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Woodworking can be a challenging yet rewarding experience for those looking for a new hobby. However, one of the most instrumental tools is the table saw, which can seem daunting to newcomers at first. A confusing table saw can be dangerous to novices, so it’s crucial to find one that anybody can use at first. While most table saws tend to perform the same, some noteworthy attributes may distinguish themselves from the common rabble. 

Ideally, this guide should note several beginner table saw options and how each one stands out. Some may be advisable for those on a low budget, while others are exemplary for the sheer number of features they have for convenience. These features can make a large impact on a person’s woodworking experience, so it shouldn’t be underestimated. Hopefully, one of these beginner table saws can help a newcomer start their woodworking journey!

At a Glance:

Why Choose a Table Saw Over Other Saw Types?

Somebody new to the world of woodworking may not understand why they should own different saw types. At the end of the day, they may assume all saws do the same job of cutting wood and other materials. While technically true, the difference lies in how the saws do it. Table saws may not be as versatile as a circular saw, but their precision is generally better to make up for it. 

There is also the matter regarding convenience. A person looking for a beginner table saw may not need to own every different saw and power tool to get into this profession. Hence, a table saw’s convenience factor may be more appealing to them. Table saws, unsurprisingly, come as a table with a saw. This statement means that a person doesn’t need to use a workbench to get started right away on simple tasks, saving them money in the long run. 

Traits for a Beginner Table Saw

Naturally, some traits are more worthwhile to consider than others when looking for a beginner table saw. For example, the ease of setting it up is more relevant to a newcomer than the ability to exchange knives. Nonetheless, all essential traits are listed below for convenience’s sake.

Ease of Use

If a table saw isn’t easy to use or set up, then it isn’t an ideal beginner table saw. Above all else, a table saw should be intuitive and accessible for newcomers. Following safety precautions may not be obvious for people new to the craft, but if they can learn how to do so within a few minutes, then it’s classified as a beginner-friendly table saw. 

Another benefit to these table saws is the general popularity of these brands. This fact means a dedicated fanbase has done instructional videos that can help a novice learn how to use their table saw. Some of these saws come with an instructional manual, further bolstering the possibility that a newcomer can use the table saw correctly.


Somebody looking for a beginner table saw is bound to make a couple of mistakes. Hence, it is imperative for them to own a table saw that can last a while, especially as they learn how to use it. Woodworking is already a relatively expensive hobby, so there’s no need to make it cost more than it should for simplicity’s sake. 

A table saw with excellent durability is also ideal for more experienced artisans, as it means a person doesn’t have to spend so much money constantly replacing their table saw. A table saw that lasts a long while is a table saw with a valuable niche!

Dust Collection

Some novices may not understand how critical dust collection is for a reliable table saw. Several problems arise without correctly allocating the dust in a single location. First, sawdust is hazardous to a person’s health. If there is no dust port of any kind and a person is working indoors without safety gear, then it’s terrible for newcomers. To recommend a saw without a dust port, there have to be other useful features that make it stand out. Otherwise, a person should use it outdoors for maximum safety.

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Safety Features

As the inexperienced are the most likely to suffer from accidents, safety features are undoubtedly one of the most crucial attributes in a table saw. Beginners aren’t expected to understand all of the intricacies of a table saw so having some features minimize potential risks is ideal. Fortunately, plenty of these recommended table saws are safe to use, even for the clumsiest of people!

Dewalt DWE7485

One of the first brands a newcomer may look at is Dewalt. As one of the leading and most respected manufacturers of power tools, Dewalt is a safe bet for anybody unsure. The Dewalt DWE7485 is one of the best table saws for a beginner to use. When a novice woodworker sees the DWE7485’s overwhelmingly positive reviews from thousands of users, then it should become apparent that Dewalt is a trusted brand. Over 89% of those ratings are five-stars, so a beginner can feel at ease purchasing this table saw.

As far as specifications go, the DWE7485 is highly accurate and safe to use. One of the safety features included is a modular guard system, which can help guide a beginner to cut correctly. The high RPM of 5,800 makes it reliable for cutting any wood, which should help ease the difficulty of learning woodworking for the first time. Also, it’s highly portable, which makes it easy to work outdoors. Finally, the onboard storage makes it convenient for people lacking additional storage equipment.


