Bosch Laser Tape Measure Review

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Considering the number of options for measuring, you may wonder if a Bosch laser tape measure is right for you. It is a device that uses a laser to calculate distances. Its accuracy is typically 1/16 inches, and it can measure up to 400 feet. The tool features a built-in camera and adjustable zoom. It is a portable option, which can be helpful when measuring long distances outdoors.

This laser measure is easy to use, and it has a 4-x zoom. It also uses a point-finding camera to quickly locate the target on the display. Its IP65 water-jet protection makes it a great choice for outdoor work, as it can be used in all types of weather. Unlike some other models, the Bosch GLM 35 is also dust-tight, and it can even measure indirect measurements.

The DISTO D2 is a point-and-shoot laser measure that comes with a free app for iOS and Android devices. It has an improved endpiece than the D1. It can flip 90 degrees to hold onto inside corners. It can also be set to measure diagonally. Lastly, it has a four-year warranty, and it is also available with a lifetime warranty. Its price tag is still high, but the D2 has some great features.

Another plus of the Bosch GLM 35 is that it saves the last five measurements that you made. It also has a battery that lasts up to 100 hours. The range is 120 feet, and it has the capacity to measure indirect measurements like volume and area. There are no batteries to replace, and the device has a metal tripod thread. It comes with one set of AAA batteries, which means you’ll always have enough on hand to measure the job at hand.

The GLM 35 is a good choice for a beginner in the field. Its price is reasonable and it measures up to 165 feet. It measures to the nearest 1/16 inch and can be used for area and volume measurements as well. With its IP65 water jet protection, the device is durable and dust-proof. Nevertheless, it is not an essential tool for every professional. While its price is competitive, it is worth considering.

The Bosch GLM165-40 is one of the most accurate laser tape measures available. The GLM165-10 is a powerful laser distance meter. Its IP54 protection rating means that it can be used in any environment, including wet conditions. Regardless of which model you choose, it is likely to perform well when you need it to. A few small details can go a long way in helping you make the right choice.

The GLM 100 C is portable and has a built-in 3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery. It is compatible with 1/4 inch tripod threads, so it can be mounted on a tripod for accurate measurements. In addition to its compact size, the GLM 100 C has a built-in data storage function that records up to six hundred measurements. Its battery is rechargeable, which is a great feature.

The D1 laser tape measure is waterproof, with a range of 120 feet. Its built-in camera is a great feature for the D1 laser. In addition, the D1 has a USB-rechargeable lithium battery. However, it does not offer a memory function, but it is durable. Its IP65 water jet protection makes it ideal for outdoor work. It is also dust-tight.

The D1 laser tape measure has the legendary toughness guarantee. It is waterproof, but does not survive rain. Its backlit display is great for outdoor work, but it lacks memory functions. Besides its long range, the D1 can also be used to make indirect measurements, such as volume and area. It can be recharged with a single set of AAA batteries. If you are planning to use the D1 for home improvements, you will not need to worry about batteries.

The Bosch GLM 50 C is a popular choice, with the highest accuracy available in the market. Its Bluetooth capability makes it easy to transfer data from one device to another. This feature also reduces manual work. The GLM 50 C features an inbuilt inclinometer and stalk out functionality. The DTAPE is also known for being durable. While the DTAPE has several advantages, it is not the only feature to consider when buying a laser tape measure.

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