Dewalt DCS520ST1 review – Track Saw pros and cons

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Not a whole lot of people know much about track saws. A few might have heard the term “track saw” but aren’t entirely sure what it means or how it works. Some people, however, do know that this is a great tool that can be super handy for both commercial and residential use. The Dewalt DCS520ST1 Track Saw, for example, is one such popular power tool! It’s super helpful and versatile and has some fantastic features to boot – so let’s take a look at these great things in detail:


On-board storage Laser guide system Adaptable fence angle adjustment Dust collection port Ergonomic design Cons:

Price: $$$$. This is definitely one of those more expensive power tools. It’s not the most expensive on the market, but it is more than enough for some people to turn right around and walk out of the store without buying.

Length: 6′ 2″ This makes maneuverability difficult for some users who are already used to more compact power tools, so be sure that you’re okay with having a longer tool if you decide to invest in this one.

Thickness: 1 3/4″ (depth) If you want something deeper than an inch – two inches, then this isn’t your best bet. However, there are many other models on the market with similar depth measurements if this is what you seek.

      Battery Life: Unfortunately, battery life isn’t anything super awesome on the Dewalt DCS520ST1 Track Saw. If you want something that can hold up for 10 hours or more, this isn’t the track saw for you. It’s good for about 3-5 hours of continuous use on a single battery charge – but some other models out there offer batteries with double the life so keep this in mind if it is important to you.

Dust Collection: The dust collection system works well enough, but it won’t handle the biggest messes and will have trouble working as an effective dust collector when cutting demanding materials such as plywood or hardwoods. This tool might be better suited for lighter task items, depending on your needs and preferences surrounding efficiency and ergonomics.

Height: 13″ Tall without the fence or 15″ with the fence This might be a bit too short in some people’s minds, but if this is something that you can live with then it’s no big deal.

Laser Guide System: This Dewalt DCS520ST1 Track Saw has an incredible laser guide system that makes cutting incredibly accurate and easy for beginners! Especially helpful when you are just learning to use power tools in general – even more so when using something as potentially dangerous as a track saw.

Tool-Less Blade Changing: Unfortunately, there is no tool-less blade changing on this track saw which means you’ll either need to carry an extra wrench with your track saw at all times or get used to tightening it by hand with every change.

Weight: This is a lightweight track saw that weighs in at just under 30 pounds. This makes it easy to transport with you as you move from project to project, but also ensures that the weight stays manageable for those who have trouble lifting heavy items.

Warranty: 3 Years The warranty on this DeWalt is pretty solid and definitely long enough to give most people peace of mind when they invest in it – especially if they plan on taking good care of their power tools!

Ergonomics: Some aspects of the Dewalt DCS520ST1 Track Saw are ergonomically designed allowing for more comfortability even during extended use or time spent using your favorite power tool! If you’re looking for something that won’t leave your arms and back aching, this might be one of your best bets.

Fence Angle Adjustment: The Dewalt DCS520ST1 Track Saw has an extremely adjustable fence that allows for quick and easy angle changes as needed! This is great because there are some angles that just aren’t conducive to straight cuts – so having the ability to quickly change the direction of the blade will make changing angles much faster and easier.

Mobile Base: One benefit of using a track saw such as this DeWalt model is the built-in mobile base which makes transport from one place to another easy and efficient. The wheels make moving it around your home workshop or other work sites simple, even if you’re used to lugging around heavy power tools before. Overall, this is a fantastic addition for anyone who might need to move their track saw from place to place regularly throughout the workday or week.

Price: $680-$800 The price of Dewalt DCS520ST1 Track Saw isn’t bad at all and definitely offers up value for what you get in return. However, keep in mind that it won’t do everything, and buying something cheaper while supplementing with other more expensive power tools can net you better results than having one or two high-end items such as this one.

Power: 1 3/4 HP – plenty of power! This Dewalt model has no problem tackling any cutting task thrown it’s way, especially when using specific kinds of blades designed for harder materials. The 1 3/4 HP motor is powerful enough for even the most demanding jobs, which means that you don’t have to work as hard or battle your saw to get through even the toughest of cuts!

Gripping: It has a nice grip that makes it easy to use.

Weight: 28 lbs. The DCS520ST1 weighs in at 28 pounds maximum, making it one of the lighter track saws on this list; however, some users may find it too heavy and cumbersome for them to handle accurately or comfortably throughout regular use.

Fence Angle Adjustment: The Dewalt Track Saw has an incredibly adjustable fence system that allows you to quickly change cutting angles whenever necessary making this tool more efficient than many of its competing counterparts.

Table Size: 12 inches by 26 inches This Dewalt DCS520ST1 Track Saw is a few inches smaller than some other models on the market – something to take into consideration as you decide what kind of track saw will work best for your cutting needs. Some may find it too small, others just right – so keep this in mind as you decide which size is best for your specific requirements.

Dust Collection: Poor dust collection leaves a mess behind after using this tool.

Weight: 28 pounds The weight of the DeWalt DCS520ST1 Track Saw is about average, but it’s still a little heavier than smaller and more compact alternatives. If you’re looking for something extremely lightweight, perhaps consider a different type of saw.

Power: 1 3/4 HP The DeWalt Track Saw has a high horsepower motor that is capable of tackling the toughest jobs and most demanding projects with relative ease, making it a solid contender as one of the best track saws on the market today. This model offers great value for money as you’ll be getting a more expensive power tool at about half the price…

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