  • Overwhelmingly high reviews on Amazon
  • 5,800 RPM
  • 15-amp motor
  • Stable stand
  • Easy to adjust
  • Highly precise
  • Onboard storage 


  • Needs 8 & 1/4-inch blades
  • Stand documentation could be unclear to some

Bosch Jobsite Table Saw

If a beginner is primarily interested in accuracy, the Bosch Jobsite Table Saw is one of the premier options available! Like the previous entry, the Bosch Jobsite Table Saw operates on a 15-amp motor, which helps bolster its highly precise cuts to unprecedented levels. With a 10-inch blade by its side, any beginner should be able to slice through their wood without a second thought. Its cutting prowess is simply outstanding! However, cutting is not the only quality this table saw excels in. It’s relatively affordable, which makes it ideal for woodworkers seeking a high-quality table saw.

One underrated aspect of this table saw is the safety features it provides. The dust chute keeps dust in one location, so a person can effortlessly keep their surroundings dust-free! Naturally, a person should empty it after they’re done, as it doesn’t remove the dust. Aside from that, it also includes impressive anti-kickback pawls that make it easy for a newcomer to using it without the hassle of shaking it around.


  • High rating on Amazon
  • 5,000 RPM
  • 15-amp motor
  • Easy to set up
  • Good safety features
  • Insanely accurate cuts for its price range


  • Availability issues
  • Mediocre customer support

Goplus Table Saw

Some beginners may hate the fact that some table saws are just uncomfortably noisy. Fortunately, the Goplus Table Saw is a quiet yet reliable alternative for novice woodworkers seeking a useful table saw. It also runs on a 15-amp motor, which, when combined with its 5,000 RPM, allows the table saw to not fall behind its contemporaries in terms of performance. It comes with a stand, so the user doesn’t need to think too much about buying a spare one.

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Also, the Goplus Table Saw is frequently available at a discount. Some discounts are as large as 50%, but smaller ones are more commonplace. Considering the potency of this table saw, finding it to be quite affordable comes across as a welcome surprise to most people. It even comes with some ergonomic functionality, like adjustable height, making it more comfortable to use. The double bevel cuts a person can do with this table saw are smooth and make it one of the best options for a beginner to use. It is important to note that this table saw is better suited to outdoor use, as it lacks a dust port. 


  • 15-amp motor
  • 5,000 RPM
  • Works well for both left and right-handed people
  • Adjustable height makes it suitable for tall and short people
  • Double bevel cuts are a breeze with this table saw
  • Miter gauge is reliable


  • Does not work with the ever-popular Dado blade
  • No dust port, so it’s advisable for the novice woodworker to have a backup solution to potential dust problems

Delta 36-6023

For more daring beginners looking for a table saw capable of heavy-duty work, then the Delta 36-6023 is the table saw for them! It features an impressive 32 & 1/2-inch rip capacity, which is noticeably more than what several other table saws provide. The sheer usefulness of having a large workspace makes it easier for an inexperienced woodworker to plan out their tasks. Considering the stand is durable, its owner doesn’t have to worry about putting too much on the table saw.

Another great aspect is the five year warranty that’s offered with the Delta 36-6023. A 5-year warranty can help a new hobbyist feel more at ease when using their table saw. If anything happens within those five years, the owner of the Delta 36-6023 can easily replace this table saw with another one. The rack and pinion fence are reliable, allowing its user to use the table saw safely. This table’s overall design saw appeals to both amateurs and professionals, so a beginner can use the Delta 36-6023 for a few years and continue using it, even as a professional!


  • High rating on Amazon
  • 15-amp motor
  • Terrific rip capacity of 32 & 1/2-inches
  • The stand is pretty reliable
  • Compatible with any 10-inch blade


  • Mediocre miter gauge
  • Using the push stick can feel a tad strange


Sometimes, a beginner may want a table saw at the lowest price. Fortunately, the WORX WX572L is an outstanding option for those on a budget. Considering it’s on a budget, potential consumers should know that it won’t be as powerful as some of the other options on this list. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most portable options on the market, especially since it’s one of the lightest! It weighs nearly 15 pounds, so a new woodworker can easily manipulate it to their heart’s content.

