from the very beginning.

The DeWalt dw715 is a corded tool that provides continuous and steady power. On this saw, you don’t have to spend more money on batteries or recharge them. It has a 15-amp device that helps you make the cutting through whatever substance with comfort and without low energy.

Superior Portability

This miter saw is classified as a lightweight with only 42 lbs. You can conveniently take it to the workplace. Also, the DeWalt dw715 provides you with excellent mobility and unique portability. It makes it easy to carry and transport to the job site.

High Bevel and Cross Cuts

Since the device is a compound blade miter saw, you can effortlessly cut good bevels out of your material. A compound bevel implies that both vertical and perpendicular splits are possible. This is practical and very flexible at work.

The DeWalt dw715 is clearly built for agility, accuracy, force, and precision. It is suitable for a mixture of uses and purposes. The saw may quickly shift 45-degree blade cuts through wood up to two to eight inches. This offers you the capacity for larger projects. 

Good Angle Stops

The 11 edge stops are useful when adjusting the tool to cut at a certain point.  With this machine, you don’t have to play around with turns, edges, and angles every time. Only lock the angled stop on a specific number, and there it works! Locating and fixing angles is a lot faster and smoother with this tool.

Dust Bag

The dw715 includes a dust kit. Therefore, you shouldn’t assume a spectacular result. It helps maintain the workspace neat even during an extensive cutting process. The capacity of the pack is also, to put it politely, disappointing. So be prepared to clear the bag very regularly.

Safety Feature

As for all other versions, the safety factor doesn’t stick out in this model. However, it doesn’t imply that the tool is not reliable or secure. The edge guard is constructed of solid plastic and translucent, ensuring that you can watch the blade as it slices through the wood.

This is an excellent protection aspect and used only in luxury products such as the DeWalt dw715. Moreover, the blade guard is transportable and can protect the user from rotating blade and debris when cutting.


The strong engine makes the cutting job an easy task. Whether solid wood or thin wood, the DeWalt dw517 provides excellent efficiency and exceptional execution. It does all the work for you. Most importantly, the price range of this device is only $300. The value is affordable and certainly one of the finest miter saws in the market today.

  • Flexible blade
  • 15-amp powerful engine
  • Produced by a trustworthy company
  • 4,000 RPM top speed
  • Arrives with accessories
  • The saw is smooth and cuts easily.
  • The saw offers accurate and precise cuts.


  • Some consumers have found that the dust bag offered is very thin.
  • A few customers had difficulties with the fence but were compensated by the warranty.
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Dewalt DW715 Review – Why Choose This One?

If you’d like to use a miter saw for years, you may consider investing in one today to make a smart purchase. The cutting efficiency is very quiet, and it provides accurate cutting capacity with its strong engine and large edge.

The capability of this miter saw makes it ideal for almost every DIY task and building job. Although some furniture producers need an excellent sliding screw for cross-cutting high ability, the DeWalt dw715 is a great choice with a regular 12 blade miter saw. Many manufacturers are pleased with this kind of saw.

Maintenance Tips

As far as preservation is concerned, it is too convenient to manage this tool. Nevertheless, you may need to wash the dust and wood chips occasionally. Also, don’t use chemical substances. 

The engine brushes may lose after a few years, and you may need to replace them when the motor doesn’t work well.

Who Should Buy?

If you’d like a great and accurate miter saw, which quickly cuts any wood, whether perpendicular cutting or bevel slicing, the miter saw is a fantastic alternative. It comes with a range of useful features that make it a perfect purchase in the long run.

Is it Worth the Money?

The DeWalt dw715 is practical and worth every penny. Some customers purchase one only for their decor and window sills and consider it to be incredibly useful. The tool is reliable, quick, and saves time. The biggest downside is that it doesn’t have a laser guide. However, the dw715 is a great miter saw for less than $300.

Final Words

This dw715 is a reasonably stable unit that is ideal for your task. DeWalt makes products that are made to last. Consumers highly value these types of equipment in the online industry. It has a strong engine which can cut comfortably.


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