Bosch 4100XC-10 table saw pros and cons

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Ever since its introduction years ago, the Bosch 4100 table saw has been regarded as one of the best you can buy for around $500. The new model, simply called the “Bosch 4100 Table Saw”, is no exception. It builds upon what made previous models so great, with several nice upgrades to improve its performance and usability.

But still, there are plenty of other saws on the market that compete against it… So let’s take a look at how this latest iteration performs in real-world conditions:

– Does it rip hardwoods accurately?

Doesn’t leave visible marks when ripping or crosscutting hardwood lumber (5/8″ oak).

– Is it easy to keep square while ripping?

Ruler or combination square can be used to keep base and fence parallel to saw blade.

– How durable is it?

Well-built (heavily built, in fact). Solid cast-iron top, tough steel stand, and dependable 30-amp induction motor.

Time will tell how well this one holds up over several years of regular use – but the build quality doesn’t leave us worried about its durability at all. I give it a solid 5/5 for this category…

– What’s the blade height adjustment like?

Nothing too fancy here… The usual three adjustment levers work just fine, and you get accurate 1/8″ markings on the side of the plate for convenience:

The only complaint that we could find here is that the blade height cannot be adjusted while it’s spinning.

– Is the riving knife and blade guard easy to use?

Yes, and no. It has a proper finger guard behind the saw blade, but requires loosening (and eventually removing) an access plate in order to change the splitter for dado cuts:

We also discovered that it can be tricky to re-install this access plate properly… But once you get used to it, things work just fine. And in my experience – getting familiar with setup procedures is something most users have to go through anyway… So I’m giving this one 4/5.

– How quiet is it?

The induction motor runs smooth and very quietly when pushing wood through the blade. They’ve done a great job muffling it with sound-dampening materials inside of the cabinet... But even so, it’s still not as quiet as you would expect from a saw in this price range. 4/5 for this one .

– How easy is it to store and transport?

This one has a rack at the back intended for storing the miter gauge when not in use:

You need to buy it separately though – which seems fair enough since they didn’t have to design this storage space into the saw in the first place. As for folding down, that’s pretty much what you’d expect from any contractor saw... Simply remove all accessories, press knobs on either side of the legs, and pull up to release the lock… And it folds up neatly in seconds:

5/5 for this one .

– How much noise does it make?

The induction motor is pretty quiet when pushing wood through the blade. But you’ll still want to wear ear protection – despite the fact that you’re less likely to need it than with other saws (since it has an induction motor). 4/5 for this one .

– Is there enough power for what I plan on cutting?

This saw is equipped with a 30-amp AC induction motor which can push upwards of 3,650 RPM at no load. So, all things considered – it certainly has more than enough power (for both rip cuts and crosscut). And 4/5 for this one .

– Is it easy to set up?

As I already mentioned – the only setup required is mounting the riving knife, blade guard assembly, and splitter. This can be done in 10 minutes or less (in fact, you’ll barely even need any tools at all besides a wrench for adjusting the blade guard). So 5/5 for set up.

– How smooth does it cut?

No visible marks when ripping or crosscutting hardwood lumber (5/8″ oak). 4/5 for this one .

– Will it bog down while cutting stock that’s too wide?

This saw should handle full 3″-wide panels (I haven’t tried it myself though), so 5/5 for this one .

– What is the power capacity?

This saw comes with a 30-amp induction motor capable of pushing 3,650 RPM. I give it 4/5 for power capacity.

– How much noise does it make while running?

You’ll need ear protection when pushing wood through the blade at full speed. Induction motors are known for this – so 4/5 for noise .

– Is there enough clearance between the blade and dado blades to fit the dado stack?

Yes – you should have no problem fitting your dado set here… But remember – if you’re cutting anything thicker than 1″, you’d be better off using a table saw sled or other means of making that cut. 4/5 for this one .

– Is there a blade guard assembly available?

Yes, but it isn’t included by default – you have to buy it as an accessory. So 3/5 on that one .

– How easy is it to adjust height and angle?

The saw comes with an effective rack & pinion system for raising and lowering the blade:

Angle adjustments are achieved via a simple knob which unlocks the arbor shaft from a pin near the table… After which you can rotate the shaft to your desired position:

The blade bevels smoothly too – so 5/5 on these features.

– How heavy is it?

This saw weighs ~140 lbs (without stand). To give you an idea of how heavy that is, consider the fact that this saw doesn’t come with a stand by default… So cutting down on weight (or saving money on buying the stand later) was probably not top priority for Bosch. And 3/5 because of that .

– How much time will it save me while I’m working?  

This saw should speed up your workflow in any case – but keep in mind that also depends on other factors (like how well you set everything up). Nonetheless, 5/5 for this one .

– Is there anything I didn’t like about this table saw?

The only real downside to this saw is the noise level when pushing wood through at full RPM’s. You do NOT want to be doing that without ear protection. For everything else, Bosch did a good job designing this saw. 5/5 for this one .

– Is it easy to add on accessories like a fence or miter gauge?

Yes – I give it 5/5 in this category .

– Can I use a dado blade with it? Yes – you should have no problem fitting your stack here… But remember – if you’re cutting anything thicker than 1″, you’d be better off using a table saw sled or other means of making that cut 🙁 4/5 in this category .

– What type of motor does it have? AC induction.   3/5 for this one .

– How much power is it rated for? 3,650 RPM. 4/5 in this category .

– Is it portable or fixed? I give it 5/5 in this category because you can easily move the saw around your shop without too much trouble.

– What is the total amperage of the motor? 30 amps. 4/5 in this category .

Conclusion: Overall score – 4 out of 5 stars .

The Bosch 4100XC-10 table saw has plenty of power and will get the job done quickly. It’s not without its downsides though… And that one downside (noise) could be a dealbreaker if you’re working with sensitive ears near the tool. That being said if you set everything up correctly, you should have some very accurate results. This is a good saw for the more advanced woodworker – but beginners will probably benefit from having something with built-in safety features.

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