As far as safety goes, the safety switch makes the WORX WX572L safer than most other options. A person cannot start this table saw accidentally, preventing disasters like cutting off a person’s finger. It can also handle cross and rip cuts quite well, so its versatility is nothing to sneeze at! As an added bonus, this table saw includes some nifty accessories to make it more appealing to amateurs. There are five extra blades for cutting materials (wood, aluminum, ceramic, scrolling, ceramic tile, steel) and a dust extraction port for a person’s safety.


  • Highly affordable
  • An Amazon’s Choice product
  • Can cut more than just wood
  • Can perform both rip and cross cuts
  • Highly portable


  • Vibrates when in use
  • As a cheap table saw, it can feel a tad lackluster compared to more expensive options

Grizzly Industrial G1023RL

On the complete opposite of the price spectrum is the Grizzly Industrial G1023RL. This table saw is insanely expensive compared to the other ones on this list, but its sheer power outclasses every other table saw. It has significantly more space than any other table saw while operating at 3-HP, making it a powerhouse to marvel at! Predictably, this option is not for newcomers on a budget, as it’s far too expensive for that.

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Instead, the Grizzly Industrial G1023RL is for newcomers looking for the best possible introduction to table saws. Its quick-release blade guard offers ample protection while accepting blades up to 16-inches. It even has the best dust collection out of every table saw, making it ideal for heavy-duty work. Its heavy weight makes it unsuitable for outdoor use, but it handles dust well enough for that to not be an issue. It even includes a magnetic safety switch so its user can feel safe while using this monstrous table saw. Ultimately, this table saw offers everything a person needs to learn woodworking and other similar hobbies at a steep price.


  • Top-tier dust collection
  • Great safety features
  • Overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon
  • Robust performance
  • Precise cuts
  • Massive rip capacity (Almost 40 inches)


  • Highly expensive
  • Not portable in the slightest

Skil TS6307-00

The Skil TS6307-00 is the hottest new table saw on Amazon right now! As the #1 New Release, several traits make this table stand out compared to its competition. One of the newest features is the foldable legs, allowing its user to effortlessly store this table saw without the legs getting in the way. Its capabilities to cut 4×4 at a 90-degree angle also makes it heavily desirable for most DIY projects. Bevel cuts are also a breeze with this table saw! The many modern innovations on this tool make it an easy recommendation for newcomers seeking a safe yet powerful table saw!

One critical safety feature it includes is its fairly big dust port. This feature makes storing sawdust effortless on the user’s part, allowing them to continue working without sweating over dust being blown on their face. It’s highly sturdy and accurate, making it an excellent jack of all trades option! As it’s the newest option on this guide, some details may be added on later. As of now, it’s easily one of the best options for a beginner in 2020.


  • High rating on Amazon
  • 15-amp motor
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Reliable dust port
  • Foldable legs make it easy to pack and tuck away


  • Limited reviews to look at
  • Price is likely to go up in the future thanks to its demand

Genesis GTS10SB

Self-alignment can go a long way in ensuring a beginner experiences a pleasurable woodcutting experience. The Genesis GTS10SB is an excellent introduction for newcomers! It won’t set the world on fire or anything, but it’s a reliable table saw that does its job well. In some categories, the Genesis GTS10SB is a jack of all trades, master of none! 

It handles pine and other light-duty activities easily. Given its low price, it’s also an attractive option for people tight on a budget. Naturally, the previous two statements should indicate that it isn’t the best for heavy-duty tasks, but some beginners like to start with small tasks, hence its inclusion on this list. 


  • Lightweight
  • Highly Portable
  • Affordable
  • Self-alignment works excellently
  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy to set up


  • Safety features can be a tad lacking
  • Packaging can be a bit lacking

If a person is unsure which table saw to get even after reading this article, then allow Handyman Guide to give their editor’s recommendation. The Dewalt DWE7485 is a top-tier table saw for several categories. Dewalt is a trusted brand full of adoring fans worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. This table saw is intuitive to use while performing excellently in several categories!

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